How Long Should My Polished Marble Floors Last?

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There will come a time when marble floors will eventually lose their glossiness. Even so, you can restore the gloss when you choose to have marble polishing services. If you recently had your marble flooring polished or are still planning to have it done, a question you might be thinking about is how long could the polished marble floors last. We are going to share a few factors to find out how long your marble floors will maintain their shiny appearance.

1. Cleaning Frequency


You cannot maintain its polished look if you only mop your marble floor once a day. It should be done twice every day. Sand and dirt that exists under your feet acts as an abrasive material on your floor. This can easily get rid of the shine. Thus, it is important to maintain and clean as frequently as possible.

2. Polishing Methods Used


Several marble polishing procedures can be followed as well as the application of barrier coatings, crystallization, grinding with diamond abrasives, and polishing using compounds and powders. The marble polishing procedures you choose will determine how long the results will last.

3. Traffic and Footwear

This will depend on what kind of footwear people use while walking over it, and can also help to conclude how long you are able to maintain the results of your marble floor polishing for.

4. Quality Of Cleaning Equipment Used

Another factor to decide is the quality of cleaning materials used. In this way, you can avoid investing in high-quality tools, which are costly and you will not know how to use them immediately. Hence, you can never achieve the kind of results that a professional can do.

If you seek the help of an expert like DW floor polishing Singapore, then we can guarantee that our experts will provide you with excellent polishing services that will last for a long period.

5. Polishing Compounds Used

There are different polishing compounds, some will polish quickly, some can burn easily, and others are safe to use. You need to know that when doing marble floor polishing, you can easily polish them quickly. Although if you do it in a quick manner, then you cannot achieve the proper shine. Additionally, the shine will not last for a long time.

6. Expertise Of Floor Polishing Professional


If you are planning to carry out the marble floor polishing on your own, you will not be satisfied with your work compared to what a professional can do. However, if you pick any professional, you will still have doubts if he can produce astonishing results.

For this reason, many people in Singapore hire the best professionals like DW floor polishing Singapore to do the task. You can be rest assured that each of our experts has to undergo careful training and only when they complete it, are they allowed to perform marble floor polishing work. This is to ensure we provide the best outcome for you.

Additionally, we offer our patience, dedication, utmost care, and the latest tools. This is the exact reason why we have loyal clients and will surely be appreciated by you as well.


The shine of the marble floors will eventually fade over time, and you might worry about not being able to bring back its shine and elegant appearance. We gave you some tips on how to maintain the polished look of your marble flooring. In case you need floor polishing services, you can call a reputable servicing company like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We provide excellent floor polishing services and you will definitely be in love with the results.

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