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6 Signs That You Require Parquet Varnishing

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Parquet flooring can prove to be a perfect investment for your home and may even last you a lifetime. For that to be possible, you need to take great care of them.

Dust mopping and cleaning your parquet floor regularly is certainly a wise thing to do as it helps to maintain the varnish on your floors. However, it is not enough to do just those. Regular parquet varnishing is also essential if you want to reap its benefits which include having a shinier and more attractive floor.

Now, the question that may be running in your mind is how to know when to varnish your floor? Well, one way to know is by looking out for the following signs:

Numerous Scratches

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If your floor has too many scratches then it is one of the signs that suggest it is time to parquet varnish your floor. This is all the more important if the scratches have managed to wear through the stain present on your wood.

If there are just a few scratches, it is okay, and not a cause of worry. It is when your floor is covered with many scratches, especially to the extent where you cannot even cover them up with a rug, that you might want to consider hiring a floor polishing professional instead of DIY. If you do decide to do so, keep in mind of the mistakes you should be avoiding.

Water Damage

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Water damage can lead to wood warping or separation. A minor water damage can be easily solved by using the right varnish for parquet varnishing. This offers you the kind of result you want.

A major water damage will result in a warped or buckled floor. When this happens, you will have no choice but to replace them. Now, this may not be easy for you to conclude and thus, it will be wise to consider hire floor polishing services.

DW Floor Polishing Singapore also offer such services whereby our experts will visit your home, look at the condition of your parquet floor, and recommend you a suitable solution.

Floors Turning Gray

Excessive exposure to the sun can make your parquet starts fading. If you notice gray stains and discoloration, it can also be because of water damages. At this stage, it is still not difficult to handle this problem. You simply need to get your floor varnished for it to look beautiful again.

However, if you ignore the issue, the stain will only get darker before turning black. This will cost you a lot more to fix. You should not wait for this to happen, and get the issue fixed right away by parquet polishing professionals in Singapore instead.

Excessive Wear And Tear

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One of the qualities about parquet that most people in Singapore find attractive is the fact that it is highly durable. Like any other natural materials, this type of wood ages too, particularly in high-traffic areas. That is why it is extremely important to do wood polishing regularly.

Stains are among the first signs of extreme wear and tear. If you do not want the problem to grow, you must act immediately.

It will be best to do parquet varnishing to maintain the varnish on your wood floors and increase the longevity of your floors. But if you ignore these stains, it can pave the way to more serious issues, and you will then need a replacement.

Sun Discoloration

UV rays cause the most damage to your parquet floors. When you notice your floors look washed out or faded in the areas where they are exposed to sunlight, then it is likely caused by sun discoloration.

Sun damage can be treated by opting for parquet varnishing. Yes, you may do it on your own using our DIY Parquet Varnishing Guide as reference, but if you truly want the best results, then you will need to hire the best professionals like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. Our experts have years of experience and have varnished parquet floors in many homes in Singapore.

We use the best equipment and best parquet varnish Singapore solution to varnish floors and each of our technicians will be thoroughly trained. Only then are they allowed to take up varnishing tasks. You should expect high quality results when you engage in our services.

Fading Floors

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If your beautiful parquet floors have started fading, then it is also a sign suggesting you need parquet varnishing. Failure to do so will only make the floor fades further and look ugly. When this happens, no amount of parquet varnishing will help. You will have to get your floor replaced instead, which can prove to be quite expensive.

You should always remember to take immediate actions. As soon as you notice your parquet floor fading, get it varnished right away. You will be surprised at how your floors will look after using the parquet varnish. It will look as good as new, and this will have a beautiful impact, and change the look of your entire home. Apart from doing parquet varnishing, you can also consider doing other services including parquet polishing and wood polishing. Listed below is an example of a recent case study we did in Jurong West.


In a nutshell, parquet varnishing plays a significant role in maintaining your floor condition. If time is a constraint for you to polish your parquet floors, you can consider calling a reputable floor polishing service providers like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We offer high-quality services and are able to provide you with quick solutions to your floor polishing needs.

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