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10 DIY Parquet Polishing Tips

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Parquet flooring certainly looks quite attractive. Different species of wood including mahogany, cherry, maple, walnut, and oak can be used to manufacture such floor panels.

Just like other types of wood flooring, your parquet floor needs regular cleaning and maintenance to look good. However, even though you take great care of your parquet floor, it will eventually lose its shine and look less attractive.

Having said that, you need not be overly worried as your floor can look beautiful and shiny again if you opt for parquet polishing. Now, even though most people in Singapore prefer hiring a professional for parquet varnishing and polishing, some still prefer doing floor polishing themselves.

If you plan to do DIY parquet polishing, then these tips on DIY parquet polishing can help you with the process.


Clear Your Room


There are reasons why professionals do not recommend you to perform DIY parquet floor polishing. However, do not forget to prep the area properly should you decide to proceed to do it on your own. Begin by clearing the room completely, and removing all furniture, appliances, curtains, rugs, carpets, and other items. You can protect these items by covering them with plastic sheeting or plastic and painter’s tape, as sawdust can easily travel through doors, windows, and other openings even if they are not in the same room.

To prevent dust from traveling across rooms, seal off the room you want to sand from other areas of your house. Use tape to cover under-door gaps, cracks, electrical outlets, and other openings. Make sure to secure any loose floorboards by nailing them down to prevent wobbling during the sanding process. 

On the other hand, when it comes to damages and cracks, you may refer to these tips for DIY parquet flooring repair. Any existing floor damages, such as scratches, holes, and dents, should be repaired using a putty knife or wood putty. Remove any mold formations, especially around the walls and corners, to prevent risks of damage from mold buildup.


Inspect Your Floors

Make sure to secure any loose floorboards by nailing them down to prevent wobbling during the sanding process.

Additionally, repair any existing floor damages, such as scratches, holes, and dents, using a putty knife or wood putty. Remove any mold formations, especially around the walls and corners, to prevent risks of damage from mold buildup. This is why it is important for you to have professionals perform the parquet polishing. They have the expertise to properly inspect your floors. 


Use A Waxless Cleaner to Remove Dirt

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Always keep a waxless cleaner handy as you do not know when you might need it. Now, as soon as there is a spill, you need to wipe it right away. If you notice any dirt, immediately wipe them away too. Additionally, with the help of your waxless cleaner, get rid of any residue too.

Remember that dirt can easily damage your parquet floor, and liquid can stain and damage its finish as well. Thus, it is necessary to clean any dirt and spills right away to maintain the varnish of your wooden floor. Should you require additional help to remove stubborn dirt or stain, you might want to consider engaging professional floor polishing services.


Use The Proper Cleaning Tool

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Before you can start the wood polishing process on your parquet floor, you first need to clean your floor really well. For this purpose, you need to use the right cleaning tools. A mop that comes with a microfiber pad that has static charges is one of the tools you should have in your arsenal. Such mops attract dirt easily and is also machine washable.

Just like removing spills and stains on a marble floor, you should also avoid using a normal string mop to clean your parquet floor as it collects too much water. An excessive amount of water used to clean your parquet flooring will only damage it, and push the dirt around rather than remove it.


Choose Relevant Parquet Polishing Equipment


Ensure that you have adequate sanding equipment that allows you to remove old finishes easily without professional help. For example, random orbital sanders are DIY-friendly and less likely to damage your wooden floor, making them a good option for beginners. 

As much as there are benefits to using floor polishing machine for DIY floor polishing, having the right equipment and safety tools ensure a seamless and safe sanding process. Some common items you may need include hardwood floor cleaner, putty knife, cotton rags, sandpapers, wood filler, and more. Once you have gathered these basic tools, make sure you also have the appropriate sandpaper.

When starting the sanding process, begin with coarse-grit sandpaper to remove surface scratches and old finishes. Avoid using sandpaper or a floor sander with grits coarser than 60 to prevent damage to the flooring. Gradually progress to finer grits for a smooth and even surface, and keep the sander moving constantly to avoid uneven spots from prolonged sanding in one area. While sanding can be a labor-intensive process, it is necessary to prepare the floor for refinishing. Before moving on to the next part of the procedure, it is important to be guided about the common mistakes homeowners make during DIY floor polishing to avoid doing them in the process. 

