How Often Should I Varnish My Wood Floors?

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Many people prefer to install wooden flooring for their homes since it is comfortable to walk on and requires less maintenance. Wooden flooring also adds value to the house. Like all flooring, wood will develop scratches and stains after some years. Instead of replacing the flooring, which is very expensive, most experts will recommend wood varnishing to remove all the scratches on the floor and make it look better. Since hiring a floor polishing service provider is expensive and time consuming, it is important to find out how frequently they should polish their floor.

Here are some considerations a homeowner should take note of when deciding whether or not to varnish their wooden floors:


Floor Life


Homeowners should be aware that newly varnished wood floors can be used for at least 7-10 years with proper maintenance. Typically, the number of times wood polishing can be done depends on the thickness of the flooring. Usually most of the hardwood flooring available is approximately 1.9 cm thick and it can be polished four to six times. Every time the floor is polished, a thin layer of wood is removed from the floor, so if the flooring is thicker, it can be polished more often. Hence, thickness of flooring is also another important factor when deciding on a home’s floors. It can also serve as a guide for the homeowner to determine how often to hire a floor polishing services.



The actual frequency of polishing the flooring depends to a large extent on how well maintained the flooring is. If the flooring does not have scratches or stains, the home owner can seek for professional floor polishing service once in fifteen years if he wishes. Using rugs, especially in areas with a lot of traffic like the entrance to the house, will also reduce the wear and possible damage to the flooring. Using pads for floor protection, especially when heavy appliances are placed, will reduce the damage caused. Cleaning and wiping the floors will also keep the flooring in good condition and can help to maintain the varnish on the wood floors.

Other Considerations

Partial Damage


In some cases, only a section of the wood flooring is having scratches or stains. In this case, it is not necessary for the entire floor to have wood or parquet polishing. Aside from being expensive, polishing also reduces the life of the flooring. Sanding the affected area of the wood and then applying wood or parquet varnish can restore the damaged area of the floor as well as provide a layer of protection. This method is also inexpensive.

Water Damage

In some cases, wood flooring can also show signs of water damage. Usually, these sections of the flooring can be found near the bathroom, kitchen, basement, or other areas with water leakage. The flooring may develop cracks or get warped. In this case, it is advisable to identify the cause of the water damage and fix it, before choosing a floor polishing service as in some cases, it can be done or just replacing the damaged area entirely. In issues like this, it is also advisable to avoid DIY floor polishing because it may cause further damage to the flooring.

Contact A Professional


Contacting a floor polishing service provider, specialising in polishing floors, can help in deciding the best solution to water damage and other similar problems. They will inspect the wooden flooring to determine the extent of the damage, and then decide the best way to restore the flooring at the lowest cost possible. While the frequency of floor polishing depends on various factors, flooring experts have noticed that most property owners in Singapore are getting their floors polished, at least once in ten years. In choosing a service provider, the homeowner should check for the provider’s background through reviews and articles to make sure that the one to be hired is a professional.



Knowing when to varnish the wooden floors can help a homeowner save money and time on floor polishing. Applying varnish is an inexpensive way to preserve the floors while also giving it the shine that it deserves. DW Floor Polishing Singapore is an expert when it comes to varnishing floors. Homeowners can also visit their website to see their previous projects.


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