4 Reasons Why DIY Marble Polishing May Not Be Effective

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No matter how glossy and attractive a marble floor may appear when it is first installed, it will eventually lose its glossiness and begin to look dull. Fortunately, marble polishing can restore its original gloss and make it look exquisite once more.

Just like with parquet polishing, many people know about the importance of regular marble polishing and prefer to handle the work by themselves. Although performing DIY marble floor polishing is an option, there can be times when it proves to be ineffective. Here are some reasons why:


Your Floors Require Initial Restoration

If you did not care for and maintain your marble floors from the very beginning, then there is a great possibility that it has already incurred serious damage which requires professional restoration.

Restoration is a process wherein diamond discs are used to deal with severe wear and tear, something that you cannot do on your own. Thus, instead of experimenting and causing damage to your marble floor, it is much more ideal to hire a professional to assist you.


Your Machine Does Not Have The Right Speed And Weight


The machine you might use for DIY marble polishing may not have the right speed and weight that is needed to achieve the best results for your floors.

By hiring a professional floor polishing service like DW Floor Polishing Singapore, you can ensure that your marble floors are properly polished. Not only do we use the latest equipment with the right speed and weight, we also carry out the task with great patience to satisfy your marble flooring needs. This is the reason why our customers are always impressed with our floor polishing services.


Your Floors Require A Different Polishing Cleaner


If you are considering performing DIY floor polishing on your marble floors, you might end up purchasing a normal polishing cleaner that is commonly sold in the market. No matter how frequently or how gentle you use such a cleaner, you may not get the best results for your marble floors.

In contrast, engaging marble floor polishing services offer the best outcomes. Apart from using specialised equipment, they also employ the best polishing cleaners available to provide their clients with amazing results. Furthermore, hiring a professional marble floor polishing service guarantees that your floor will never lose its beautiful gloss.


Your Floors Need to Be Polished by A Professional


Most floor polishing professionals undergo rigorous training before being allowed to perform marble polishing jobs. For this reason, it is much better to seek assistance from them instead of polishing your marble floors yourself. Besides that, most floor polishing professionals have long experience in restoring marble floors, wood floors, and many other floor types. As such, you can easily rely on them when having your marble floors polished.

If you plan to do DIY marble floor polishing, then you may not achieve the same results that a professional can. As such, it is highly recommended to hire professional floor polishing services like DW Floor Polishing Singapore so you can get your marble floors polished efficiently.



DIY marble floor polishing is indeed possible, although chances are high that it will be ineffective as the results will not be the same as that of a professional. Thus, it is better that you hire a floor polishing service provider so you can properly maintain your marble floor’s shine and not have to worry about its appearance. In case you want to hire marble floor polishing services, feel free to contact DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We offer high-quality floor polishing services at affordable prices.

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