4 Common Misconceptions Homeowners Have About Wood Polishing

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As a homeowner, you might have misconceptions about wood polishing that can prevent you from taking proper care of your floors. Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home, and they require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Unfortunately, there are several myths about the process of wood polishing that can make it difficult to know how to care for your floors properly.


It Is Extremely Dusty


There is a common misconception regarding wood polishing that it is an excessively dusty process. However, it is important to clarify that although some dust is generated during the wood floor polishing process, it is not as significant as commonly perceived. In fact, the amount produced is relatively minimal.

Most reputable wood polishing services will take steps to minimize the amount of dust that is created. This is one of the major benefits of hiring a wood floor polishing professional. For instance, they may use plastic sheeting to cover furniture and other items in the room or they use a vacuum to collect the dust as it is generated. 


Wood Floors Don’t Need Regular Polishing


Another common misconception about wood polishing is that wood floors do not need to be polished regularly. Although wood floors are durable and can last for years with proper care, they still need to be polished on a regular basis to maintain the wood floor varnish and protect them from damage.

How often you should hire floor polishing services for your wood floors will depend on several factors. This includes the amount of traffic the floors receive, the type of wood, and the finish on the floors. In general, it is recommended that you have your wood floors polished every 2-3 years. If you have pets or children or the floors receive heavy traffic, you may need to have your floor polished more frequently.


It Makes The Wood Floor Slippery

A common concern among homeowners is that wood polishing will make their floors slippery. While it is true that some finishes can make wood floors more slippery, most professional wood polishing services will use finishes that provide a good level of traction. One reason why you should engage professional wood floor polishing services is they will determine the best polishing solutions and the process to use for your floor.

Additionally, it is worth noting that if you have concerns about the slipperiness of your floors after they have been polished, you can also request that a non-slip finish be applied. This will provide extra traction and help prevent slips and falls.


It Can Be Done by Anyone


Finally, many homeowners believe that wood polishing is a DIY project that can be done by anyone. While it is true that there are DIY wood polishing kits available, more often than not there are many mistakes that are made during DIY floor polishing. This is because wood polishing requires specialized equipment and knowledge of the specific type of wood and finish being used.

Professional floor polishing services have the experience and equipment necessary to do the job right. They will know how to properly prepare your floors for polishing, what type of finish to use, and how to apply it for the best results. Take note that attempting to polish your floors on your own can result in damage to the wood and may even void any warranties that you have on your floors.


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There are several misconceptions about wood polishing that can prevent homeowners from properly caring for their floors.  Firstly, the belief that wood polishing is extremely dusty is inaccurate. While some dust is generated, it’s relatively minimal and can easily be controlled. Also, wood floors actually require regular polishing to maintain their varnish and protect them from damage, typically recommended every 2-3 years. Concerns about slipperiness can be addressed with non-slip finishes. Besides that, wood polishing is not best done by yourself but rather by professionals due to the specialized equipment and knowledge needed, as DIY attempts can lead to mistakes and potential floor damage. 

By dispelling these myths and understanding the importance of regular wood polishing, you can keep your floors looking their best for years to come. If you are in need of quality wood polishing services, be sure to contact DW Floor Polishing Singapore for the best results.


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