In some cases, corners or tough stains may be challenging to remove with regular sanders and sandpapers. In such situations, a putty knife or scraper may be needed to tackle stubborn grime or buildup. If you find sanding too challenging to handle on your own, consider hiring a professional parquet floor polishing service for assistance.


Use Proper Safety Equipment


Although DIY floor polishing projects may not be subject to the same rules and regulations as contracted work, it’s important to remember that safety should never be compromised. It is advised to purchase and correctly use all necessary proper safety equipment for your own safety. This may include items such as earplugs, gloves, goggles for eye protection, and respirators to protect against airborne particles.


Remove All Signs of Dust After Sanding 

While a quick vacuum may suffice for regular cleaning, when it comes to refinishing your floors, it’s crucial to up your cleaning game. It is recommended to thoroughly vacuum and use a cloth to clean your hardwood floors after sanding but before applying the finish. This meticulous cleaning process ensures that every speck of dust, hair, or debris is cleared, preventing them from getting trapped under the finish. You might want to refer to the steps on how to DIY parquet polishing to do this effectively. 


Make Use of Parquet-Friendly Substances

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Some substances like soap-based cleaners, vinegar, steam cleaners, and wax are not good for your parquet floors. You may argue that a vinegar-water solution serves as a great household cleaning agent. However, remember that we are talking about parquet polishing here. The vinegar solution will only make your parquet floor look dull instead of giving it a polished finish. Even wax or soap will leave residues behind. Steam cleaners are also not a good option as they will put too much water and heat on your floor. This will then lead to cupping and long-term damage.

If you are afraid of choosing the wrong parquet floor polishing and cleaning substances, you should let a professional like DW Floor Polishing Singapore handle the job instead. We have years of experience in cleaning and polishing different types of wood in Singapore.

Our experts use the best solutions and equipment to clean and polish parquet floors to perfection. You can never go wrong if you choose us. In fact, you can be sure that your parquet floor will begin shining like the way it did when you first got them installed. Our previous clients who have given us excellent reviews are witnesses to our efficient service. 


Know Which Parquet Polishing to Use

A crucial decision when refinishing parquet floors is choosing the type of finish you want. If you’re which varnish you should use – whether oil-based varnish, water-based varnish, or acid cured, you may consult a professional or look up reliable resources online. There are three primary options: acid cured, water-based varnish, and oil-based varnish. While each has its pros and cons, the oil-based varnish is often recommended for DIYers due to its durability and ease of application compared to acid-cured finishes and water-based finishes. Additionally, you’ll need to decide on the level of sheen you desire, such as matte, satin, semi-gloss, or glossy. Satin is a popular choice as it provides a desirable level of sheen without the higher maintenance of glossier options.


Know Which Cleaners to Use

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There are so many cleaners available in the market that claim to help clean your parquet floor to perfection. There are also many DIY parquet varnishing and polishing guides and videos that offer various homemade solutions to clean and polish parquet floors.

However, the fact is that most such solutions will only do your floor more harm than good. You should not take any risks, or do any experiments at the expense of your parquet floor. 

Unless you have a vast knowledge of polishing parquet floors yourself, you should regularly engage in parquet polishing services like those offered by DW Floor Polishing Singapore instead. We always use the best products to clean and polish your floor to perfection. Once you choose to engage in our services once, you will always turn to us for your future floor polishing needs.


Consider Hiring A Professional


In terms of a DIY parquet polishing, the first decision to make when refinishing hardwood floors is whether to tackle it as a DIY project or hire a contractor. DIY offers cost savings and full control over the project, but hiring a professional may be preferable if you have time constraints or challenging flooring conditions. It is understandable that when considering this service, homeowners immediately think about  how much parquet floor polishing costs. However, hiring a professional for the entire process would save you more money and resources. 



In a nutshell, before parquet polishing your floor, you need to ensure you start by cleaning your floor with the proper cleaning tools and parquet-friendly substances. This helps to prevent lasting damage on your parquet floor. However, if you lack the experience and knowledge needed to do it yourself, you should consider choosing floor polishing services instead.


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