How to Choose the Right Varnish for Parquet Varnishing

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Like marble floors, parquet floors can quickly develop scratches, stains, and dirt if they do not have a protective coating. Eliminating these by replacing the flooring can be time-consuming and expensive. Thus, it is best to perform parquet varnishing on them instead so you can prolong their lifespan.

As is the case for wood varnishing, using the wrong varnish for parquet varnishing can cause it to easily wear off. For this reason, it is important to choose the right varnish when purchasing from your nearest hardware store. Some of considerations you should take note of when choosing the right parquet varnish include the following:

Final Appearance


Besides wood varnishes, Most hardware stores have various types of parquet varnishes available for purchase. Which one you should choose will depend on the finish you are trying to achieve. Fortunately, most varnishes indicate the specific finish they produce. If you want to achieve a glossy coating for your floors, you may want to select an oil-based parquet polish and varnish. In case you want your floors to be unreflective however, then buying a matte polish and varnish may be a much better choice.



When choosing a varnish for your home, consider the traffic or number of footfalls that will be made on your flooring. In some areas such as the main entrance or staircase for instance, the use of standard parquet or wood varnish may not be ideal since it can easily get worn. Thus, many floor polishing service providers recommend using a high-quality varnish suitable for the areas of your home which are frequently traversed. If required, you can apply the varnish twice or thrice to form a thicker protective layer on your wooden floors.



In most homes, accidental spills are a common occurrence. Nevertheless, you should remember that both wood floors and parquet floors can rot more easily if they remain wet for an extended period of time. For this reason, it is important to choose a varnish which will protect your parquet floors from moisture. Once you apply this type of varnish, your floors will have a waterproof protective layer which will prevent any permanent damage as a result of accidental spills.


Varnishes are priced differently based on their composition and quality. Normally, higher-quality varnishes for parquet and marble floors will be more expensive since they usually contain more chemicals to ensure durability and water-resistance. However, there are also more affordable varnishes that will guarantee that your parquet floors remain spotless and damage free. These varnishes are highly ideal if you want to manage your budget whilst also maintaining your floors’ appearance.



Although parquet vanishing is not considered a complicated task, many are unable to reap its benefits due to selecting the wrong varnish. In order for you to purchase the right one, be sure to consider how you want your floors’ final appearance to be. You should also see to it that it is water-resistant and can fit your budget. Do not also forget to take note of how much traffic your floors’ get so you know how much varnish to buy. In case you still have doubts about buying the right varnish, you can always contact DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We provide high-quality parquet varnishing services that will ensure your floors are protected against dirt, stains, and damage.


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