Common Mistakes Made During DIY Wood Floor Polishing

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You cannot get the warmth, beauty, and comfort that wood floors offer in any other type of flooring. For this reason, wood floors are the first choice for most people in Singapore.

When wood floors are first installed, they look immensely attractive and shiny. However, they can eventually start fading with time. They can also incur scratches and dents and lose their beauty. In order to restore their appearance, wood polishing will be necessary.

Most people in Singapore prefer to have floor polishing performed by a professional. That said, there are those who prefer to polish their wood or marble floors themselves. If you are considering DIY wood polishing, then you should take note of some common mistakes made during the process so that you do not end up damaging your precious wood floors.

Using The Wrong Equipment


Begin restoring your wood floors by sanding them. This helps remove the previous finish and also eliminates scratches and scuffs present on the surface.

Most people who conduct DIY parquet polishing or wood polishing end up using the wrong tools when sanding their wood floors. Therefore, if you are planning to do the sanding on your own, make sure to only use a drum sander which you can rent or buy from your nearest home improvement store.

Improper Application


Make sure that while wood polishing, you use your chosen products as directed from their instructions. Remember also to apply the polish evenly and let it dry fully before you add any more layers. This way, you will not have to worry about ruining or harming your wood floors with selected polish.

Drifting Wood Dust


Finishing off the present flooring after grinding layers of wood can create a very dusty environment. Thus, it is very important to remove these dust particles before wood polishing or parquet varnishing is performed. To remove every bit of wood dust, it is best that you use a vacuum suitable for wooden floors as well as damp dusting.

This step is very critical to the entire wood polishing process. Thus, if you experience any difficulty, do not hesitate to engage floor polishing services. They can prepare your wood floor for you as well as remove all signs of dust. Since they are equipped with the best polishing tools, they can also restore your floor accurately and efficiently. As a result, you will not have to wait too long before you can start using your beautiful and shiny wood floor yet again.

Using The Wrong Polishing Products


Not every type of finish or stain is suitable for the kind of wood floor you have at home. If you fail to choose the right varnish or polish for your floor, then it can cause discoloration, accelerated wear, and make your floor look unsightly. Therefore, it will be wise to search for a product that matches the exact type of wood floor you have.

If this step becomes confusing for you, feel free to hire floor polishing services so you can receive professional assistance.

Improper Edging


Using a drum sander can make it more difficult to reach the areas right next to the walls. This is why it is best to use an edger when polishing parquet floors or wood floors since it is actually meant to reach such tight spaces. That said, edging can be very exhausting and takes a lot of time. Many people who try to complete this task as fast as they can oftentimes do not get the most satisfactory results. In most cases, texture or color differences are easily noticeable around the edges of the room. Degradation also happens sometimes.

If you lack time, patience, and experience to properly complete the edging process then you should just let a floor polishing service provider like DW Floor Polishing Singapore handle the job. Our experts have experience in polishing wood floors in many homes in Singapore and each of our customers has been thoroughly satisfied with our work. We also use the latest equipment and solutions for fast and perfect results. Once you see the difference between DIY and professional wood polishing, you will not hesitate to always choose us for your future floor polishing works.


Just like marble polishing, wood polishing is not a job for everyone especially because it cannot be rushed and requires utmost patience. You will also need the right equipment that is most suitable for your wood floors. If you do not have the time and the energy to conduct DIY wood polishing therefore, the most ideal thing to do is to seek help from a floor polishing service. By doing this, you can ensure that you save time, energy, and money.

If you are looking to hire the best professionals to polish your wood floors, DW Floor Polishing Singapore is just a call away. By availing our floor polishing services, your wood floors will look as elegant as ever.

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