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How Much Does Parquet Floor Polishing Cost?

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Like all wooden floors, parquet flooring will become dirty and develop scratches over a period of time. Hence, periodic parquet floor polishing is required to ensure the floor is clean and looks like new. Polishing the wooden floor requires the user to purchase the right parquet floor polish and apply it on the floor. Doing so can be expensive and time-consuming. In some cases, homeowners may not even have the relevant experience to polish parquet floors. If they were to do it themselves, it may lead to unsatisfactory results. Hence, most homeowners and businesses prefer to outsource parquet polishing to a professional polishing company instead. As such, they would like to find out what affects the cost of parquet polishing so that they can budget accordingly.

Size of Office Or Home

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The cost of polishing parquet floor will depend on the size of the home or office where the floor is being polished. For smaller homes/offices with an area less than one thousand square feet, the floor polishing company will usually charge the customer a fixed rate. However, if the floor area being polished is larger, the polishing company will usually charge on a per square feet basis. The cost of polishing is also dependent on the time taken and the polishing materials needed to do so. Thus, polishing companies will first measure the offices as well as home areas that will be polished before quoting the final price.

Time Taken for Polishing Parquet Floors

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The process of polishing a parquet floor is very time-consuming. First, the floor is cleaned thoroughly to remove all the dirt. Then, the floor is polished using a suitable parquet polish, after which the floor is sealed to prevent scratches and other damages. The time taken for polishing will also depend on whether there is a lot of furniture on the floor that have to be moved aside. Once the furniture is cleared, the parquet polishing professionals will then start the polishing process. If the polishing is completed quickly, the polishing company will charge less, since the same staff can work on other projects. For larger or cluttered properties, the charges will be proportionately higher as more time is required to finish polishing the parquet floor.

Number of Professionals Required

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Another factor which determines the polishing rates is the number of staff provided by the polishing company to complete the project. The hourly rates tend to be lower if only one professional is assigned but the time taken to complete the floor polishing project will be longer. Hence, when the  floor polishing service provider quote an hourly rate, homeowners or businesses should always ask how many staff are the floor polishing company assigning for the parquet polishing project. They should be aware that even though the hourly rate will be higher if more staff are assigned, the overall cost might not be significantly higher as the project will be completed faster. Another benefit of engaging floor polishing services. Additionally, if you engage floor polishing services and the company assigns more staff, there will also be a shorter disruption period in business activities. Hence, when hiring a floor polishing service provider, homeowners and businesses should avoid making the mistake of assuming lesser staff means a lower overall cost.

Polishing Company Selected

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There are many companies offering parquet polishing services. They all differ in terms of the type of equipment and polishing materials used and reputation. As such, the more established polishing companies will typically charge a higher rate for each floor polishing project, since they tend to have premium customers, while newer polishing companies will quote a lower rate, since they do not have the reputation to justify charging a higher rate. Their customers also tend to be more economical in nature.


In conclusion, the cost of parquet floor polishing are largely determined by several factors including the size of offices or homes, the time taken for polishing parquet floors, how many professionals are required and the type of polishing company selected. Homeowners and businesses should also consider engaging DW Floor Polishing Singapore services if they require any floor polishing services.

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