How Much Does Marble Floor Polishing Cost?

Marble polishing provides any home or workplace with a more modern look. However, just like other floor polishing services, how much you need to spend on marble polishing depends on several factors. By taking note of them, you can manage your budget better whilst ensuring that your marble floors get properly restored. Some of the factors that affect the pricing for marble floor polishing include the following:

Factors Influencing The Cost of Marble Polishing


Type of Marble Flooring Installed

If you would like to install natural stone flooring in your home, there is a wide range of marble stones, colors, and tones that you can choose from. These are the following finishes that are commonly used for marble floors:

  • Aged marble
  • Grooved or bush hammered marble
  • Honed marble finish
  • Crystallized marble

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Similar to polishing parquet floors, how easy and quick it is to polish marble floors depends on current temperature levels. If the home temperature is beyond the normal limit, stains and defects may be much more difficult to remove. In order to save money on marble floor polishing, always see to it that the surrounding area is cool.

Quality of Cleaner Used

cleaning-marble-floor-marble polishing-floor-polishing-singapore

Cleaners used by floor polishing services also affects how much needs to be paid for polishing marble floors. If the cleaner applied is of high quality, it will be easier to eliminate stains and dirt on the floor. This in turn results in a shorter period of servicing and therefore a reduced price. However, if the cleaner used is of inferior quality, a higher price will need to be paid for polishing the marble floors since cleaning them will take much longer.

At DW Floor Polishing Singapore, we make sure that the cleaners we use are highly reliable and of high quality. By availing of our services therefore, you will only need to pay a low price to make your marble floors last longer.

Present Condition of Marble Floors

broken-marble-marble polishing-floor-polishing-singapore

Another factor that affects the price of marble floor polishing is the present condition of the floors. Even if marble is considered one of the strongest types of flooring, it will take much longer to polish if it incurs numerous stains and decays as a result of heavy foot traffic.

Smoothness of Marble Floors

Marble floors that are quite coarse need to be polished more frequently especially if incur numerous forms of dirt due to heavy traffic. For this reason, they are much more costly to service. In contrast, smooth marble floors are much cheaper to polish since they are not as prone to becoming dirty.

Before you call a professional marble floor polishing service, it is vital that you evaluate the smoothness of your marble floors in Singapore. This will help in evaluating how long the floors need to be polished as well as determining the total servicing costs.

Other Considerations


  • Some people choose to conduct DIY marble polishing as part of the cleaning and repainting process. Thus, it would be best if you considered the costs of cleaning your marble floors and resealing them after the polishing process is completed.
  • Remember that there are estimates that do not include taxes and are based on competitive prices.
  • Labor accounts usually have a large effect on the cost of marble polishing. Other factors affecting the price include equipment and cleaners used.
  • Oftentimes, it costs more to polish premium marble floors than ordinary marble flooring such as travertine.
  • If you have a broken marble floor, we highly recommend replacing it as polishing cannot restore its original appearance. Although this will be more expensive, it will benefit you more in the long term.

We generally do not recommend DIY marble floor polishing because of the following:

  • It will be wise if you have enough experience and advanced practical skills in doing marble floor polishing. If you are not familiar with the process, we highly suggest hiring a floor polishing service provider.
  • Just like wood polishing, marble floor polishing, will also entail you to purchase or rent an electric polisher or grinder. If you have a low-grade polish, you will need to pay even more as no warranty is provided for this kind of service.


Polishing marble floors are not as expensive as many people claim. In fact, it will only become expensive if the floors have incurred serious damages. Take note however that how much you need to pay for marble polishing will depend on several factors including the type of floors you have installed, temperature, quality of cleaner used, the present condition of your floors, and how smooth they are. Many miscellaneous factors affect the final polishing cost as well.

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