DIY Marble Polishing vs Professional Marble Floor Polishing Service – Which One Should I Choose?

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Flooring types such as parquet, hardwood, and marble may be found in many Singaporean homes. There is a strong agreement that installing any of these floorings in one’s home can help to increase its value and appearance. However, marble flooring will get scratched and dirty over time. Liquid spills not only damage the floor but also reduce the aesthetic value of a home. Scratches and stains on the floor can be removed by undergoing marble floor polishing. In light of this, many homeowners wonder if it’s more practical to follow the steps to DIY marble polishing themselves or to hire a professional floor polishing service.

Before attempting to follow the ultimate guide to DIY marble polishing, here are some important considerations you should make:


Size Of The Floor


The size of the marble floor to be polished is another factor to consider. A homeowner of a big house with marble floors may find it challenging to maintain the floors by himself after having them polished. Doing marble floor polishing by yourself might be more appealing in smaller houses because there is less surface area to clean. However, one benefit of engaging marble floor polishing services regularly is that he would have less to worry about in terms of maintenance. This is because the steps professionals take during marble polishing will make sure that marble floors look shiny and pristine for longer periods of time.




A common reason that homeowners do not engage a professional marble floor polisher is due to the cost.  Many people believe that it is more cost-effective to clean their own floors because professional floor polishing services are more expensive than usual. You could end up having to replace your marble flooring if you try to polish it yourself. However, do learn the advantages of hiring professional marble floor polishing before deciding to do DIY marble floor polishing. Additionally, you can also do prior research about how much marble floor polishing costs in order to weigh the opportunity costs.



Marble polishing is a challenging task because most homeowners lack the knowledge and experience to use the tools. Having the knowledge to use the right grit of sandpaper and the sander correctly is essential. A common mistake to avoid when doing DIY marble polishing is excessive polishing, which shortens the floor’s lifespan. After the floor has been polished, it is also important to seal it correctly. Since floor polishing is such a difficult job, it is recommended to let professionals do it.



The marble floor polishing process is a multi-step process that can take a long time to complete. Additionally, homeowners might not have the polishing tools and will need to rent the equipment from a local store. Since most Singaporeans have hectic schedules, they might not have time to polish the marble floors themselves. One benefit of engaging in professional floor polishing services is convenience. In order to avoid the hassle, it is best to hire professional marble floor polishing to do the process for you.


Why Should You Hire Professional Marble Floor Polishing?

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire professional floor polishing services to polish your marble floors:



The experts have polished the floors of several homes and businesses – giving them extensive knowledge and experience in the field. The best course of action for floor polishing can be determined once a thorough assessment of the flooring type and current condition has been made. As an additional precaution, make sure to contract with a legitimate business. These are just some of the common mistakes that may be avoided when hiring a floor polishing company.


Well-Equipped With The Right Tools 


Professional marble floor polishers have access to high-quality polishing equipment and other tools necessary for the job. The professionals can do the floor polishing work more quickly due to the equipment they have, and the result will also be a much higher quality polish. There are, however, some things you should look out for when choosing a floor polishing service. Before deciding on a marble floor polishing company, you can do some research by checking out their floor polishing projects and customer reviews.


Polishing Floors Efficiently In The Right Way 

Hiring floor polishing services are beneficial because they will apply the proper methods for marble floor polishing. This will not only make it look new again but also extend its shelf life. Professionals have the skills and knowledge to get the task done quickly and effectively with as little disruption as possible. Marble floor polishing service providers are experts in the field and may offer useful information, such as how often to do marble floor polishing for marble floors and how to maintain marble floors after completing marble polishing.



To polish the floors of your home, you have the choice of either doing it yourself or hiring a professional. You can use online resources to learn how to polish marble floors yourself. On the other hand, hiring a professional floor polishing service is recommended if you want good results. Contact DW Floor Polishing Singapore because they are knowledgeable on how to polish marble floors.


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