How Do Marble Floor Polishing Services Use A Floor Polishing Machine?

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After being used for a few months or years, the marble flooring found in most homes will become dull and lost its shine. Therefore, homeowners will need marble polishing services to bring back the shine to the marble floor. A marble polishing machine will be used, along with other equipment and materials, by the floor polishing service contracted to polish the floor. 


It is crucial for homeowners to be aware about how the service provider is utilizing the polishing equipment. Different levels of grits for polishing pads are used depending on the state of the marble floor. Here is a discussion of how a marble floor polishing service uses a floor polishing machine. 




The initial installation of the marble floor may result in uneven tile placements. Lippage refers to the higher overlapping edges. One of the methods of marble polishing done by professionals is grinding. This helps to get rid of lippage and roughness. As a result, the floor becomes flat and uniform.  Deep dents and stains in the marble floor can also be eliminated through grinding. The grit of the diamond abrasive pads is lower during grinding because greater amounts of material are removed. To level the floor, 30 or 50 grit of grinding pads is often used. 

The polishing equipment needs to be used cautiously as the grinding speed may cause cracks in the marble floor. One of the advantages of hiring professional marble floor polishing services is that they know how to properly use these tools to deliver your desired result. 




Making the marble floor smooth and getting rid of the scratches is done by honing. Industrial diamond abrasive honing pads with a grit of 100 or 200 are typically utilized for this process. Additionally, honing will clean the marble of any stains, leveling the surface. In other circumstances, marble polishing may not be necessary after honing since the floor will shine.



The floor may often have holes, dents, and scrapes caused by shoes. Buffing is the process of eliminating scratches, scuff marks, and stains from a floor by employing abrasive buffing pads. The machine is usually used at a reduced speed for buffing. As part of marble restoration, a floor restorermay be used to fix the scratches and holes.



For polishing, the polishing machine is utilized along with diamond abrasive polishing pads with grit sizes of 400, 800, and 1500. To make the floor shine, the polishing machine removes a layer of coating from the top of the floor. One benefit of hiring professional floor polishing services is that they know how to handle the floor polisher safely because it operates at a high speed. To enhance the glossy finish of the marble floor, a polishing cream may occasionally be used. After polishing the floor, some dust is usually formed, which should be cleaned immediately by cleaning the floor with a damp mop.


Sealing Marble


Using a protective sealing is a helpful marble polishing tip. The marble floor requires sealing after the marble polishing process because marble is porous and will collect water. It is important to choose a sealer that is appropriate for the type of marble being utilized. Typically, an impregnating sealant that covers the pores in the marble is applied to prevent water from getting into the marble through the pores. 

A protective coating is also put on marble so that spilled liquids and stains stick to the coating. The liquids can then be easily removed by wiping or mopping. The protective coating should be frequently renewed because it will wear out faster if there is heavy foot activity on the marble surface.


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Professional marble floor polishers are trained and knowledgeable about the process of polishing your marble floors effectively. However, their knowledge and skills may not always be enough to make your floor the shiniest it can be. Equipment like floor polishing machines substantially makes the work less complicated. These machines not only make the work easier for the polisher, they also help to produce shinier and cleaner marble floors. 


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