4 Factors Affecting The Cost of Marble Restoration

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Singaporean homeowners who installed marble floors in their homes to make them look opulent and increase their worth are aware that the marble may eventually acquire scratches. They are frequently told that marble restoration may revive a scraped and soiled marble. However, given the high cost of marble floor repair, one would likely be interested in learning the aspects that determine the restoration cost so that he/she may make the necessary financial arrangements. The price of marble repair services is affected by several variables, some of which are addressed below: 


Size of Marble Floors


The size of the marble floor is one of the major elements influencing how much marble floor polishing costs. The price of restoration will be more for a larger marble floor, though certain service providers will give discounts for bigger marble floors.


Amount of Dirt

The marble floor will require less time, effort, and money to restore if you follow the 4 steps to DIY marble floor polishing. On the other hand, if the marble floor hasn’t been cleaned or restored in a while, there will be more filth there and it will be harder to get rid of because the protective layer is frequently gone. Therefore, the service provider would typically assess the floor’s state to determine how dirty it is before providing a pricing quote, with restoration charges for severely dirty floors being very high. This is why you should also be aware about the mistakes to avoid when DIY marble polishing


Wear and Tear

If the marble floor has been used for several months or years, there may be scratches and holes in the marble, which adversely affect the appearance of the marble. Additional effort will be required for restoration, if there are more scratches, holes, or if there are deeper scratches. One of the advantages of hiring professional marble floor polishing services is that the polishing is conducted properly by experienced technicians with the right tools. Remember that if the marble floor is not well maintained, there is more wear and tear, the restoration cost will be higher. 


Marble Restoration Process 

The procedure for restoring the marble flooring is as follows: 



Cleaning the marble to get rid of all the visible dirt is the first step in restoration. Chemical cleansers are often for this process. One of the benefits of regularly engaging marble floor polishing services is easier cleaning in the future. Once you decide to hire a professional company for marble restoration, floor maintenance will be easier for you. 




The scratches, etches, and stains on the marble are removed through grinding. A grinder will remove the top layer of scratched marble, level the surface, and remove deep scratches and stains that typically only reach the top layer. Professionally trained staff from DW Floor Polishing Singapore can ensure that marks on your floor will be completely removed. 



The floor is smoothed out with industrial diamonds to make it shiny. But if the floor is well-maintained, honing is enough to restore its brand-new appearance. One of the facts about marble polishing is it can restore the original gloss of your floors. Honing is a crucial part of the process to make the floor shiny. 




Polishing may be required if the marble floor is still not shiny even after honing. A finer grade of industrial diamonds is used for diamond polishing. This helps remove the top layer of marble on the floor to make it shine. Alternatively, powder polishing is also one of the different methods of marble floor polishing that can be employed. This part of the process creates a protective microfilm coating which makes the floor sparkle.



Spilt liquid can discolour the surface of marble floors if it penetrates the inner layers. Therefore, it should be sealed after it has been polished. This is done to fill in any gaps or cracks in the marble. The seal protects the floor so liquids will stay on top of it, and it will be easier to clean it up. A helpful marble polishing tip is to use a high-quality sealer to prevent stubborn stains. It is advisable to have sealants applied to your floor once a year. 


Engage DW Floor Polishing For Quality Marble Restoration Services

Singaporeans can rely on DW Floor Polishing for a top-notch marble floor restoration service. The marble flooring in many Singaporean homes has been conducted by our company. Our experienced staff are trained to use the best equipment and supplies available for restoring marble. You may see our previous projects to know more about the services we have provided around in Singapore. 



The entire marble restoration service involves more than just cleaning so there are a lot of energy and resources allotted into it. Factors like size, amount of dirt, and wear can all affect the price of your marble restoration. There are many ways how marble floor polishing can improve your workplace or property. DW Floor Polishing Singapore can provide you with great floor polishing results at an affordable price. 


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