Myths and Facts About Marble Polishing in Singapore

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There are several myths about marble polishing that have spread in Singapore due to smear campaigns by the synthetic materials industry and a lack of information. It is ideal that you are aware of these marble polishing myths as well as some facts if you are planning to purchase marble floors for your home.

DW Floor Polishing Singapore can do numerous types of floor polishing services. With our long years of experience in restoring marble floors, we can ensure that you will have the perfect floor in no time. If you want to know more, just continue reading this article.



It Is Ineffective Without Sealing

Marble floor polishing will be useless if the marble is not sealed. Although it is true that sealing prevents stains, it is not always required. The truth about sealing is that it only needs to be on absorbent surfaces. To verify this, leave a small amount of water on your marble floor and clean it after 10 minutes. If the stain remains, then your stone is absorbent and requires sealing.

It Is Not Needed for Recently Installed Marble Floors


Natural stones such as limestone and marble, regardless of their installation time, quickly react to acids, alcohol, or ammonia. When acidic liquids are spilled on such floors (even if they are newly installed), they will need to be polished again.

Remember that soft marble floors need more maintenance. In fact, those in commercial establishments often require monthly, quarterly, or yearly maintenance. In order to prevent damage on your marble floors, you can seek help from professional floor polishing services like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We have trained professionals who can perform any floor polishing services you need in no time.

All Marble Floor Types Have Equal Polishing Intervals


This is not entirely correct as numerous marble floors have different levels of resistance against wear and tear as well as varying periods of maintenance. For instance, cultured marble is more durable than natural marble. Thus, it needs to be polished at fewer intervals. On the other hand, some low-quality white marble floors are not as durable and need to be polished more frequently.

If you think your marble tiles need to undergo professional floor polishing services, contact DW Floor Polishing Singapore today to set an appointment for the services you require.


It Can Eliminate Buildup Resulting from Other Treatments


Many customers choose not to hire a floor polishing service provider because they think that the buildup on their marble floors is permanent. In fact, it is actually possible to get rid of this damage which is often caused by companies and inexperienced individuals failing to handle the floor polishing work properly.

If you notice buildup on your marble floors, it is not advisable to try to remove them yourself. You should also avoid hiring marble floor polishing services that are not known to be credible. Instead, contact a reputable floor polishing service like DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We can quickly eliminate any buildup you have on your marble floors.

It Can Restore The Original Gloss of Your Floors


If you desire to have that original glossy marble finish, floor polishing services can restore the original gloss to your floors. They can suggest the level of shine you want as well as inform you on the various advantages and disadvantages of various treatments.

It Can Make Your Whole Room Shine


Any professional floor polishing service such as DW Floor Polishing Singapore will tell you that polishing your marble floors can enhance your room in many ways. Besides making the entire space look wider, it also provides it with a cleaner appearance and makes it look more exquisite.

If your goal is to make your entire room shine, engage our marble floor polishing services today.



If you want to prevent damage to your marble floors, you should know the different myths and facts about marble floor polishing. By doing so, you will be encouraged to hire floor polishing services with much expertise and experience in polishing marble floors. For best results, seek help from DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We can fulfill whatever flooring needs you have by providing professional floor polishing services at affordable prices.


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