How Much Does It Cost To Do Floor Polishing In Singapore?

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Floor polishing gives any home a more modern appearance. The cost of floor polishing services depends on a number of variables much like other professional polishing services. By paying attention to them, you can more effectively control your spending while making sure that your floors are thoroughly maintained. Some of the elements that may influence floor polishing cost are as follows:


Factors Influencing The Cost of Marble Polishing

Type of Floor

One thing you should do before performing DIY marble polishing is determine the type of your flooring as well as its colours and tones before cleaning it. This also applies when it comes to professional floor polishing in general, especially if you have wood or parquet flooring. Check to see whether a service provider offers cleaning that is specific to the type of flooring you have. This will help you plan your budget better as the service provider can give you a more accurate quote. 

Temperature Levels


Temperature greatly affects how easy and fast floor polishing can be done. Floors should be cleaned at room temperature. If a property is too warm, air conditioning may be necessary to cool down the temperature. As is the case with parquet floor polishing, high temperatures in the house can make it harder to eliminate stains and other marks. Thus, you need to ensure that the temperature is cool enough regardless of which method of floor polishing your floor requires. Having your air conditioning on during the procedure could be helpful. 

Quality of Floor Polishing Cleaner 

One main benefit of hiring professional floor polishing service is the quality of cleaner they employ. This has an impact on the cost of the service as well. For instance, marble stain removal will be simpler if a high-quality cleaner is used. This in turn leads to less maintenance being required over time, which lowers the cost. On the flip side, it would take more time to clean a marble floor if a lower-quality cleaner is employed, so the cost of the service will be greater.

Present Condition of Floors


The most important factor that might affect the price of floor polishing service in Singapore is the current condition of the floor that has to be polished. For instance, a damaged and filthy marble floor may require more time to be polished due to the stains and other marks. When the floor is only slightly dirty and you wish to clean it on your own, you should follow a guide to DIY floor polishing using a floor polishing machine

Floor Smoothness 


You must inspect how smooth your floors are before hiring a professional floor polishing service. This will be useful in establishing the overall cost of maintenance as well as how long the floors need to be polished. When it comes to marble floor polishing, not checking the smoothness of the floor is one of the reasons why DIY marble polishing may not be effective for some homeowners. Before deciding to hire a professional floor polishing service, remember to do this first if you want to determine the cost and time duration of the polishing process. 

Heavy foot traffic causes rough floors to require more thorough polishing. They are also more expensive to service as a result. Smooth floors, on the other hand, require far less polishing because they are less dirty. This may also be a factor to consider when deciding how often you should hire floor polishing services so it is important to pay attention to this. 

Floor Size 


The size of the property that will be cleaned typically affects the cost of the cleaning service. Properties with only an area of less than a thousand square feet are often charged a fixed quote.  The rate will be higher if the floor area that will be cleaned is bigger. The cleaning company often charges per square foot for this case. 

The time it takes and the materials needed to polish the floor also affect how much the service will cost. Polishing companies will first measure the area that will be polished before charging a specific rate. In many cases, it is challenging to maintain marble floors after polishing. Luckily, professionals are knowledgeable about how to properly clean an area in relation to its size because they are fully equipped with the appropriate equipment and products. This is also one of the reasons why you should hire professional floor polishing services

Type of Cleaning and Polishing Needed 

You should look for any damages on your flooring while planning your budget. Professional floor polishing procedures will use more thorough cleaning and polishing methods if there are severe scratch marks or tough stains. In this case, you may need to spend more money than usual to restore the look of your flooring. For DW Floor Polishing Singapore, you may look through our list of floor polishing services to see which type of cleaning you may need for your floors. 

Time Needed For Polishing 

After you have decided whether you should DIY polish or hire a professional, you should still consider that floor polishing requires time to accomplish. This is necessary because the floors must first be carefully cleaned to eliminate any traces of dirt. Before the floor will finally be sealed, it has to be polished for a decent amount of time to restore its appearance. 

The length of time required will also depend on how much furniture you have. Remember that the process will not begin until all the furniture has been removed. Reputable companies will know how the process can be done efficiently. Just remember the things that you should look out for when choosing a floor polishing service and look through their reviews if you want the floor polishing process to be done quickly. 

Amount of Labor Required 

When it comes to floor polishing services, keep in mind that you do not only pay for the labour done. You also need to think about how many employees will be providing the service.  

It is a common misconception regarding floor polishing in Singapore that hiring only one expert would always result in lower costs. Note that there are several steps that professionals take during each marble polishing process which can be laborious. This is also the case with the other floor polishing services. Although the hourly rate is decreased, the cost may increase since the floors must be thoroughly polished for a longer period of time. Inversely, even if the hourly rate is greater, employing more experts will result in a lower overall cost since the work will be completed more quickly.

Other Considerations

  • While cleaning and repainting a room, some individuals also want the floors polished. As a result, you should consider the costs of cleaning and resealing your flooring when the polishing procedure is done.
  • Keep in mind that some estimations exclude taxes and are based on competitive prices.
  • Typically, labour expenses have a significant impact on how much it costs to polish floors. Equipment and cleaning products used also affect the price. 
  • We strongly advise replacing any damaged flooring because polishing would not bring back the shiny appearance of your floor. The long-term advantages of this will outweigh the additional cost.

We normally do not propose DIY floor polishing for the following reasons:

  • It will be beneficial if you have a sufficient amount of experience and training when it comes to the process of floor polishing. With this, we strongly advise contacting a floor polishing service provider if you are unfamiliar with the steps on how to DIY floor polishing using a floor polishing machine
  • You will need to buy or rent an electric polisher or grinder to polish floors, particularly marble flooring. There is no warranty offered for this kind of service, so if you have poor polish, you will need to spend much more.


Average Cost of Floor Polishing in Singapore 

A mistake you should avoid when hiring a floor polishing service provider is failing to request quotation. With that, you may refer to these estimates when planning your budget. Generally speaking, the costs are between $15 and $35 per square metre. However, as previously indicated, there are a number of factors that can drastically affect this cost.


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Contrary to popular belief, polishing floors is not very expensive. It will only get pricey if the flooring has severe damage. Keep in mind that the cost of floor polishing will vary depending on a number of things, such as the type of flooring you have installed, the temperature, the type of cleaner used, the state of your floors right now, and how smooth they are.

Additionally, think about the frequency and length of polishing, the kind of cleaning and polishing needed, the size of the floors, and the amount of labour needed. Contact DW Floor Polishing Singapore for assistance with all of your polishing needs. We provide high-quality and reasonably priced floor polishing services. 


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