4 Signs You Require Parquet Floor Polishing in Singapore

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Parquet flooring complements the furnishings in the room and gives it an elegant appearance. However, the parquet floor will deteriorate and be discoloured after a few years of use. While parquet floor polishing can prevent the need to repair damaged parquet floors, it’s crucial to schedule this procedure regularly to save time and money. Here are a few warning signs that your parquet floor needs urgent floor polishing services because it has been severely damaged.


Numerous Scratches

While some scratches are expected on the parquet floor, they can be ignored if the scratches are small and only on the surface. After a few years, if the floor is not used properly, the entire floor may get covered with scratches. This is why regular parquet floor polishing is important. Additionally, some of the scratches may be deep and also damage the floor. Floor polishing will remove most of the smaller scratches on the top layer as well as any other scratches on the floor.


Water Damage


If water spilt on the parquet floor is mopped immediately, the damage to the floor is greatly reduced. Usually, water is one of the main causes of damage to the parquet floor. In addition to flooding due to plumbing problems, there are other reasons like pet urine, spilt drinking water, and leaking air conditioners which can also leave the floor wet. Not only does it leave permanent stains on the floor, water damage will also make the floor warp and buckle. In other cases, the floor will separate out. The varnish applied during polishing services forms a protective coating to prevent water damage to the floor.


Splintering Parquet Floors

The protective stain on the floor may get worn out after some time especially if there is more traffic. Due to factors such as high pressure applied, pets and children misusing the floor, and the ageing of wood, the parquet floor may splinter after some time. This is when you should hire professional floor polishing services, as these splinters can cause tripping and other accidents. In addition, it also will adversely affect the appearance of the floor. The splinters are more likely at the doorway, hallway, and below the chairs. After polishing the floor, it will get a protective coating which will reduce the damage caused by traffic.


Discolored Parquet Floors


People should be aware that when the parquet floor changes its colour, it is an indication that the floor is damaged and the protective coating has come off. When water is absorbed by the floor, it causes oxidation of the wood and changes its colour and structure. Although doing DIY repairs to water-damaged parquet floors can be viable, more often than not it is not enough. Thus, it is better to choose the best professional parquet flooring repair services instead. If floor polishing is not done immediately, the damage to the floor will increase, and expensive replacement of the floor may be necessary.


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Because of the many benefits of engaging in professional floor polishing services, homeowners are interested in hiring a reputed service provider like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. Our team of well-trained professionals is familiar with the different types of flooring installed in homes and other properties. After inspecting the parquet floor to assess the extent of the damage, they will complete the polishing quickly using the latest equipment they have.



If you notice numerous scratches, water damage, splintering, or discolouration on your parquet floor, it may be time for professional floor polishing services. Parquet floors are a beautiful addition to any room, but they require regular maintenance to preserve their appearance and prevent damage. Thus, this is a big reason why you should have professional parquet polishing performed regularly. Polishing and refinishing can remove scratches, provide a protective coating to prevent water damage, reduce splintering, and restore the floor’s colour and appearance. Another benefit of regularly engaging in parquet polishing services is it can save you time and money in the long run by avoiding expensive parquet flooring repairs or replacements.


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