5 Ways To Prepare For Professional Wood Floor Polishing in Singapore

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One of the main advantages of installing wood floors in the home is that wood polishing can be used to restore the floor if it is scratched or stained. Since most people do not have the equipment and expertise for wood floor polishing, they will hire the services of professionals. When hiring any service provider for home repair or maintenance work, it is advisable to prepare the home according to the instructions provided so that the professionals can complete their work quickly. Proper preparation also ensures that furniture and home decor are handled properly. Some tips for preparing the home for floor polishing are listed below.


Cover or Remove Furniture 

The first step in preparing the home, is removing all the furniture like the chair, tables, cupboards, shelves, and other items kept on the floor from the room so that the floor is clear. These items should be carefully moved to another room in the vicinity that is not being polished. If some items cannot be removed because they are fixed to the wall, they should be properly covered. After all the items on the floor are removed, they should be vacuum cleaned to remove any dirt and debris before proceeding with polishing the floor


Keep Pets Out of The Area


If there are any pets like dogs and cats in the house, it is advisable to take advantage of the benefits of hiring wood floor polishing professionals as they can help make your surroundings healthy. On the other hand, when the experts begin working, your pets should be removed from the home and kept outside while the room is being polished. If they enter the room while it is being polished, it will be difficult for the professionals to work, and the pets may get injured by the sanders. Additionally, the polish and stains will take some time to dry, and if the pets walk on the floor when it is wet, the finish will be spoiled.


Take Down Wall Decors and Curtains 

Remove the curtains, photo frames, and other wall decor items from the walls so they are not covered with dust when the floors are being sanded. Additionally, since the sanders used for polishing floors have motors, they may cause vibrations due to which the items fixed or hung on the wall may become loose and fall off, damaging them. Similarly, lampshades should be also removed and covered. The curtains should be wrapped in plastic bags. 


Clean Your Wood Floor


Vacuuming your floors is one of the steps on how to DIY polish your parquet or wood floors. Using a vacuum cleaner or broom remove all the dust, dirt, sand, and debris after the room is cleared. Any remaining dirt and dust can be removed by mopping the floor with a microfiber mop and a suitable cleaning product for the wooden floor.


Make Sure You Have Enough Ventilation 

While the floor is being sanded to polish it, a lot of dust is being generated which is for some homeowners, eliminating the need for sanding is a considerable reason why regular wood polishing is important. However, during this process, dust should be removed from the room. Hence the room should have enough ventilation, the windows should be kept open, and the fans switched on so that the dust does not accumulate.


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Preparing the home before professional wood floor polishing is important to ensure that the professionals can work efficiently and effectively. This includes removing or covering furniture, keeping pets out of the area, taking down wall decors and curtains, cleaning the floor, and ensuring proper ventilation. By following these tips, homeowners can ensure that their wood floors are polished to perfection without any damage to their belongings. For quality wood floor polishing services in Singapore, homeowners can trust DW Floor Polishing Singapore to provide reliable and affordable services.


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