10 Common Parquet Flooring Issues That Require Parquet Flooring Repair

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In Singapore, a lot more people have put parquet flooring in their homes in the last few decades because it makes the home look more expensive. One way to maintain these types of flooring is by doing parquet floor polishing. However, as most parquet flooring is made from engineered wood, it can be damaged by factors like high humidity, direct sunlight, foot traffic, liquids, temperature changes, and more. 

Since it takes time and money to replace all the parquet flooring, more experts now recommend parquet flooring repair as an affordable alternative. Some of the most common reasons why you might need to fix your parquet flooring are explained in detail below.


1. Missing Parquet Flooring


Over time, the parquet flooring can have one or more missing pieces. In some cases, the flooring had to be taken up so that plumbing, electrical, or appliance work could be done. In other cases, the floors have been broken or loose, so they were taken out. Additionally, missing flooring can be temporarily replaced with something else and this needs to be taken out. Homeowners should check to see if they have any extra flooring that can be used so they can perform parquet repair. If he can’t find it, he will have to find a store or person who sells similar parquet tiles in his area or online. In the event that the owner wants to perform DIY parquet repair, he should learn more about tips for DIY parquet flooring repair.


2. Loose Parquet Tiles


There are numerous reasons why the parquet tiles have become loose and unstable. Water damage is the most typical cause of adhesive failure. In some circumstances, the flooring may not be firm. This may be due to the glue that supposedly binds the tiles, temperature variations, and wear and tear. If you are looking to repair by yourself, learn more about the guide to DIY water-damaged parquet flooring repair.

When someone walks over the floor, the tiles will move and vibrate. The recommended treatment is to remove the loose tiles and reinstall them. To prevent this, it is recommended to do parquet polishing. One of the benefits of regularly engaging in parquet polishing services is that it will prevent the parquet tiles from becoming loose. It will also give keep your parquet floor protected and extend its lifespan.


3. Gaps In Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is likely to have more gaps than other types of wooden flooring due to the greater number of wood pieces used. Temperature changes can cause parts to expand or shrink – resulting in gaps. Similar to water damage, high amounts of humidity can modify wooden parts and result in gaps. Incorrect installation of the flooring might also lead to issues. Some of these spaces are minor and can be filled with a hardener, filler, or other substance. For larger gaps, it is preferable to hire professionals. However, it is important to know how to choose the best professional parquet flooring repair in Singapore.


4. Uneven Parquet Tiles

One of the ways to determine whether you need a parquet repair is when some parquet tiles are not even and some are at a higher level than others. This makes it more likely that you will trip on these tiles. This could be because the subfloor is damaged, or the house/building’s structure has changed. Additionally,  the tiles have been wet for a long time, which can warp the tiles. Before putting the tiles back down, they should be taken up if they are in good shape. This will make the floor even and uniform. This means the floor needs to be repaired. To prevent this, schedule regular parquet floor polishing as they can help to ensure a smooth and even surface.


5. Damaged Parquet Flooring


If people walk on the parquet floor every day, it will get stained, change color, and fade after a few years. Most of the time, the floor will have scratches, dents, and holes. This is when you will need to have professional wood polishing performed. Even if you prevent any liquids from spilling on the floor and make sure no heavy furniture or other heavy objects are dropped or dragged over it, the floor will eventually get damaged. Sometimes the damage is caused by using the wrong finishing treatment or the incorrect way of sanding. Sanding and wood polishing can help in some ways to fix things.


6. Old Looking Parquet Floor


After a few years, the floor will appear worn, faded, or discolored if it is utilized frequently. If maintained properly, parquet flooring can last longer over time. If the floor is older than twenty years, parquet varnishing or repair work may be required to restore the color and shine. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain accurate records of the floor’s installation, maintenance, and repair work.


7. Wear and Tear On Parquet Floor

After a few months or years, the floor will develop scratches, holes, and cracks due to friction from shoes, furniture movement, and other causes. It is preferable to repair scratches and holes while they are still small. To prevent this, contact a professional to polish your parquet floors. Otherwise, they will grow and collect dirt and debris.


8. Unusual Noises From Parquet Floor

Sections of the parquet floor become loose due to pressure, wear, and tear. As someone walks on them, the loose portions will collide, making creaking and squeaking noises. These noises can make it difficult to focus on your work or sleep at night. One of the benefits of having a parquet repair done is that it helps to prevent the damage from worsening.


9. Fading Parquet Floor Color

The color of a parquet floor will fade over time due to friction and exposure to sunshine. To prevent this, it is advised to engage a professional floor polishing service. One of the benefits of engaging in a floor polishing service is that your floors can regain their shine. Keep in mind that if the sealer has not been applied for a while, the floor will become readily discolored. As a result, it is best to repair the floor and use a protective sealer to restore it to its original color.


10. Changes In Parquet Floor Shape


In comparison to marble restoration, sections of a parquet floor that are warped, bent, or curved are very hard to fix. Changes in room temperature, pressure, humidity levels, or spilling of liquids can make the floor warp or bend. However, if this change in the shape of the parquet flooring is caught early, the damage can be greatly reduced by taking the right steps to fix it.


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Due to its aesthetic appeal, parquet flooring has become popular in Singapore homes. However, it is vulnerable to damage from factors such as humidity, sunlight, foot traffic, and temperature changes. Repairing parquet flooring is a less expensive option than replacing it, and this article discusses ten common repair issues. These include, among other things, missing tiles, gaps, loose tiles, uneven tiles, and fading color. Hiring professionals like DW Floor Polishing can assist homeowners in restoring their parquet floors to their original condition. 


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