How Much Does Wood Floor Polishing Cost in Singapore?

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All types of floors become stained with scratches after being used for a few years. One of the advantages of installing a wood floor is that wood polishing is very effective in restoring the glossy smooth finish for the floor. Homeowners who are interested in wood floor polishing would like to find out how much the floor polishing will cost so that they can plan their budget accordingly. Some of the main factors which affect the cost of wood polishing in Singapore are discussed to help you estimate your wood floor polishing expenses accordingly.


Present Condition of Wood Floor


One of the main factors determining the cost of floor polishing is the condition of the floor. Wood floors which are well maintained and have less damage will have a lower cost of polishing. If the wood floor has cupped boards, is warped due to water damage, has dents and stains, the damage will first have to be fixed before polishing. As with parquet floor polishing, this means the cost of polishing will be higher. Also, some types of timber used for wooden floors are very hard, so sanding and polishing these floors will take more time, increasing the cost.


Wood Floor Size


Although hiring professional wood floor polishing services has many benefits, remember that it’s common for service providers to charge based on the square footage of the area being polished. Keep in mind though that most providers also have a fixed minimum charge to cover the cost of visiting the customer’s premises to perform the work. As a result, polishing a smaller floor area will result in a higher cost per square foot, whereas the rate will be lower for larger floor sizes. When you have professional wood polishing performed, it’s advisable to polish all the floors during a single visit so you can avoid repeatedly paying for the minimum charge.


Wood Floor Layout

The shape of the room and its configuration don’t just affect how long wood floor polishing will take. Some areas with wood floors like stairs, built-in areas, cannot be reached using machines so they have to be sanded by hand, which will increase the cost. Usually, the time and cost of polishing large flat open wood floors are much lower.


Wood Floor Polishing Tools Used


In addition to the quality of the material used for polishing the floor, the polishing cost also varies depending on the tools used. If there is more damage to the floor, or a better quality finish is required, the contractor hired may use more sophisticated and expensive polishing tools and equipment, increasing the cost of floor polishing.


Type of Wood Varnish Used

There are a wide variety of varnishes and other materials used for finishing, and the user can select materials based on their budget, lifestyle, and reasons for engaging wood floor polishing services. Homeowners with a limited budget tend to opt for solvent-based materials and oil varnishes, though they may cause some discoloration, are softer and not very safe. For those who often varnish their wood floors it’s recommended to go for a top-end water-based varnish. Take note though that this will cost more.




When preparing for professional wood floor polishing, accessibility should be considered to better determine the wood floor polishing cost. If the wood floor is not easily accessible or is located at a high place, more time will be taken to transport the polishing equipment and supplies increasing the overall cost of polishing. Thus, there should be a road nearby so that the polishing supplies can be easily transported.


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Like marble polishing, the cost of professional wood floor polishing services can vary based on several factors. One of the main considerations is the condition of the floor, with well-maintained floors requiring less work and therefore costing less to polish. Additionally, the size of the floor plays a role, as larger floors tend to have a lower cost per square foot. The layout of the floor and its accessibility can also impact the cost, particularly if certain areas require manual sanding. Finally, the choice of varnish used when you hire professional floor polishing services can affect the overall cost, with high-quality water-based varnishes being more expensive. 

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