8 Factors Affecting How Long Wood Floor Polishing Will Take

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Homeowners will often notice that their wood floor has lost its luster and is looking dirty after some time. While property owners are aware that wood polishing will restore the floor, they are also aware that they will not be able to use the room for some time till the floor polishing is complete. Hence they would like to estimate the time required for wood floor polishing so that they can plan their activities accordingly. Some of the main factors which affect the time taken to complete the wood floor polishing in Singapore are discussed below. 


Wood Floor Type


The time taken for sanding will vary depending on the type of wood. Some hardwoods like Oak can be sanded quickly, while more time is required for sanding other woods. The time taken also varies depending on whether light or heavy sanding is required for the wood. Additionally, the drying time after the varnish finish is applied also depends on the type of wood used on the floor. Woods with a higher percentage of oil like rosewood and cedar do not absorb the varnish quickly and take more time to dry. However, you may want to consider using a guide on DIY parquet varnishing to execute the process effectively.


Wood Floor Damage 


The floor polishing and sanding time will increase if there is more damage to the floor. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can damage the floor and also change its color, so additional sanding may be required to get the original color. Water damage can lead to oxidation of the floor, changing the color to grey, and increasing sanding time. Similarly, for removing scratches, dents, and scuffs, more sanding is required. 


Cleanliness of Wood Floor

If the dirt on the wood floor is not removed completely, it will adhere to the varnish when applied. This will adversely affect the appearance of the polished floor. So it is necessary to clean the floor thoroughly to remove all the dust and if the floor is not clean, more time will be required for cleaning. On the other hand, if you want to ensure that your wooden floors are sparkly clean, it is recommended to take advantage of the benefits of hiring professional wood floor polishing services.


Uneven Wooden Flooring Areas 

Cracks, buckling, cupping, and warping can make the floor uneven. So more time and effort will be required for sanding the uneven floor to make it even. 


Humidity Levels

The varnish contains liquids and chemicals which have to evaporate so that the varnish is properly dried and cured. If the humidity level on a particular day is more than 50%, the time taken for drying and curing increases due to the higher levels of moisture in the air. So it is advisable to check the humidity level and estimate the drying time before proceeding to varnish the wood.



There are reasons why you shouldn’t perform DIY parquet floor polishing, one of which is for safety purposes. Since oil-based varnishes have a strong smell, it is advisable to have proper protective equipment while applying it, or else it’s not good for your health. It is necessary to have enough ventilation so that it is possible to remain in the room. For all types of varnishing, the drying time will reduce to a great extent if there is proper ventilation and the fan is switched on. In most cases, a negligible amount of dust will enter the room. 


Previous Varnish Used 

The sanding time depends to some extent on the varnish used earlier. Some varnishes like aluminum oxide are difficult to remove so varnishing can take a longer time. Similarly, if gum was used for fixing carpets, more sanding may be necessary. Water-based varnishes are less durable, so sanding time will be less. However, if sanding is not preferred, just make sure to have your wood floor regularly polished. This is because one of the reasons why regular wood polishing is important is it can eliminate the need for sanding.  


Drying Time of Varnish

The time taken for the varnish to dry varies.

Water Based Varnish


Depending on the specific water-based varnish used, and weather conditions like temperature, and humidity levels, the drying time for the water-based varnish is between 4-8 hours. So people can walk on the floor 24 hours after the last varnish layer is applied. Additionally, polishing the floor can be completed within two days for water-based finishes, making it the preferred option if the polishing has to be done quickly.

Oil Based Varnish 


Oil-based varnishes take between 12-24 hours to dry and in some cases even 48 hours. So the time after which the next coat can be applied is more, and it will often take 3-4 days for the oil-based varnish layers to dry so that the floor can be safely used. If you’re unsure which varnish to use for DIY parquet or wood floor polishing, you may refer to reliable online guides and resources. 


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The time taken for wood floor polishing depends on various factors such as the type of wood, the extent of damage to the floor, cleanliness of the floor, uneven areas, humidity levels, ventilation, previous varnish used, and the drying time of the varnish. Homeowners should take these factors into consideration when estimating the time required for wood floor polishing. For a quality wood floor polishing service in Singapore, homeowners can engage the services of DW Floor Polishing Singapore, who will provide an accurate estimation of the time required, scope of supplies, and pricing for the work to be done.


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