How Long Does Parquet Polishing Take?

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Parquet floors make the home look luxurious. However, they are more likely to get scratches, lose their shine, and get affected by water damage. While parquet floor polishing will restore the gloss to the parquet floor, most homeowners would like to find out how much time the polishing will take so that they can plan accordingly. The time taken by businesses offering parquet polishing services for floor polishing will vary depending on different factors which are discussed in detail below. This can help you schedule the polishing accordingly.


Extent of Parquet Floor Damage 

One of the main factors which determine the time for polishing and also how much the parquet floor polishing will cost is the extent of the floor damage. If the parquet floor has been used for several years, it is likely to be damaged with missing or loose sections. This flooring will either squeak or make a noise when people walk on it. To determine whether you need parquet repair instead, the floor has to be inspected carefully to determine the extent of the damage, and the damaged section.


Amount of Cleaning and Polishing Required 


The extent of cleaning required will vary depending on the wear and tear, and whether the parquet floor is polished already. If there was no maintenance for several years, and there is a lot of dirt, this has to be cleaned properly before the polishing is done. In addition, the parquet floor has to be cleaned properly before the polishing is done. Regular parquet polishing is important because in some cases, hand scraping may be required. If some wooden sections are decayed, epoxy can help in hardening the section before refixing it. Sanding may be necessary in some cases. 


Weather and Room Size


When humidity levels are higher, it will take a longer time for the varnish or polish applied to dry. Likewise, during the rainy season when there is heavy rainfall, it will take more time for parquet varnishing and polishing to be completed. This is because several layers of the varnish are applied. Fans, aircon, and dehumidifiers can be used to make the floor dry faster. Usually, professional floor polishing services may complete the polishing of 1000-1500 square feet of the floor in a day, so if the room is larger in size, polishing the floor can take a longer time.


Parquet Varnish Used

Choosing the right varnish for parquet varnishing is important. Oil-based varnish has become increasingly popular since it is cheaper, more durable, and has a better finish as compared to water-based varnish. Oil-based varnish takes approximately 24 hours to dry, and darker shades will take 48 hours or more for drying. Therefore, more time is required for polishing if this varnish is used. In comparison, water-based varnish dries quickly in two to four hours. This means that parquet polishing can be completed in two days or less. Take note though that this coating is not very durable.


Efficiency of Professionals 

Experienced skilled professionals like DW Floor Polishing Singapore which has positive reviews and feedback are likely to be more efficient and will complete the polishing of your parquet floors more quickly.


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The time taken for parquet polishing will depend on various factors, including the extent of damage to the floor, the amount of cleaning and polishing required, the weather and room size, the type of parquet varnish used, and the efficiency of the people doing the job. Homeowners should consider these factors when scheduling parquet floor polishing. Among the reasons why you should have professional parquet polishing performed is that experts are more efficient and will complete the job more effectively. Ultimately, with proper planning and execution, homeowners can restore the shine and beauty of their parquet floors with a successful and timely polishing job. 

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