4 Signs That You Need Professional Marble Restoration Service

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Many homeowners in Singapore may choose to install marble flooring for their home because of their shiny and luxurious appearance. However, compared to other flooring materials like concrete, granite, and ceramic, marble is porous and not very hard. This means that it can easily develop scratches and incur stains which will require marble polishing

Marble restoration can make a marble floor with lots of scratches and stains shine and look brand new once again. However, this will require lots of time, money and skills if you were to do it yourself. Fortunately, you can hire a professional to assist in restoring your marble floors for you. Here are signs that you need a professional marble restoration service:


Marble Floor Scratches


Since marble is not a very hard material, it will develop scratches when heavy items accidentally fall on it or are dragged over it. Although these scratches may not be noticeable at first, they will make the floor look dirty after some time. This is why you should often do marble polishing for your marble floors. Dirt that gets stuck in between the scratch marks are not easy to remove during cleaning. While some large scratches can be filled, many of them will be too difficult to remove. One advantage of hiring professional marble floor polishing services is they have special floor polishing equipment that can eliminate any scratches present.


Discolored Marble Floors


Spills from various liquids like lime juice, wine, and vinegar are major reasons why marble floors require regular polishing. These liquids may chemically react with the limestone and cause discoloration especially if they are not cleaned right away. This discoloration can worsen if certain cleaning agents whose pH level is too high are used. A major benefit of regularly engaging marble floor polishing services is they know what proper cleaning agents to use for your marble floors.


Loss of Shine on Marble Floors Due to Lack of Regular Marble Polishing 


Normally, a sealant is applied to marble floors after the marble polishing process is done so that they can become shiny again. However, wear and tear and friction can cause the sealant layer to lose its shine eventually. This in turn can make your marble floors look rather dull. If you want to restore your marble floors’ appearance, call a professional right away. 


Marble Floor Stains 

Certain materials like paint and food coloring can penetrate the marble or become embedded in scratches or holes especially if they’re not cleaned up immediately. Using basic cleaning materials to remove these marble floor stains is often difficult and can adversely affect the appearance of the marble floor. For any stubborn stains to be removed, it’s best to call a professional. 


Engage DW Floor Polishing For Quality Marble Restoration Services

Homeowners who wish to restore their marble floors may consider contacting DW Floor Polishing Singapore as we have received positive reviews from many satisfied customers. Our well trained and experienced staff are also equipped with the best tools and knowledge to avoid any unnecessary damage when carrying out the projects. Moreover, they will perform the proper methods of marble floor polishing so your marble floors look as good as new.



Knowing the signs that you need a professional for marble restoration will better ensure that your marble floors have a new and shiny appearance. You should call a professional if you have marble floor scratches as dirt can get stuck inside them or if your marble floors are discolored so they can use cleaning agents which won’t cause further discoloration. Calling a professional is also recommended if your floors lose their shine and if they incur stubborn stains. For quality marble restoration services and other marble floor services, contact DW Floor Polishing Singapore.


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