A Guide To DIY Water Damaged Parquet Flooring Repair

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Since most homes use water a lot for drinking, cleaning, and other things, there is a chance that some water will spill and damage the parquet tiles. If there is a problem with the plumbing, water could get into the parquet flooring and cause it to damage. Since the layer on a parquet floor is just a thin layer, sanding or refinishing it is not enough to fix it. The best way to parquet flooring repair is to replace the flooring. Some homeowners may want to fix their parquet tiles themselves (DIY), so a detailed guide is provided below.


Remove The Damaged Parquet Flooring


The only way to repair the water-damaged section of parquet flooring is to replace it. Because the parquet will be damaged or cracked, inspecting the flooring will help in identifying these damaged sections. There are ways to determine whether you need parquet repair once you determine the damages you need to contact the service provider.  In some cases, a handsaw may be required to cut the flooring into pieces, whereas in others, the flooring may consist of tiles that can be removed. To remove the damaged flooring or tiles, use a pry bar. A hammer can be used in some cases to apply additional pressure and remove the flooring.


Remove The Adhesive 


When the flooring is removed, some adhesive is usually left behind. This adhesive must be completely removed for the new tiles to adhere properly. To accomplish this, a scraper must be used to scrape and remove any adhesive or residue. To make this done properly you need to know how to choose the best professional parquet flooring repair service in Singapore because they have enough experience and tools for doing this.


Prepare New Parquet Tiles 

Finding replacements for the damaged tiles is the next step. During the initial installation, there are frequently leftover tiles or flooring that can be utilized. Alternately, the customer can purchase replacements from a local store, though there may be color and shade variations. At least 24 hours should be allowed for the flooring to adapt in the room where it will be installed so that it does not expand or contract. New parquet tiles should be maintained by parquet polishing to prevent early damages and extend their lifespan.


Apply New Glue 


Use the glue or adhesive that the parquet flooring manufacturer says to use. Depending on the type of glue being used, a trowel should be used to spread it on the floor. Spread the glue out evenly on the floor to make it stick better. These tips for DIY parquet flooring repair may also guide you if you ever decide to do it on your own.


Install New Parquet Flooring


In some situations, the parquet flooring may need to be cut to fit the hole in the floor. Press the new piece of flooring onto the adhesive to makesure that it sticks well. A heavy object can also be put on the floor to help it stick better. Before using the new flooring, it is best to let it sit for a day or 36 hours to make sure it is set.You might also need to know about DIY parquet varnishing guide. It may help your parquet extend its lifespan.


Engage DW Floor Polishing For Quality Parquet Flooring Repair Services 

If you don’t have the time or skills to replace water-damaged flooring, it will be easier to hire DW Floor Polishing Singapore for parquet repair. Our professionals know how to fix all kinds of parquet floors and are well-equipped to do so. They will save time and work by replacing the water-damaged parquet floors quickly and effectively.



Water damage to parquet flooring that need a parquet repair is a common problem for homeowners. The best way to fix it is to replace the section of flooring that is damaged. DIY repairs and DIY parquet polishing tips are essential. However, you will have to take up the damaged parquet flooring, remove the glue, prepare new parquet tiles, apply new glue, and put down the new parquet flooring correctly. Homeowners can also hire professionals like DW Floor Polishing to fix their parquet floors to save time and make sure the repairs are done well.


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