5 Signs That You Require Marble Polishing

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A clean and well-polished marble floor is captivating. That said, no matter how beautiful a marble surface may look, it will eventually lose its shine. In order to restore its appearance, engaging marble polishing services will be necessary.

You might be wondering how exactly you can determine when it is time to get your marble floors polished. As a matter of fact, there are specific signs you need to look out for such as the following:

Chipped Floor Tiles


Chipped or broken marble tiles is often a result of them being uneven, a problem commonly referred to by experts as lippage. If the lippage appears small, then it is possible to hone the tiles until they flatten. However, if the lippage measures more than 1 mm, then the flooring will have to be grouted so its smoothness can be restored. After this procedure is completed, you can hire a professional to perform marble polishing so that they can eliminate the scratches caused by the grinding process.

Loss of Polish


Gradually, you might notice that your marble floors lose their shine, polish, and become dull. However, you need not worry when this happens as you can restore their appearance through marble polishing.

If you choose to engage floor polishing services, then you can ensure that you continue to have a polished and attractive marble floor. Take note that this is a better option than performing DIY marble polishing which will never provide you the results that a professional can. For this reason, many people in Singapore prefer to hire marble polishing services like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. Each of our experts in DW Floor Polishing Singapore have years of experience and can provide you with quick and efficient floor polishing services. We also have the necessary tools, high-quality polishers, and sealants, which you cannot find in regular home appliance stores.

Dirty Grout


There may be times wherein your marble floors have dirty grout. This is usually the result of improper cleaning methods such as using excessive water and a dirty mop. Remember that such methods will only move the dirt deep into the grout lines which will cause buildup that may be hard to get rid of.

If you experience dirty grout on your marble floors, you will need to hire a professional like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We use specially created marble cleaning solutions that you cannot find in regular stores. We also use high-quality equipment to thoroughly eliminate any signs of grout. In the process, we will also apply a grout sealer and then carry out marble polishing to restore the shine and polished look of your marble floors.

Spots And Stains


Marble floors in your bathroom, dining room, or kitchen, are highly likely to incur stains and imprints. Unfortunately, many of these spills contain chemicals and dyes that can badly impact your marble floors.

Most people prefer using baking soda to resolve this issue. Take note however that even if baking soda can eliminate spills, it cannot remove permanent stains. In that case, you will have to call floor polishing services for assistance.



Erosion happens when a marble floor is frequently exposed to moisture. Oftentimes, this takes place on bathroom marble floors and areas where water leaks regularly.

Marble is made of calcium carbonate which happens to be a water-soluble mineral. As such, floors made of this material can easily be dissolved by water. Besides that, water can easily remove their polish.

If you notice any signs of erosion on your marble floors, then you will need assistance from a marble polishing service provider. Keep in mind that performing DIY marble floor polishing is not advisable if you want the best results. Instead, it is better to let a floor polishing service provider like DW Floor Polishing Singapore do the work. By having us render you with regular floor polishing services, you can ensure your marble floors are well protected and maintain their appearance.


In almost all instances, marble floors eventually lose their shine and beautiful appearance. Fortunately, you can quickly determine when you need to seek help from professional floor polishing services by taking note of some signs. These include chipped floor tiles, loss of polish, dirty grout, spots and stains, and erosion. If you experience any of these signs, it is ideal to hire a professional marble floor polishing services to maintain the proper appearance of your marble floors. Here at DW Floor Polishing Singapore, we have experts who can excellently fulfill your floor polishing needs.

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