Marble Floor Polishing Services: How Often Should You Engage Them?

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Did you know that marble flooring is one of the popular flooring options among homeowners in Singapore? No matter how old your home is, always remember that the state of your floors can affect the value of your home. Therefore, it is important to maintain their appearance. You can do this by regularly polishing your marble floors. However, some homeowners lack the time, knowledge and skills to perform this. 

In that case, you can simply engage professional floor polishing services to polish your marble floors. If you are unsure about when you should engage a professional for marble floor polishing and the frequency, be sure to take note of the following:


Elimination of Scratches, Stains, and Marks


Marble floors tend to look unsightly because of the scratches, stains, and dirt that they incur over a period of time. These marks can be more severe if the marble flooring is used frequently. Therefore, you should engage marble floor polishing services to clean them immediately. Among the steps professionals take during marble polishing is the removal of the top-most layer of the floors to eliminate visible stains and scratches. After that, the floors will be cleaned using a clear transparent layer so that they don’t become damaged easily.


Restore Old Shine


Newly installed marble floors tend to be extremely shiny. Over time, this shine can be lost due to factors such as friction and accumulation of dirt, dust, and other debris. This applies even if the floors were sealed using a transparent layer so that dirt doesn’t penetrate the floors. The reason for this is that the sealant eventually fades. Thus, if your marble floors look dull and dirty, it’s a sign that you require marble polishing.


Foot Traffic

One easy way of determining how often you should engage marble floor polishing services is by the amount of foot traffic inside your home. Normally, polishing of marble floors is done every 3 to 5 years. However, you may want to engage a professional much more often if your marble floors are stepped on frequently. This is common in a home with lots of family members or visitors.


Longer Lasting Floors

Some homeowners don’t have their floors polished thinking that any method of marble floor polishing won’t be effective. Take note that the longer you leave your marble floors uncleaned, the harder it will be to remove the dirt they have incurred. Numerous stains that are left untreated over time could also become difficult to clean. When these occur, replacing parts of the marble floor might be necessary as it would be difficult to restore its appearance. One benefit of regularly engaging marble floor polishing services is they will last much longer.


Present Condition of Marble Floors


Even if your marble floors have not been scratched, stained, or filled with dirt, it’s still vital to observe its present condition. One reason why your marble floors require regular polishing is their condition can have a negative impact on the appearance of your home. Marble floors that look extremely unsightly or dull can make the home highly unattractive as well. Thus, you can follow a guide to DIY marble polishing or call a professional as soon as you can if your marble floors look extremely dull or discolored. 


Upon Inspection and Professional Advice

If you remain unsure about when your marble floors should be polished, you should still contact a professional. They can carefully inspect your marble floors and advise you on when you should hire professional floor polishing services. By seeking their help, you’ll be able to plan your budget in advance and be more certain of when your marble floors are likely to be polished. If you are unsure which professional to contact, it is recommended to look at their reviews by their customers before making your decision.


Engage DW Floor Polishing For Quality Marble Floor Polishing Services 

At DW Floor Polishing, we have highly experienced professionals who can guide you on the marble polishing process and how often you should have marble polishing done. Not only that, they can thoroughly polish your marble floors themselves so it is free of dirt, stains, and scratches. This in turn will enhance the appearance of your home. You can refer to the floor polishing projects we have done before.



Some homeowners know the advantages of hiring a professional for marble floor polishing but don’t know how often they should hire them. If you’re one of them, keeping some factors in mind could help you significantly. You should engage marble floor polishing services if you need to restore the lost shine of your marble floors. Hiring a professional is also necessary if there are scratches, stains, and marks on your marble floors that need to be eliminated. It’s also best to have marble polishing done soon if you want your marble floors to last longer and they are not in good condition. Lastly, one of the best ways to know when to have your marble floors polished is to simply call a professional to do an inspection and give you professional advice. 


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