7 Essential Tips to Consider for Terrazzo Floor Cleaning in Singapore

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Terrazzo floors, renowned for their unique blend of marble, granite, glass, and other aggregates, require regular floor cleaning to preserve their original splendor. In this article, we’ll delve into tips and techniques for achieving a sparkling clean terrazzo floor.


Use Soft Microfiber Mops and Cloths


Cleaning your terrazzo floor starts with selecting the right tools. Opt for soft microfiber mops and cloths designed to trap dirt and dust without scratching or damaging the surface. It’s also important to avoid rough or abrasive materials that can dull the floor’s shine. Once done choosing your cleaning tools, sweep the floor with a soft-bristle broom or use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove loose dirt and debris. Next, gently mop the floor with a microfiber cloth dampened with an appropriate cleaning solution or any DIY cleaning solution you’ve created for vinyl floors and terrazzo floors. Make sure to rinse the cloth frequently to prevent dirt or residue from spreading. Finish the process by using a dry microfiber cloth to buff away any remaining moisture.


Stick With Soft Bristle Brushes

For terrazzo and vinyl floor issues and stains requiring extra scrubbing, rely on soft bristle brushes. Avoid using hard brushes, as they can scratch and damage the terrazzo surface. Soft bristle brushes, such as nylon brushes, effectively remove stains and grime while being gentle on the floor. 

To tackle stains, apply a mild cleaning solution, let it sit for a few minutes to loosen dirt, and then gently scrub the area in a circular motion using a soft bristle brush. Once done, rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water and dry with a microfiber cloth. In cases of particularly stubborn stains, professional floor deep cleaning may be necessary.


Avoid Excessive Pressure


One thing to avoid when performing DIY terrazzo floor cleaning by yourself is applying excessive pressure, especially when scrubbing or mopping. Excessive pressure can lead to scratches, chips, or cracks in the terrazzo surface. Instead, use gentle, circular motions during scrubbing and apply even, light pressure while mopping. In addition, be cautious when moving heavy furniture or objects across the floor, as dragging them can also cause damage. You can make sure your terrazzo floors and vinyl floors are protected from scratches by using furniture pads or sliders.


Work in Sections

Efficient cleaning and ensuring no areas are missed can be achieved by working in sections. This step is also part of the comprehensive guidelines for deep cleaning different types of floors, including terrazzo floors. Start by dividing the floor into manageable sections, such as individual rooms or sections within a room. Thereafter, clear each section of furniture or objects, then sweep or vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris. Lastly, follow up with mopping or spot cleaning as needed. This method ensures that each section receives the proper attention and helps maintain a consistent cleaning routine.


Focus on Grout Lines


To achieve spotless results like professional floor cleaning companies, pay special attention to cleaning the grout lines as these can accumulate dirt, stains, and discoloration over time. Start by sweeping or vacuuming the grout lines to remove loose dirt. Next, apply a mild cleaning solution designed for grout cleaning, then gently scrub the floor with a soft-bristle brush or grout brush. Be sure also address stubborn stains or discoloration as needed, rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water, and dry it with a microfiber cloth. If DIY cleaning doesn’t remove grout stains, select the right professional floor deep cleaning services to address them.


Minimize Water Usage


Another thing you need to know when it comes to performing floor deep cleaning for your terrazzo floors is they can be susceptible to water damage if excessive moisture penetrates the surface. For this reason, regulate water usage by using a damp mop or cloth during cleaning. Begin by sweeping or vacuuming to remove loose debris, then dampen a microfiber mop or cloth with a mild cleaning solution. Next, wring out excess liquid from the mop before mopping the floor gently, ensuring even coverage. Once done, rinse the mop or cloth frequently, changing the cleaning solution if it becomes dirty. Finish by using a dry microfiber cloth to eliminate remaining moisture. 


Hire A Professional Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Service

One reason why you should engage a professional floor deep cleaning company for your terrazzo floor is they are indispensable for specific situations. In fact, extensive stains, deep-seated dirt, or restoration needs are best addressed by professional terrazzo floor cleaning services. Expertise and use of specialized equipment to handle tough stains, polish the terrazzo floor’s surface, and restore its natural shine are also some of the advantages of professional floor deep cleaning services. They can also provide guidance on floor cleaning and maintenance. When considering professional services though, choose a reputable provider in your area for optimal results.


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Regular floor deep cleaning is important when it comes to your terrazzo floors as it helps preserve their unique and beautiful appearances. With the right techniques and tools, such as soft microfiber mops, soft bristle brushes, and a gentle touch, you can achieve spotless results akin to those provided by professional floor deep cleaning services. By working in sections, giving attention to grout lines, and minimizing water usage, you’ll maintain your terrazzo floor’s integrity. If necessary, don’t hesitate to engage professional terrazzo floor cleaning services, like DW Floor Polishing Singapore, to ensure the best results. With proper care and maintenance, your terrazzo floor will continue to shine for years to come.


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