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Reasons Why You Should Engage Professional Wood Polishing Services

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An increasing number of homeowners in Singapore prefer to install hardwood floor in their homes since it greatly enhances the appearance and value of their homes. They are also more comfortable and requires less maintenance compared to other types of flooring. However, after a period of time, the wood will be scratched and dirty. Hence, property owners might be interested in finding out whether they should do floor polishing themselves or hire professionals. Here are some information about and wood floor polishing in Singapore.

A Shiny Wooden Floor May Not Be A Clean Floor


Many people have the misconception that a shiny floor signifies a clean floor because they do not understand the reason it is so. The floor will shine when light is reflected on any floor surface that is smooth. These floor surfaces can be smooth because oil, soap, or other liquid has been spilled on them. Thus, just because the floor is smooth, it does not mean that it is not dirty. Oftentimes, thoroughly cleaned and maintained wooden floors are free from all dirt and grime, have scratches, and appear dull as light is scattered around them. You should examine the floor closely to check if it is clean. Homeowners might also want to consider varnishing their wooden floors to prevent and minimise scratches.

Cleaning Wooden Floors Using Water Is Not Advisable


While some types of dirt may dissolve in water, homeowners should be aware that oils and other types of grime on wooden floors will not be removed by merely cleaning it with water. Additionally, if the wooden floor has scratches or holes, water will get absorbed into the floor, causing it to swell. Like marble floors, such water absorption can damage the floor and reduce its lifespan, making frequent marble and parquet polishing extremely important. Hence, in addition to polishing wood regularly, it is also advisable to use a good quality detergent that is effective on grime and oils. This helps to clean the floor completely.

Vinegar Should Not Be Used for Cleaning Wooden Floors


Even though vinegar was used with soap to clean the floor a few decades ago and was deemed effective, it should not be used at the present. This is because soaps in the olden days were extremely alkalic and required the acidity of vinegar to neutralise it. However, in present days, high-quality detergents and floor cleaners are readily available. As such, vinegar should no longer be used especially since its acidity might damage the wooden floors and reduce its lifespan. Hence, homeowners should use the right cleaning substances  or even follow guides such as how to DIY parquet polishing to maintain the condition of their wooden floors instead.

Oil Soap Should Not Be Used

For centuries, wooden floors were sealed with wax, which allowed moisture to escape. When oil soaps were used to replenish the floors, they only added to the oils that were lost. However, in recent years, almost all wood flooring has a polyurethane (PU) coating. PU coating is a type of hard coating that does not allow oils and moisture in the wood to escape. Thus, it is not advisable to use oil soaps since the oil in such soaps will not penetrate the PU coating. Furthermore, the oil will only make the floor slippery, making people more susceptible to accidents. Hence, homeowners should consider engaging professional floor polishing services instead.

Hiring Professionals Gives The Best Results


If homeowners are not aware of the best cleaning techniques and chemicals available, it is advisable to hire floor polishing service providers to give themselves peace of mind knowing their wooden floor is properly taken care of.


In conclusion, even though wood floorings require less maintenance compared to other types of floorings, it is still important to ensure they are properly and regularly polished to preserve their lifespan, overall condition, and appearance. After reading this article, if homeowners find themselves using the wrong cleaning practices, it might be better for them to hire a floor polishing service provider.

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