How Often Should You Have Parquet Floor Polishing Done?

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In the last few decades, a larger number of Singapore homeowners are opting to install parquet flooring in their homes. This is because it is more reasonably priced now and enhances the appearance of the room. They realize that over time, their parquet floor will become dirty, and lose its lustre especially if there is more foot traffic. Many are also aware that parquet floor polishing can make the floor look like new. Since many people are living in homes with parquet floors for the first time, they would like to find out how often parquet polishing should be done.


How Many Times Can A Parquet Floor Polishing Be Done?

The procedure and how much the parquet floor polishing will cost varies depending on the condition of the floor. If only the top varnish is worn out or damaged, a floor polishing service should be engaged several times a year. This entails cleaning the floor and applying one or more new layers of varnish. In case the floor has to be refinished because of deep scratches and stains, sanding will be necessary. During sanding, a thin layer from the top of the floor surface will have to be removed. Since the parquet floor is an engineered wood, it has a thinner top layer compared to hardwood flooring.

If refinishing is required for polishing the parquet floor, it can be only done once or twice for most parquet floors before the parquet floor has to be replaced. It is advisable to check the specifications of the parquet floor, especially the thickness of the top layer, before sanding it using a drum sander. In line with this, it is recommended to hire a professional instead of performing DIY floor polishing as they can correctly figure out the best solution for your parquet floors.


How Frequently Should You Have A Parquet Floor Polishing Performed?

The condition of a parquet floor depends on a large number of factors like foot traffic, exposure to sunlight, quality of the floor, humidity levels, and age. These said factors are also synonymous in determining whether you need parquet repair. The recommended frequency of polishing the parquet floor varies depending on the condition of the floor. If the floor is installed in a place with less foot traffic and is well maintained, it may remain in good condition for ten or more years and may not require floor polishing. In comparison, floors which exposed to sunlight or have more foot traffic are likely to get dirty and damaged more quickly and will require you to have the floor polished every 5-6 years.

If the parquet floor is covered with a carpet or rug to protect it, the damage to the floor will be less and it will have to be polished less frequently. Refinishing the parquet floor should only be done when necessary particularly if it has a thin top layer and if you don’t know how to choose the right varnish for the parquet. This is because it can considerably decrease the floor’s lifespan.


Factors That Can Affect The Frequency of Parquet Floor Polishing

Like other maintenance activities for home appliances, the time period after which you need to call a professional to polish the floor will vary depending on how many people walk on the floor and how carefully it is used. Some of the main factors which affect the frequency of floor polishing are discussed below.

Deep Scratches and Marks


A common parquet flooring issue that requires parquet flooring repair is deep scratches or marks. Though some people confuse scratches with the distressed look of flooring, people be aware that the distressed look is intentional and that the protective sealant is not affected. The scratches are formed when some hard furniture or other item is moved across the floor, and the depth of the scratch varies depending on the pressure applied and other factors. 

In addition to adversely affecting the appearance of the floor, deep scratches indicate that the protective sealant for the floor is damaged. This allows water to get absorbed by the floor, causing warping and water damage. If a large number of holes and deep scratches are noticed, it is advisable to hire a professional floor polishing service to refinish the floor immediately.



Some areas of the floor may be directly exposed to harsh sunlight, especially if the windows are kept open. The radiation in the sunlight can cause discolouration or bleach in some sections of the floor, adversely affecting its appearance. While this may not be a major problem, some people may consider staining and conducting floor polishing because of it. However, if some sections of the floor are becoming grey in colour, it is an indication of water damage. Although you can follow a DIY guide to repair water-damaged parquet flooring, it is advisable to refinish your floor at the earliest to prevent the damage from spreading.

Dull Looking Finish 


Parquet floors have different kinds of finishes like glossy, semi-glossy, satin, matte, or brushed depending on the personal preferences of the homeowner. After the floor is used for a longer period of time, the finish may wear off due to friction, especially in high-traffic areas like the doorway or below the chairs which are moved frequently. The floor does not look uniform so it is advisable to conduct parquet varnishing to restore the original finish.

Water Damage


It is crucial to maintain a protective coating on wooden parquet floors to prevent water damage, which can cause warping and splintering. The protective varnish applied during polishing can become damaged over time, leading to water absorption by the parquet floor. Detecting water damage early on and addressing it promptly is essential. You should have professional parquet polishing performed to restore the protective layer and prevent further water damage. You can also opt for a parquet repair if the water damage situation is already dire. Parquet repair can offer several benefits, including enhancing the appearance of the floor, increasing its lifespan, and improving indoor air quality.


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In recent years, parquet flooring has become increasingly popular in Singapore due to its affordability and aesthetic appeal. However, homeowners must understand that regular parquet polishing is important to preserve the lustre and appearance of the parquet floor. Parquet floor polishing frequency depends on factors such as foot traffic, exposure to sunlight, quality of the floor, humidity levels, age, and more. By understanding these factors and taking appropriate measures, you can ensure your parquet floors remain in excellent condition for years to come.

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