5 Helpful Marble Polishing Tips

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Over time, marble floors lose their shine and start to look very dull. Not only does this negatively affect their appearance, but it also causes the home to look old and unattractive as well.

Fortunately, marble polishing is a very simple way to give your floors and your home a fresh new look. While most individuals prefer to hire floor polishing services however, you can also opt to perform this task yourself provided you have the right tools. Just make us re to be very careful if you are planning to do marble polishing on your own or you may end up heavily damaging your floors. To ensure that your marble floors are polished to perfection and without sustaining any damage, simply take note of the five tips below:

1. Use A Protective Sealer


Many marble floors lose their gloss or become yellowish over time. The problem only gets worse if you have kids at home who always stain your floors or if you yourself are prone to making accidental spills. In order to make any stains or spills on your marble floors easy to clean, it is best that you make use of a protective sealer when performing DIY floor polishing. Be sure to apply this sealer thoroughly so that you can keep your floor well-protected against difficult stains.

2. Avoid Using An Acidic Cleaner

You might perhaps think that any floor cleaner you use will provide your marble floors with a polished appearance. Take note however that some cleaners contain acid which can damage your flooring in a major way. Examples include products made with lime juice, lemon, or vinegar. For this reason, it is best that you purchase a non-acidic cleaner so you can polish your marble floors seamlessly.

3. Use A Marble Polishing Powder


Hard water minerals like magnesium and calcium may leave behind spots once they dry. In that case, using a marble polishing powder is highly recommended. This kind of product is specifically made for marble floors and is thus safe to use. All you have to do is to apply them regularly to eliminate the spots and maintain your floors’ appearance. If the spots on your floors have become deeply embedded however, you may need to have them honed by a floor polishing service.

4. Clean Up Spills On The Spot 


As long as your floors are not heavily damaged, polishing your marble floors should be an easy task. In order to ensure that the cleaning process remains smooth however, be sure to immediately clean up any spills that are made.

If your floorings have incurred spills from sugary liquids, you can remove them using a sponge soaked in warm water mixed with a little dish soap. In the case of tomato and oil spills, cleaning with warm soapy water and hydrogen peroxide is ideal. Whatever methods you use, make sure to scrub the affected area well, rinse it with plain water and then buff it with the help of a chamois. This will guarantee that your floors are given a nice polish.

5. Hire A Professional


At times, performing marble floor polishing by yourself may not provide the results that professionals floor polishing services would. In fact, most of them have all the necessary solutions and tools to ensure that your floors are polished thoroughly and look spotless. Thus, if your marble floors need polishing, contact a professional floor polishing service provider like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We have been offering high-quality marble floor polishing services for a long time and can ensure that your floors look as visually pleasing as possible. Moreover, we have performed various marble polishing works in many homes and commercial spaces in Singapore to great satisfaction.



A number of tips need to be followed in order to obtain the best results when performing marble floor polishing. First, it is best that you use a protective sealer and marble polishing powder so you can protect your floors against difficult stains. You may also want to avoid using an acidic cleaner to prevent any heavy floor damage. In case you still have doubts about polishing your marble floors however, it is best that you contact a reliable marble floor polishing service like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We can also help you maintain your marble flooring so it can last a long time.


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