How Often Should I Do Marble Polishing for My Marble Floors?

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Home and other property owners in Singapore with marble flooring have invested a large amount of money, so they expect it to remain in good condition for a long time. Over time however, marble flooring loses its shine, starts showing dull patches, and the grout becomes dirty. You need not worry though as marble polishing can restore the lost shine. Since floor polishing services can be quite costly especially for larger areas, property owners should only hire these services when needed. Therefore, it is important to know how frequent the services of a floor polishing company should be hired. In reality, marble floor polishing services should be done only when it is required, and this depends on the actual condition of the marble flooring in the property.

We will look at some factors that determine the need for marble polishing:

Life of Polished Surfaces


The general rule of thumb is that marble flooring will remain in good condition for three to five years with proper floor maintenance. For proper maintenance, the flooring should be cleaned regularly. While the exact condition of the flooring in the property depends on a number of factors, it is important to understand how to maintain marble floors. As marble is a natural stone, it is important to avoid using strong chemicals. The use of strong chemicals may damage the marble and cause the condition of the polished surface to deteriorate rapidly.

Factors Which Affect Marble Polishing

Property owners should be aware that many factors affect the condition of the marble flooring, and how often they should get it polished.


  • Room Usage

Like wood polishing, many people hire marble polishing services to try and remove scratches and stains. The chances of having scratches or stains on the floors are much higher when more people are using the room. If only a few people or almost no one is using the room, the marble flooring is less likely to become dirty or develop scratches. It will remain in near perfect condition, so it will require polishing less often. In contrast, for commercial properties like shops with a large number of visitors, the flooring will develop scratches, and may have to be polished more frequently by professional floor polishing service providers in Singapore.


  • Type Of Stains On Marble


Ideally, the property owner should clean liquids that could stain marble immediately. If not, the liquid can seep through the porous marble making it hard to get rid of. Some people opt for DIY floor polishing however, it is not recommended. If the stain remains on the flooring for a longer time, it may be absorbed by the marble, and will be more difficult to remove. In some cases, floor polishing cannot remove all the stains as they may have seeped through the marble for long periods of time. Hence it is advisable to hire floor polishing services to inspect the flooring periodically to detect if there are any new stains, and get them removed at the earliest.


  • Type Of Marble

There are different types of marble flooring available. They differ in colour, pattern and softness of the marble. If the marble used in the flooring is soft, it is more likely to develop scratches, which adversely affect its appearance. Therefore, softer marble flooring will require more frequent polishing compared to harder marble grades. This is also one of the factors that floor polishing service providers consider before they decide on the steps during marble polishing.



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