5 Important Things You Should Know About Wood Polishing

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Wooden floors give a unique and classy feel to any home. However, maintenance is necessary to keep them looking new and shiny. Fortunately, wood polishing is one of the maintenance procedures used to restore the original beauty of wooden floors. Before having wood floor polishing done, there are essential things you should know. 


It Is Ideal To Have It Done Before Moving In

In regards to when you should have professional wood polishing performed, it is usually  best done in an empty space with no obstructions to be more effective. This process entails removing all the furniture, carpets, and other household items from the room to ensure that the wooden floor is entirely exposed for the polishing process. If you decide to polish the wooden floor after moving in, you will have to remove all the furniture and items from the room which can be quite tedious.

Another reason why it is ideal to polish the floor before moving in is that the process generates a lot of dust. The dust can stick to your household items, making them challenging to get rid of. If you have already moved in, it may be difficult to protect your items from the dust generated during the wood polishing process. It is thus advisable to have the wooden floor polished before moving in to save you the hassle of moving your household items and protecting them from the dust generated during the polishing process.


It Will Generate Some Dust

As mentioned, polishing wooden floors generates a lot of dust. The reason for this is that it involves sanding the wooden floor to remove any scratches and imperfections. This generates a lot of dust, which can be quite frustrating. The dust can even stick to your household items, making it hard to clean.

It is important to note that no matter how much the professionals try to minimize the dust generated, there will still be some dust left behind. You should, therefore, prepare for professional wood floor polishing by keeping furniture and pets away to protect them from dust. 


You Should Wait One Day Before Using Your Wood Floor Again

After the floor polishing process is complete, you should wait for at least one day before using your wooden floor again. This is to maintain the varnish on the wood floors by giving it enough time to dry and harden. If you start using the wooden floor before the varnish is completely dry, you risk ruining the newly polished wooden floor. It is also important to avoid putting any rugs or carpets on the wooden floor before the varnish is completely dry. The rugs or carpets can stick to the varnish, ruining the newly polished wooden floor. If unsure, one benefit of hiring a professional wood floor polishing service is that they can accurately determine how long until you can use your floor again.


You Should Avoid Polishing Just One Area


When polishing wooden floors, it is important to avoid polishing just one area. This is because the polishing process involves sanding the wooden floor, which removes a thin layer of the wood. Although floor size is a key factor that affects how long the wood polishing will take, polishing just one area risks the additional removal of the wood in that area than in other areas. This can lead to uneven wooden floors. It is recommended to polish the floors in entire rooms to ensure that the wooden floor is even. This also helps to ensure that the wooden floor maintains its natural colour and texture.


Maintenance Is Needed To Retain The Varnish


Regular wood polishing is important as it is not a one-time process. To maintain the varnish and keep your wooden floor looking new and shiny, you need to also ensure that you clean it often. You can do this by sweeping the wooden floor regularly to remove any dirt and dust. You can also use a damp mop to clean the wooden floor. It is important to note that you should never use abrasive cleaners or wax on the wooden floor as this can damage the varnish. Additionally, you should also avoid using water to clean the wooden floor as this can cause the wood to warp, which is a common mistake during DIY wood polishing.


What to Look Out For When Hiring Professional Wood Polishing Services


Among the things to look out for when choosing a floor polishing service is ensuring that you engage a reputable and experienced professional. You can do this by either looking at their reviews or their past projects. The professional should have the necessary equipment and knowledge to ensure that the polishing process is done efficiently and effectively. 

You should also see to it that the professional uses high-quality varnish so the wooden floor remains shiny and new-looking for a long time. The professional should also offer maintenance services to ensure that your wooden floor remains in good condition.


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Wood polishing is an important maintenance procedure that helps to restore the natural beauty of wooden floors. Before having wood polishing done, it is important to know some essential things. You should ensure that the wood polishing is done before moving in, be prepared for some dust, wait one day before using your wood floor again, avoid polishing just one area, and maintain your wooden floor regularly. 

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