How Often Should I Hire Floor Polishing Services?

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Property owners in Singapore install parquet, wood, marble, or other flooring for their house to improve its appearance, rental, and resale value. In order to maintain the condition of the flooring, it is important to opt for floor polishing services. Knowing when they need to hire a floor polishing service provider is important to avoid unnecessary spending. Whether it is wood polishing or marble polishing, knowing when to get a floor polishing service will help the property owner find the projected cost when hiring floor polishing services.

Some of the main factors which determine the frequency of the floor polishing required are discussed below:


Regain Lost Shine


When the flooring is newly installed it is well polished and shines, enhancing the appearance of the room where it is installed. After a period of time, due to friction and other factors, the glossy layer on the top of the flooring is lost. Dust, dirt, and other debris will also stick to the surface affecting the appearance. Usually newly installed flooring is sealed using a transparent layer, to prevent dirt from entering the wood or marble. Over time, this seal is lost making the floor look dirty and dull. Polishing the floor will help it regain the lost shine. Methods like wood varnishing and parquet varnishing can also be done.


Removes Stains, Scratches, And Marks

Floors usually look shabby and dirty because of scratches, stains and dirt marks that form over a period of time, especially if the flooring is used extensively. During the process of the floor polishing, the floor polishing service provider removes the top-most layer of the flooring. This usually removes the scratches and stains on the flooring. After the floor is restored to its original condition, it is then sealed applying a clear transparent protective layer so that it is not easily damaged due to the dirt, dust, and other similar pollutants. Just like in wood polishing, this is also one of the steps that professionals take during marble polishing.


Floors Will Last Longer


Another major advantage of engaging with a floor polishing services  is that the floor will last for a longer period of time compared to the unpolished floors. When the floor is initially installed or polished, it is sealed to protect the wood, parquet, or marble flooring. Over time, due to footwear, stones, hard objects, the protective layer is getting damaged, due to which the flooring material is exposed, and gets damaged more quickly. During floor polishing, after removing the stains, scratches, the flooring is again resealed to protect it from damage, so that it will not get exposed to dirt and it can also help in maintaining marble floors after the polishing.


Different Types Of Flooring


In Singapore, homes, offices, and other properties have different kinds of flooring to suit the budget of the property owner. However, the most popular types of flooring are:

  • Parquet

Experts recommend parquet polishing every 7-10 years.

  • Marble

Though the frequency of polishing varies depending on traffic, marble polishing should be done every 3 to 5 years.

  • Wood

Like parquet, wood polishing should also be done every 7 to 10 years depending on the condition of the flooring.


Frequency For Floor Polishing Varies

Though the guidelines for different materials are described above, floor polishing should be done, based on the actual condition of the floor. In some cases, where there is a lot of traffic or water damage, the flooring may get spoiled earlier, so it may be necessary to polish the floor more regularly. In rooms which are not used often, it is not necessary to regularly polish the floor. Although DIY polishing is possible, it is still best to choose a floor polishing service that can determine the frequency on when to polish your floors.


Inspect Flooring, Take Professional Advice

Since floor polishing is expensive, the property owner should carry out the polishing only if it is required. Hence it is advisable to inspect the existing flooring closely to check if there are any significant stains, scratches, which are visible from a distance. The property owner should also contact professionals specializing in floor polishing in Singapore. Some of these professionals also have their own websites where you can read reviews and articles about the services they offer and projects that they did for their customers.



Determining the time on when to hire a floor polishing service will save your floors from being dull and worn-out. Professionals like DW Floor Polishing has several years of experience in polishing flooring for a large number of properties in Singapore. They can inspect the flooring of the home, office or other property and recommend whether floor polishing or other method is recommended to restore the flooring. For queries and service quotations, you may also contact them from their website.


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