Mistakes to Avoid When Doing DIY Marble Polishing

Marble floors are highly popular among many homeowners due to their unique characteristics. These come in many different colors and designs and can also be matched with any interior.

Gradually, marble floors may become dull-looking and start losing its shine without proper maintenance. However, you can prevent these from taking place by having marble floor polishing done regularly.

Though many people prefer to have their marble floors polished by a professional marble polishing service, there are those who prefer to do this task independently. If you are among them and want to get the best results, then it is important that you avoid the common mistakes made during DIY marble floor polishing. Some of these include the following:

1. Polishing Before Stains Are Removed


Never begin the marble polishing process without eliminating the stains on your floor. Otherwise, you might end up making them much more evident considering the porous nature of marble. Make sure to use a high-quality stain removal solution so you can ensure that all stains are thoroughly removed. By doing this, you can ensure that your floor remains durable.

2. Removing Spills And Stains With A Mop


When removing spills and stains from your marble floor, it is always best that you do not make use of a drenched mop. Chances are that the water from the mop may become deeply embedded in the floor. Instead, you should use a high-quality stain removal solution or deionised water since this is less likely to cause any damage.

3. Using Water As A Polishing Agent


Keep in mind that marble is porous. This means that it will absorb any water it collects. When a marble floor accumulates too much water, it can end up having an extremely unattractive appearance. Thus, it is important to make use of the proper cleaning solutions when doing marble polishing.The solvents you use must not be too acidic and neither too basic or else they will cause your marble floor to corrode. Furthermore, the solvent that you use should make your floor look gleaming and appealing without seeping through it.

In case you experience difficulty determining what solvents you should use, seek assistance from a professional floor polishing service like DW Floor Polishing Singapore.

4. Polishing The Floors Without Checking Their Quality

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Marble floors come in two groups namely natural and cultured. Before you start polishing your marble floors, you should be aware of what group that your marble floor belongs to so as to prevent any damage.

If your floor is made of natural marble, you must not apply excessive pressure while polishing it. Otherwise, it can break. In case you have cultured marble, however, then you should be able to add a bit more pressure since it comes with a wire mesh at its back which will prevent it from easily breaking.

5. Using Homemade Remedies


Some people have the impression that a marble floor can be cleaned using any homemade solution. Take note however that some of these solutions, such as vinegar or ammonia, are unsuitable for both marble and wood floors since they contain high amounts of acid. In fact, they are extremely likely to cause corrosion which can permanently damage your marble floors. It is, therefore, best that you make use of a commercially-approved cleaning solution so you can protect your floors from any form of damage.

6. Not Sealing Your Floors


Lastly, do not forget to seal your marble floor after polishing it. Otherwise, it can easily incur blemishes and become damaged. Sealing your marble floor is essential as it increases its durability whilst also limiting the amount of stains and damage it can receive. Furthermore, it ensures that the floor is easy to clean and has a decent appearance.

Finding the correct sealant to use can be quite tricky. If you are unsure about what sealant to use,  do not hesitate to contact a professional floor polishing service like DW Floor Polishing Singapore to seal your marble floors for you. We will first check the kind of marble floor installed in your home or workspace and then decide what sealant will prove to be the best. We shall also let you know the right time to opt for another sealing procedure. This will guarantee that your floors last a long time and are properly cleaned.



Avoiding the common mistakes made during DIY marble floor polishing will help you avoid any expensive repairs. First, avoid polishing your marble floor before the stains are removed to prevent them from being more evident. You should also avoid using a mop and water to clean your floors so that they do not end up looking unattractive. Be sure to also check the quality of your floors before polishing them and avoid using homemade remedies which could damage them heavily. Lastly, do not forget to use sealant to ensure that your floor remains durable.

In case you have doubts about polishing your marble floors yourself, simply call DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We have an experienced team of professionals who can ensure that your marble floors are durable and spotless. Contact us to find out more about our floor polishing services.

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