6 Different Methods of DIY Parquet Floor Polishing

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Since parquet flooring is aesthetically pleasing and increases the value of a home, many property owners in Singapore have installed it in their homes. As family members walk on this floor daily, over time, it will lose its glossy shine and often get scratched. Many families are interested in Do it Yourself (DIY) parquet floor polishing to restore the floor in their house. The different methods and materials which can be used for parquet floor polishing are described in detail below, so the homeowner can decide which polishing method is most suitable for his home.


Water Based Varnish 


Though it is more expensive compared to other options, water based varnish has become more popular in the last few decades. This varnish is clear, so the natural color of the wood is retained. It is also hard so it will not get dented. Additionally, this varnish will dry quickly within a few hours, so the polishing can be completed within 48 hours. The varnish has almost no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and does not have a strong odor, so safety gear may not be required while applying it. Since the varnish layers are thinner, more layers have to be applied, and the varnish has to be applied more often. If you are looking to choose this kind of varnish, you might want to check how much it costs to do floor polishing in Singapore for you to plan your budget for the service. 


Oil Based Varnish

Till a few decades ago, oil-based varnishes were the most popular option for polishing parquet floors since they cost less compared to other varnishes. Each layer of this varnish is thicker than other layers and is more durable, so the varnish has to be applied less frequently. The coating is softer and less likely to develop scratches. However, the varnish gives a yellowish or amber tint to the floor, which will darken after some time. The varnish contains higher levels of VOC which adversely affect health and has a strong smell, so a respirator is required while applying this varnish. Oil-based finishes require at least 12 hours to dry, so polishing will take at least 3-4 days. This is why it is important to hire professional and reputable service providers to ensure quality and efficiency in doing the job. One benefit of engaging professional floor polishing services is their expertise. Only experienced professionals can properly do a complicated procedure of applying oil-based varnish. 




Wax was used extensively for varnishing parquet and wooden floors for centuries and used in historic or rural homes. It is the preferred option if a finish that shines less is required. It penetrates the wood well and can be mixed with the stain for uniformity. It dries quickly and is easily applied. Both liquid and paste wax are available. However, it is not very durable and will change color to become yellowish after some time. Do note that the application of the wax requires a lot of time. One of the benefits of regularly engaging parquet polishing services is that your floors will always be shiny and protected. So to avoid wear and tear from worn out wax polish, consider regular polishing maintenance service. 



Shellac is preferred by homeowners who wish to use a natural product for varnishing which dries quickly and does not produce harmful VOCs. After being varnished, the floor usually has a high-gloss finish with an orange tint, though shellac can be mixed with alcohol for a matte finish. Furthermore, it adheres well to wood. However, it is a very flammable product that will dry quickly – leaving lap lines. It also has to be freshly mixed before it is applied to the floor. It is not very durable and can get stained easily. Since this substance is flammable, make sure to be careful when applying it to avoid the same common mistakes made during DIY wood floor polishing


Penetrating Oil Sealant 


The penetrating oil sealants were widely used in the 1960s and earlier before polyurethane based water, oil, and other finishes were developed. It is a natural product that is easy to apply and highlights the design, color of the parquet. However, it is more suitable for homes that have less traffic since it is not very durable and usually has to be reapplied within two years. It is also fairly expensive. Since it penetrates the pores, it is not a conventional varnish, and an additional layer of wax is also recommended. In doing this, you may refer to our guide on the steps on how to DIY parquet polishing


Aluminum Oxide 

Aluminum oxide is the most durable coating having the best protection for the floor. Depending on the preference of the user, he can opt for a glossy, semi-glossy, or matte finish. The color of the parquet floor will not change and the coating will last for up to 25 years. However, this coating cannot be applied on an existing floor, only prefinished planks or sections are available. For better results, you may consider hiring professionals. You might need to know the things to look out for when choosing a floor polishing service to ensure engaging the best service providers in Singapore. 


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The article presents the benefits and drawbacks of several DIY techniques for polishing parquet floors. The techniques include the use of wax, shellac, penetrating oil sealant, aluminum oxide, water-based varnish, and oil-based varnish. Durability, color change, drying time, and environmental effect are all distinctive characteristics of each process. If you are hesitant about which varnish to use, you may want to know how to choose the right varnish for parquet varnishing. Overall, it is generally recommended for homeowners to hire specialists like DW Floor Polishing Singapore for excellent parquet floor polishing services. 


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