How to Maintain Marble Floors After Completing Marble Polishing

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Marble is a metamorphic rock that can achieve a high level of natural shine through an abrasion polishing process, that is, without waxes or chemical components. However, just like any type of flooring, it is also subject to wear and tear and might need floor polishing services from time to time.

These are some tips on how to maintain your marble floors after polishing:

Clean the Marble Floors


Like wood polishing, marble polishing requires post-polishing maintenance to keep the floors’ shine and beauty. These steps are usually done to clean the floors after marble polishing services:

  • Remove dirt and dust with a broom or dry mop at least once a day to prevent dirt buildup. Also, clean the dust mop after each use to avoid using a dirty mop the next time.
  • In high traffic areas or entry points, use rugs and carpets. These can help eliminate the dirt that can stick to your marble floors. Whether it is wood or marble floors, make it a rule to wipe your feet before stepping on any polished floors.
  • Wipe up spills quickly. Marble is porous and if given time, spills can seep through and stain the floor. Mop marble floors with a mild soap because strong soaps may damage the marble. Rinse the surface with clean water before drying them using a clean, dry cloth. When drying, avoid rubbing in circular motions because it may scratch the marble. This is also one of the steps that professionals take during marble polishing.
  • To remove stubborn stains, you can use a cleaning poultice with the consistency of talcum powder or white chalk and water. Wet the stained area and apply the poultice. Have a bucket of water and a sponge handy, so you can wet the cape and gently remove it.
  • You can also avoid stains and not have to frequently polish the marble, protecting its porous surface by carrying out treatment with marble wax or wax.
  • Consider occasionally hiring floor polishing service provider to help you maintain your polished floors. They can even help you regain its natural shine.


Things To Take Note For Marble Floors


The marble floors are a luxury. Maintaining the floor polishing of the marble floors is vital to preserving this sensitive surface. Here are some ways to avoid substantial damage

  • Avoid using vacuum cleaners with plastic or metal accessories. Sharp edges and wheels on a vacuum can scratch the surface of the marble. This is also the reason why vacuuming upright should be avoided. It is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner with rubber wheels to avoid damaging the marble floors. If you are not sure which vacuum to use, you can consult a professional and you should avoid DIY polishing to avoid damaging the marble floors further.
  • Blot spills instead of rubbing them with cloth. Spills are inevitable, but especially on marble, it can cause stains and marks that can be hard to remove. If liquid is spilled on the surface, blot it quickly with a soft cloth and do not let the liquid spread to other areas. Once dry, rinse the area with mild dish soap and water before drying it again with a clean, dry cloth. By simply following this marble polishing process, you can save your floors from irreversible damage.
  • Opt for marble polishing when floors start to get dull. In Singapore there are service providers that can do the polishing for you. Engaging with professional floor polishing services will not only save you time, but your floors can also be restored to its original shine using the techniques and equipment that the service providers use.
  • Avoid using cleaning products such as spray cleaners or limescale cleaners. These tend to deteriorate its appearance due to its composition of chemicals that penetrate the stone and stain it, progressively deteriorating its initial shine.




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