5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Floor Polishing Service Provider

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It takes a considerable amount of time to facelift a home, especially when the renovation contractor offers several renovation options to enhance the house’s overall appearance. If you did not replace your floors as part of the renovation, there is always the risk of damage from paint stains, dirt, and even dust. In order to remove the damage on your floors, you should hire a professional floor polishing service provider. They can remove scratch marks and paint stains brought by renovation. They can also restore the floor’s shine through marble polishing and wood polishing services.

Here are the five mistakes that you should avoid when hiring a floor polishing service provider:


1. Not Contacting a Specialised Floor Enhancing Company 

Although there are several floor cleaning service providers in Singapore, it is essential to note that most post-renovation service providers do not offer specialised floor polishing services. Avoid making the mistake of hiring unspecialised floor cleaners even though they might charge you less money. They will not guarantee results you are expecting, and it will be a waste of money. Instead, hire professionals who offer services like parquet polishing and wood varnishing because they can restore your floors to your desired shine.


2. Failing to Request Quotations


When choosing a floor polishing service, do not forget to ask for charges for the work they will do. Whether it is a wood or parquet varnishing, it is important to know the quotations so you will know if the amount you are paying is reasonable. You can also compare various floor cleaning and polishing rates in Singapore so you will have an idea on how much these services cost.


3. Ignoring Past Work Accomplished by That Particular Company

It is not recommended to hire a floor polishing service provider with zero experience to undertake a project. A lot of Singapore homeowners forget to conduct checks before they hire floor polishing services resulting in poor and low-quality outcomes. When hiring a service provider, it is imperative to view their previous projects to check if they are equipped with the experience in order to provide quality workmanship. This can provide you with the peace of mind before hiring the company you have chosen to polish your floors.


4. Companies with Untimely Replies


DIY floor polishing may be tempting to do to save some money but professionals can do the floor cleaning and polishing with more ease and better results. However, one thing to consider when hiring a floor polishing service provider is the timeliness of their response. As a customer, you may have some queries or clarifications about the job to be done, and the service provider must address them in a timely manner. This is not always the case with all floor polishing service providers. To avoid such a mistake, ensure you have a seamless communication channel with the company before hiring their professionals. You can also use their contact information from their page or website to enquire their services.


5. Not Checking for Previous Reviews

Whether you are looking for wood polishing or marble polishing, it is advisable to read testimonies and reviews first, before hiring your prospective service provider. These testimonies will offer several recommendations on whether or not to select that particular company. Besides, you can enquire from friends, family members, and others for a recommendation to select the right floor polishing company in Singapore.



Before hiring a floor polishing company, consider these factors to avoid committing mistakes. As a customer, you deserve a professional service company like DW Floor Polishing. We have skilled service providers that can clean and polish your floors with ease and quality.


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