A Step By Step Guide To DIY Vinyl Floor Cleaning

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Vinyl flooring is well-known for both its stylish appearance and its strong durability. However, like any type of flooring, such as marble and wood, it needs regular care to stay in perfect condition. Regular maintenance is helpful, but there are times when you have to do a vinyl floor cleaning to remove tough stains and deeply embedded dirt. In this guide, we will explain the steps to effectively clean your vinyl floors.


Gather Supplies and Start Preparing


Before you begin, ensure you have the necessary supplies on hand, such as a broom, vacuum, mop, vinyl floor cleaner, warm water, a soft-bristle brush, a bucket, and a microfiber mop pad. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for floor deep cleaning products that you can use. Lastly, clear the area by moving furniture and inspect the vinyl floor tiles for any loose or damaged ones that may need repair or replacement.


Sweep and Vacuum The Vinyl Floor

To perform a deep cleaning on your floor, commence by sweeping it with a broom or a soft-bristle brush to eliminate loose debris. After sweeping, thoroughly vacuum the entire area by using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to prevent scratching. Pay close attention to corners and hard-to-reach areas where dirt tends to accumulate. 


Mop The Vinyl Floor Using Vinyl Floor Cleaners 


When performing floor cleaning by yourself, make sure to use a microfiber mop, vinyl floor cleaner, and water to eliminate dirt, dust, and grime. Once you’ve removed surface dust, adhere to the manufacturer’s vinyl floor cleaner instructions and proceed to mop the floor. Begin by saturating your microfiber mop pad with diluted vinyl floor cleaner. After that, mop the floor in sections and allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes to effectively loosen stubborn spots. Next, employ a soft-bristled brush to thoroughly work the cleaner into the floor, effectively eliminating dirt and stains. Always remember to rinse the mop pad regularly prior to cleaning and polishing your vinyl floor to prevent the spread of dirt and filth.


Remove Stubborn Stains

Occasionally, persistent stains may remain on vinyl floors even after cleaning. To maintain the pristine appearance and functionality of your floor therefore, it is essential to know how to remove common stains from marble and vinyl floors. Start by applying a stain remover directly to the stained area, allowing it to sit for a few minutes, and then gently scrub the area with a soft brush until the stain is no longer visible. Alternatively, you can create a paste by mixing baking soda and water. Spread this paste over the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, lightly scrub the area, and rinse with clean water to ensure all traces of the paste are gone. 


Mop The Floor Once More

Mopping the floor once more is one of the important steps to address common vinyl floor issues. Before you proceed with this method, make sure to use fresh water and a new microfiber mop pad to clean the entire area. This step helps to remove any remaining cleaning solution and leaves your vinyl floor looking clean and tidy. Remember to change the water in the bucket regularly if it becomes discolored quickly.


Allow the Floor to Dry


Once you’ve finished mopping, avoid walking on the floor or moving furniture back in place until it has fully dried. One helpful tip for marble polishing, which also applies to vinyl floor cleaning, is to open windows or doors to promote natural airflow and reduce drying time. Do not attempt to expedite the drying process with fans or excessive heat, as it may cause the floor to warp or buckle.


Consider Professional Vinyl Floor Cleaning


In some situations, professional vinyl cleaning services may be the best option for vinyl flooring. If you are unable to achieve the desired results with DIY methods or have a larger space to clean, consider hiring a professional vinyl floor cleaning company. DW Floor Polishing Singapore offers specialized cleaning services to ensure your vinyl floor looks its best.


Contact DW Floor Polishing Singapore for Professional Vinyl Floor Cleaning Services

If you seek the expertise of professionals to tackle the deep cleaning of your vinyl floor, do not hesitate to contact DW Floor Polishing Singapore. Our team of skilled technicians is equipped with specialized tools and techniques to ensure a thorough cleaning of your vinyl floor. Furthermore, we offer maintenance services to preserve the pristine condition of your vinyl flooring.



Vinyl floors require consistent maintenance to preserve their beauty and performance. Thus, be sure to take note of the steps for vinyl floor deep cleaning to help restore the shine of your vinyl floors. Gather the necessary supplies, prepare the area, sweep and vacuum, wet mop, use vinyl floor cleaners appropriately, and tackle stubborn stains. Additionally, perform a second mopping to eliminate any remaining cleaning solution, and allow the floor to air dry completely. By following these steps, you can keep your vinyl floor looking stunning and clean for many years to come. If you require professional assistance, reach out to DW Floor Polishing Singapore to access their services and learn about their floor cleaning prices.


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