6 Tips You Should Consider For DIY Wood Floor Polishing

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Several years after installing a wood floor in a home, it will usually have scratches and stains due to wear and tear. Many people enjoy doing Do it Yourself (DIY) home projects so they would like to polish the floors of their homes themselves for better control of the polishing work. The time and effort required for wood polishing will vary depending on various factors and polishing methods used. Some tips which will help families and individuals interested in DIY wood floor polishing are listed below. 


Make Sure You Have The Right Tools and Equipment 


If the floor has to be sanded, depending on the type of wood floor, a suitable drum sander and edge sander are required. Additionally, sanding sheets, sandpaper, discs, and dust bags are required for use with the sanders. It is advisable to wear suitable safety gear like goggles for the eyes, a face mask, gloves, safety shoes, and a safety vest. Other tools include hammers, screwdrivers, cleaning supplies buckets, and a mop. Alternatively, if you don’t have any of these tools, it is a good reason why you should hire professional floor polishing services.


Prepare Your Wood Floor 

Clear The Room


One of the ways to prepare for professional wood floor polishing is to clear the room by removing tables, chairs, other furniture, and any other items kept on the floor. This should be done carefully to avoid causing further scratches. 

Clean Your Wood Floor

One of the DIY tips in parquet or wood polishing is to try cleaning the floor using a cleaner that is approved to remove the stains and other dirt which could not be removed earlier. This can be done after removing the dust and dirt using a vacuum cleaner.

Protect Surrounding Furniture

If the remaining furniture is fixed and cannot be removed it should be covered using tarpaulin or other methods to protect it from dust


Avoid Improper Edging 

Common mistakes made during DIY wood floor polishing involve improper edging. The drum sander does not reach some areas, so an edge sander is required. The sanding of the edges should be done carefully since it will cause color differences and an increased risk of degradation if done improperly.


Avoid Uneven Sanding 

According to the DIY parquet varnishing guide, sanding should be done uniformly so that the floor is level. If done unevenly there it will be noticeable when the stain or varnish is applied. Over-sanding is a greater problem than under-sanding since only an expert can fix it


Remove Any Signs of Dust Before Polishing 

The wood dust generated during sanding can get embedded in the stain/finish, so it should be removed using a vacuum cleaner or mop, similar to the steps involved in DIY parquet polishing.


Use Proper Wood Floor Polishing Products 

Always use the products recommended by the floor seller for polishing the floor, since the wrong products can damage the floor, reduce the lifespan


Call A Wood Floor Polishing Expert 


In addition to being very time-consuming. DIY floor polishing is also risky, due to the increased probability of making an expensive mistake. So it is better to hire experts, well-trained in floor polishing, and familiar with popular types of wood floors.


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DIY wood floor polishing can be a great way to save money and have more control over the process. However, it is important to have the right tools, prepare the floor properly, and follow best practices to avoid mistakes and damage. It is also advisable to consider the benefits of hiring professional wood floor polishing services for expert advice and assistance. DW Floor Polishing Singapore is a trusted provider of wood floor polishing services in Singapore, with experienced staff and the latest equipment to ensure high-quality results. By following these tips and engaging the services of a trusted provider like DW Floor Polishing Singapore, property owners can enjoy a beautiful and well-maintained wood floor for years to come.


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