4 Ways To Determine Whether You Need Parquet Repair

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Many homes in Singapore have parquet flooring since it is comfortable and makes the home look luxurious. However, compared to some other flooring, parquet flooring is usually not very hard and may get damaged or faded if it is used every day. Property owners will have to hire professionals for parquet repair to restore their parquet flooring. Hence, they would like to find out the indications that the floor parquet repair is necessary, and whether it is possible to check the condition of the floor.


Inspect Your Parquet Floor For Any Visible Marks


The condition of the parquet floor depends to a large extent on traffic on the floor, if there are only a few people walking on the floor, the floor will remain in good condition for a longer time. Depending on how carefully it is used, the flooring will have scratches, scuff marks, and dents caused by footwear, pets, and other items. If furniture is dragged on the floor, it can also cause scratches. In some cases, the scratches are minor, and not easily visible. However, if there are a large number of scratches, the scratches are noticeable or the floor is warped, parquet flooring repairs are recommended.


Test Your Parquet Floor


A water test is one of the most effective ways to check the actual condition of the parquet floor. For this, a tablespoon of water should be poured on the floor. If the water is quickly absorbed by the floor, it indicates that the protective coating on the floor has worn out, so the floor has to be repaired immediately. If the floor is not repaired, it may absorb more water in the future and get warped, making it difficult to repair. However, if you are tempted to repair your parquet flooring yourself, a DIY guide for repairing water-damaged parquet flooring could be helpful.


Check Your Parquet Floor’s Finish

Signs that require parquet varnishing include wear and tear due to friction caused by footwear and furniture. The finish of the parquet floor is also adversely affected by Ultraviolet rays in sunlight and chemicals, among other factors. So, it is necessary to closely examine the finish of the floor surface. Typically, the parquet floor will require refinishing after 10-15 years, so it is advisable to check the manufacturer’s guidelines at the time of installation. If the floor has an oil-based finish, refinishing is required. For a floor having a polyurethane finish, buffing and recoating are necessary as part of the floor polishing process.


Check Your Parquet Floor’s Shine 


One of the signs that require parquet floor polishing is numerous scratches. When the parquet floor is new, it has a glossy finish and shines. Over time, the friction from footwear, furniture, and other items may cause scratches, and the floor will lose its luster. So family members should closely examine the floor to check the finish and luster. Usually, the areas with more foot traffic will fade quickly, so the family should monitor these areas for other problems like scratches and warping.


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It is important for homeowners to regularly inspect their parquet flooring for any visible marks, test the floor’s condition, check the finish, and monitor the shine to determine if parquet repair is needed. Repairing the parquet floor instead of replacing it with new flooring can be an environmentally friendly option. Engaging a professional parquet repair service provider with outstanding reviews like DW Floor Polishing Singapore can ensure that the job is done quickly and efficiently. Proper maintenance and repair of parquet flooring can help keep the floor looking luxurious and comfortable for many years to come.


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