6 Reasons Why Regular Parquet Polishing Is Important

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Parquet flooring has always been the top choice for most people in Singapore. This is because it has an elegant and timeless look, making your home look extremely luxurious.

Over time, you will notice that your elegant-looking wood floor starts to lose its shine and begins looking very dull. If you ignore these indications, your parquet floor will reach a stage where you will have no option but to get them replaced.

However, if you opt for regular parquet floor polishing, you will be able to restore the shine on your floor and will not have to get them replaced. There are several reasons why regular parquet polishing is important, and we will share them with you now. Once you learn more about them, you will never forget to do them ever.



Parquet floors, just like other types of woods, can get easily scratched. You have to be extra careful if you have kids and pets at home. Additionally, scratches will also form on your parquet floor surface if you wear heels or shoes that have abrasive soles at home. You have two options if you want to get rid of these scratches and make your floor look beautiful again. You can either opt for professional parquet floor polishing or do the parquet polishing yourself. If you do opt for regular parquet polishing in Singapore, then the chances of your floor experiencing scratches and getting damaged again are extremely slim.

Mould Growth


If you notice any signs of fungus or moulds on your parquet floor, you must immediately look for any water seepage. Moulds generally develop in wet and humid areas. You can find them thriving in the gaps present between the sub and top layer of your floor. The presence of water is generally damaging to your parquet floor. The damage worsens with the presence of fungus or mould. When this happens, you may even have to replace your wooden floor.

If you do not want anything like this to happen, then opt for professional floor polishing services. This ensures there is no chance of mould development and keeps your parquet flooring safe from further damages. However, if you have deep cleaned and treated existing moulds, you can also consider parquet varnishing your floor to hide these spots.



Parquet flooring is not the right choice for a bathroom, kitchen, and basement, as they have high humidity and moisture levels. Even using a wet mop to clean the parquet floors may damage them.

Like marble floorings, you need to make sure that you dry the mop after mopping your parquet floor properly as well. This helps to prevent water damage. However, you should engage in professional wood polishing if your floor already has water damage. Parquet floor polishing is the only option you have to reverse its effects. Having said that, it does not mean you should take lesser care of your precious flooring.



Crowning occurs when your parquet floors are exposed to moisture. Your parquet floorboards may swell and push against each other if they absorb moisture from the subfloor or the air. This may make the center of the parquet boards to bulge or crown. Even though crowning is a big problem, you might not even understand when your parquet floor has reached this stage.

However, if you opt for regular parquet floor polishing, and get it done by an expert like DW Floor Polishing Singapore, then you will have nothing to worry about. Our experts will not only perform the polishing task but will also look for any underlying problems with your parquet floors. We will also let you know if there are any issues and how to best handle the issue. Thus, you should look out for a comprehensive service when choosing a floor polishing service.

Regardless of whether you are experiencing crowning or not, you can trust your wood polishing with us to ensure your floor is always shiny and in great condition.

Fading And Discolouration

If your parquet floor is overly exposed to sunlight, it can start to discolour and fade. Even though covering your floor with rugs is an option, it may not always be possible. This is why regular wood polishing is important. Under such situations, you should opt for regular parquet floor polishing. When your floors are regularly polished, it will not be easily damage by sunlight. The damage done by UV rays will also be treated. You can also consider wood varnishing for additional protection.


When your parquet floor is first installed, it has a solid and noise-free ground. However, with time, excessive movement, and wear and tear, some sections of your floor may get altered. These result in the creaking and clicking sounds you hear when you walk on the floor.

If you have neighbours living below you, this will prove to be very irritating to them and they may even complain to the Housing and Development Board. If you do not want this to happen, you should opt for regular parquet floor polish by hiring a floor polishing service provider.

Getting your parquet floor professionally polished helps to ensure it will always be in a good condition. There is no chance of any alteration in the material. Even if there is an alteration, floor polishing experts like DW Floor Polishing Singapore can fix it with ease.

We will first inspect your floor to see if regular polishing your floor is enough, or if there is any other issue like floor alteration that needs immediate attention. Once these issues are resolved and your floor is polished, it will then look as good as new, and you will no longer having to face any parquet-related problem.


As parquet flooring is extremely susceptible to external damages, it is important to do regular parquet polishing. Otherwise, the lifespan of your parquet flooring will be significantly reduce with damages from scratches, water or sunlight. You should also hire floor polishing services like DW Floor Polishing Singapore to minimize such damages.

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