How Do I Maintain The Varnish On My Wood Floors?

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One of the reasons many homeowners go for wood floors is that they are resilient while also having lower maintenance costs compared to other types of flooring. However, to get the best out of your hardwood floor, you must be ready to do a few things to keep your floor in good condition. For instance, wood varnishing can significantly help maintain your wood’s natural beauty and integrity for a considerable amount of time while reaping the best value from your investment. Aside from varnishing, it is important to maintain your floors regularly through floor polishing services. Remember that the period of time it will take to resurface your hardwood floors is determined by various factors like exposure to potential damages. Besides, durable wood floors can withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear.

Here are several useful tips on how to preserve the varnish, natural shine, and structural integrity of your wood floors:


Use Floor Shielding Pads for Furniture and Other Heavy Appliances


It is imperative to note that heavy appliances and pieces of furniture are the main causes of scratches on well-varnished wooden floorboards. Common household appliances such as tables, sofas, and fridges can easily cause scratches on the wooden surface, and over time this can leave significant damages and may require wood polishing or parquet polishing. To prevent such damages from happening on your wooden floor, then it is very important to use floor protection pads on the base of the furniture and heavy appliances. The ideal pads should be made from rubber or soft cushioning material and should be replaced regularly since they weaken and wear out over time.


Always Clean Floors Thoroughly

Take enough time to properly mop and sweep your floors since this will prevent the buildup of unwanted dust and grit. Remember that grit is a major cause of scratches and gradual damage to wooden floorboards. Unlike marble polishing, wood polishing may be required more often especially when excessive dirt has accumulated in areas like the living room and hallways. To prevent spending more on wood polishing services, using rugs on these areas can add an extra layer of protection to your floors.


Trim the Nails of Your Pets Regularly


Do you own a pet in your home? Dogs and cats are amazing friends in a home, it is critical to understand that untrimmed nails increase the likelihood of scratches on your wood floors significantly. Wood floors are prone to scratches and untrimmed nails of pets can worsen the condition of your wood floors even with proper maintenance. In order to avoid often varnishing of wood floors, you should ensure the nails of your pets are trimmed properly to prevent unnecessary scratches. If your floors already have scratches on them, you can also engage with a professional floor polishing service to have your floors restored.


Sponge Spills Immediately

Spills are very dangerous on your wooden floorboards. Always ensure to clean any spills immediately using a clean piece of cloth/mop. Never use steam or wet mops since it will cause more damages to the floor surface over time. This is particularly true especially on parquet flooring because wood shrinks and swells depending on the air’s moisture level and the surface. Regular swelling and shrinkage can result in the formation of cracks on your floor. When this happens, you should avoid DIY floor polishing and ask for parquet varnishing from professional service providers in Singapore.


Vacuum Weekly


Note that vacuuming weekly helps maintain the recommended humidity levels for the type of wood used in making the floorboards. This will prevent splitting, cupping, and gapping of the timber. It is also important to hire floor polishing services regularly to make sure your floorboards are still in good condition. In Singapore, there is a variety of floor polishing services, so you should contact them first to ask if they can provide the service you need.


Sweep Daily

As mentioned, dust and grit are a major cause of scratches on the wooden floorings. Sweeping daily can help prevent grit and dust accumulation, especially around the areas in your house that receive high traffic, such as the hallways and in the living room. With time, the floor might start appearing dull even after cleaning and sweeping thoroughly. It will be time you apply the recommended wood varnishing to protect your floor from further damages and give it a stylish appearance. If you are not sure on how to apply varnish, you can hire a professional to do it for you. Before hiring, you should also check for their reviews and previous projects to avoid committing mistakes when hiring a floor polishing service provider.



It is imperative to maintain varnishing on wooden floors to extend the lifespan of the floors and keep it from getting unwanted stains and scratches. In Singapore, DW Floor Polishing offers varnishing services for homeowners and commercial places alike. You can also visit their websites and read articles on their previous projects and services.


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