6 Things You Should Know About Engaging A Marble Floor Polishing Service

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The worth of any property and its appearance are substantially increased by the luster of marble floors. Marble floors are more prone to scratches and stains than other natural stones and flooring because it is a porous and soft stone. The brilliance of a marble floor must therefore be restored, which is why property owners need marble polishing services. Homeowners should make sure the marble polishing company they hire is qualified and knowledgeable about the right techniques and materials to polish the marble. Here are some things to know when engaging a marble floor polishing service:


They Will Avoid Using Cleaning Agents That Are Too Strong

Even if the stains are stubborn and old, it is best to avoid using harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach, alkalis, and vinegar. Since these chemicals will permanently damage the marble, only pH neutral cleaners and mild cleaners should be used. It is also best to stay away from all-purpose cleaners. Moreover, you should never use steel wool or other hard scrubbers to remove stains from a marble floor since they will harm the surface and make stain removal more difficult. Failing to do a background check is a mistake you should avoid when choosing a marble polishing service. This may result in more damage because their professionals may not be knowledgeable enough to know which product they can use for your marble floor.  


Some Noise Will Be Produced During The Marble Polishing Process 

Marble is typically polished with high-speed floor polishers. These polishing machines have a motor, and due to friction, some noises are produced during polishing. However, marble polishing is frequently done in a matter of hours. The polishing might be planned while most of the family members are away from the house to prevent disruption.


They Won’t Seal Your Marble Floors Unless Necessary 

One of the most useful marble polishing tips is using a protective sealant. However, only if the marble is absorbent is sealing necessary. It may also be convenient if liquids often spill on your floor.  Cultured marble is one type of marble that is not extremely porous, and in some situations, the marble floor is already coated with a protective layer. By using a little amount of water, the professional cleaner can determine if the marble is porous. A protective coating can be applied to marble if it is porous in order to prevent it from becoming soiled or stained. Otherwise, sealing may not be required, and the cost of polishing will be less. This is the advantage of hiring professional marble floor polishing services, they can determine whether sealing the marble floors are necessary or not.


They Cannot Prevent Stains Permanently 


Stains found on marble floors are discolorations which can be caused by any of the following: acids and alkalis such as vinegar, lime juice, citric acid, and bleach. Ink, wine, and other colored liquids can also leave stains. Putting a protective coating will significantly help to avoid stains. However, they cannot completely prevent all stains for a variety of reasons. In certain situations, the protective coating wears away after a while, and the stains and etches will emerge if the marble floor is exposed. Additionally, stains are also likely to occur when a significant volume of acidic liquid is spilled and is not cleaned up right after. It is important to know how to maintain marble floors after completing marble polishing to ward off stains and keep the marble flooring in good condition. 


It Will Take Some Time For Them To Finish Marble Polishing 

Depending on the size and condition of the floor, polishing the marble floor will take more or less time and effort. There are different steps professionals take during each marble polishing process. First, the marble will be cleaned by the floor polishers to get rid of all the debris. They will further inspect the floor to remove any scratches or scuff marks and proceed to polish it. Therefore, polishing a clean and well-maintained marble floor often takes less time. However, if the floor has not been polished for several years, it may take longer to do the entire marble polishing process


They May Help To Make Your Marble Floors Shiny 


Though new marble floors reflect light and shine, after it is used for some time, it can develop dirt and scratches. A fact about marble polishing is as much as it initially helps restore the lustre and shine of the floor, there are certain exceptions to it. If the marble floor has deep stains, has been used for several decades, and a large number of people are walking on it on a daily basis, then marble polishing may not fully restore its original shine. 


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There are certain things to know before engaging a marble floor polishing service company. They will most likely avoid using harsh chemicals, they are not able to prevent stains permanently, and they may take some time to finish marble polishing. It is important for you to be mindful of these things to ensure having best care provided to your floor, and also help to manage your expectations. In addition, knowing these factors can help on how to choose the best marble floor polishing service


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