5 Reasons why Regular Wood Polishing Is Important

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Wood flooring is highly preferred by many people for their homes and office spaces. After all, such floors have so many benefits to offer. Like marble floors, wooden floors are durable, easy to maintain, stylish, and are thus a great investment. That said, the quality and color of wooden floors can start fading over time. Eventually,  they do not look as attractive as they were when they were first installed. Fortunately, you need not worry as you can get back the lost shine of your wood floors by having wood polishing done.

It would be best if you polish your wooden floors regularly right from the time you get them installed. There are quite a number of reasons why regular wood polishing is essential and some of them include the following:

  1. It Makes Your Floors Shinier


With time, your wood floors will not look shiny as they once were. Gradually, they will lose their luster and make your entire room look extremely dull. With regular DIY floor polishing however, your floors and room will look even more shiny and attractive like before. In fact, the more polishing you do, the longer your floors’ shine will remain.

  1. It Makes Your Floors Stronger


When you hire a professional to polish your wooden floors, you ensure that they become much more durable. In fact, the polish which professionals often use creates a protective layer of wax in order to minimize the damage caused by spills and scratches.

  1. It Makes Your Floors Stain-resistant


If you fail to polish your wooden floors yourself or engage professional floor polishing services to do it for you, your wooden floorboards can get stained quite easily. Often, such stains can be quite challenging to get rid of. When polish is applied to them on a regular basis however, they  become more resistant to stains since a protective barrier is created.

  1. It Eliminates The Need For Sanding


Besides wood varnishing, many people choose to have wood floor sanding performed so their floors can look new and beautiful again. Sanding can be quite a time-consuming task however and is also quite expensive. Besides that, it can damage your floors as it essentially scrubs off their topmost layer. Fortunately, once you go for wood polishing, you will not have to hire floor polishing services to sand your wooden floors. The reason for this is that they will already have had a protective layer in the form of wax and polish. Furthermore, they are provided with enhanced protection against spills, traffic, scratching, and chipping.

  1. It Prevents Allergies


If you are suffering from any allergies, then wooden floors are certainly a better choice than carpets provided they undergo regular polishing by a floor polishing service provider. While carpets can beautifully help you cover your floors, they are also excellent breeding zones for dust and dust mites which is extremely dangerous for those who are prone to dust allergies and asthma. Polished wooden floors, on the other hand, are less likely to become a hotbed for dust and dust mites.



Like any typical floor, wooden floors also need regular polishing to maintain their beauty and quality and to protect you against allergies and stubborn stains. For excellent floor polishing, you can hire a professional expert to do the job. At DW Floor Polishing Singapore, we offer high quality and affordable wood polishing services that can ensure your wooden floors last a long time. By contacting us, your floors can maintain their shine as well as be free of dust. Moreover, they will be much more resistant against heavy forms of damage.


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