5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Perform DIY Parquet Floor Polishing

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A new parquet floor has a glossy lustre which makes the room attractive. Since the floor is used extensively, after some time it gets discolored, stained, and has scratches. Most homeowners are aware that marble and parquet floor polishing can help in restoring the parquet floor to a great extent. The homeowner may feel that he will save some money if he does not hire professionals for parquet floor polishing services. However, there are multiple reasons why family members should not attempt Do it Yourself (DIY) parquet polishing which are listed below.


It Requires A Proper Skillset 

There are a number of reasons why you should hire professional floor polishing services in Singapore. One of it is expertise. Sanding the floor is a complicated task and most people do not have the relevant skills. Usually, sandpaper and a sander are required to remove the old finish on the floor. Often, different grits of sandpaper are required to remove the finish properly. A person without relevant skills will not be able to generate the smooth finish required for polishing. He may not be precise while sanding and may damage the walls and the floor or create a finish that is not even. Thus, increasing the overall cost.


It Requires Adequate Training 


The sander used for polishing the floor is a heavy machine, there are different types of sanders like hand, belt, and orbital sanders. Though some people may consider themselves experts in handling DIY tools, they are usually not trained to use sanders to get the results that are required. Accidents are likely to happen if the person handling the sander is not well trained. In addition to damaging the floor and walls, the user may also cause injuries to himself and his family members. For safety purposes, you might want to refer to a guide to DIY floor polishing using a floor polishing machine


It Requires The Use of Special Equipment 


For properly polishing the floor, specific equipment like an edger and drum sander are required, which are expensive. Hence, most people are not likely to have them at home and hiring them will also be expensive. Additionally, safety gear like glasses, ear protection, safety mask, gloves, and protective footwear is also required, which most people do not have.


It Involves Complex Procedures

Floor polishing is a very complex task and most people who do DIY are not aware of the complex procedures which are involved till they start the work. If the equipment is not handled properly, there is a greater scope for damage and error. It is usually extremely difficult for a person with no training to apply the stain and sealant uniformly like professionals. If there are any mistakes, the work should be done again. This leads to more time being wasted. Sawdust and debris generated while polishing should be disposed of properly, or the polishing could be adversely affected. Convenience is one of the benefits of engaging professional floor polishing services. Their training and experience gives them an advantage to perform the job effectively despite its complexity. 


It Can Be Costly 


DIY parquet floor polishing can cause additional damage to the floors. Repairing this damage can be expensive and leads to an increase in the overall cost. Also, additional equipment has to be purchased or hired. In contrast, the professionals are well trained and experienced, so they use the right polishing method and complete the polishing at a much lower cost. If you need a little more detail about the costs, you might be interested to know how much floor polishing costs in Singapore


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The article lists five reasons why you should not perform DIY parquet floor polishing. This includes requiring the right skill set, sufficient training, the usage of specialized equipment, the complexity of the procedures, and financial costs. Overall, doing parquet floor polishing yourself might result in greater damage and costs. A professional parquet floor polishing service is the greatest option to address all of this and restore the new-looking appearance of your flooring. With the appropriate training, tools, and resources, DW Floor Polishing Singapore can offer high-quality parquet floor polishing services. 


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