A Step By Step Guide To DIY Wood Floor Polishing

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Wooden floors have become increasingly popular among homeowners, as they can enhance the decor and increase the value of a home. However, like any other type of flooring, wooden floors can become stained and scratched over time. Fortunately, many homeowners are aware that wood polishing can restore the wooden floor to its former glory and make it look brand new again.

Some people prefer to undertake DIY projects at home for repairs and renovations to save money on professional floor polishing services and have better control over the work. With that in mind, detailed instructions for performing wood floor polishing yourself are provided below to help homeowners achieve this task:


Step 1: Sand Your Wood Floors


To sand a wooden floor, you will need to purchase or hire a suitable sander. First, clear all the furniture and other items from the floor and move them to another room. This is similar to what you would do when preparing for professional wood floor polishing. Next, clean the floor to remove all dust and debris using a vacuum cleaner or any other suitable tool. After this, fit a heavy grit sandpaper to the sander and sand the floor in the direction of the grain. Then, fix a lighter grit sandpaper to the sander and use it to remove any blemishes. Repeat this process until all scratches and stains are removed.


Step 2: Fill Any Gaps In Your Wood Floors

Gaps in wooden floors can adversely affect their appearance, and dust or debris can accumulate in these gaps. Therefore, the next step in DIY wood floor polishing or parquet floor polishing is to fill any gaps before polishing the floor. You can fill gaps smaller than 5 mm using wood dust or wood/resin filler, and larger gaps can be filled using acrylic filler of the same color. One tip for DIY wood floor polishing is to test the filler on a small area to ensure that the color matches the existing floor color.


Step 3: Stain Your Wood Floors


Staining is an optional step in polishing wooden floors since some people prefer the natural color of wood. Before staining, remove all sawdust, dust, and debris generated during sanding using a vacuum cleaner. Failing to do this is a common mistake to avoid during DIY wood floor polishing. Test the stain on a small, hidden area of the floor to check if it is the color you expected. If satisfied, apply the stain to the rest of the floor and allow it to dry.


Step 4: Apply The Varnish To Your Wood Floors


After the stain has dried, apply a polyurethane (PU) based varnish or finish using a roller brush. Water-based varnish is usually used by those who often varnish their wood floors since it dries faster in 4-5 hours, is safer, and dries clear. Be sure to apply at least three layers of this varnish. In some cases, oil-based varnish is used although its drying time can be more than 12 hours.


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Besides knowing the factors affecting the duration of wood floor polishing, it’s important to follow some simple steps. First, clear the floor of any furniture and debris, then sand the floor with a suitable sander in the direction of the grain. Afterward, fill any gaps in the wooden floor with the appropriate filler to ensure a smooth and uniform surface. Next, if you prefer a stained look, apply the stain to the entire floor and let it dry before moving on to the final step. Finally, apply a polyurethane-based varnish or finish using a roller brush to give your wooden floor a glossy and durable finish. 

In case you’re unable to perform wood floor polishing yourself, there are many benefits to hiring professional wood floor polishing services. At DW Floor Polishing, our skilled professionals use the best equipment and supplies to ensure your wooden floors look their best.


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