Reasons Why Your Marble Floors Require Regular Polishing

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Marble floors have an attractive look, which is why most people in Singapore choose this type of stone for their home. However, your marble floors will gradually form yellow tones and look dull and unattractive. Despite so, you need not worry as you can restore the lost shine and beauty of your floors by choosing marble floor polishing. Most people in Singapore choose regular marble floor polishing services and we are going to share some reasons why this is important.



Marble has an absorbent composition and thus it can easily get stained. Just like any other stones, marble too has small pores on its surface through which liquids can easily enter.

If you have a tumbled and honed marble finish, then there are higher chances of leakages. This is due to such surfaces that are even more absorbent compared to those that have a high-quality polish meaning it can easily stain. However, if you select regular marble polishing then you will not have to worry about leaking issues or stains.

Vulnerability to Acid


Acidic liquids such as an acid cleaner or tomato sauce can stain, engrave, and cause discoloration to your marble floors. Thus, it is best to wipe any spillage immediately. If you ignore this, then only an expert like DW Floor Polishing Singapore can solve the issue. We have years of experience in polishing all types of floors. We certainly know how to treat your floors the right way, if there are any spills, stains, or broken marble flooring. Our experts will polish and restore your marble floors to look good as new.

Exposure to Moisture

Marble is naturally absorbent as mentioned earlier. When it is exposed to moisture, you may notice a powdery residue on that area which is known as efflorescence. If you have marble floors in your bathroom, then chances are high that it will encounter this type of residue. Such residue may even appear due to exposure to some weather conditions.

You need not to worry though as marble polishing can help you handle this as well. When you choose regular marble floor polishing, it will prevent stubborn residue that can damage your marble floor.

Need for High Maintenance


Marble is a type of stone that requires utmost care and regular maintenance to ensure its beautiful appearance and protection from any harm. It is wise to choose the right cleaning products to avoid any harm. You will also have to choose annual sealing to prevent liquids from flowing on the surface of your marble floors.

It is ideal to have regular marble polishing services like DW Floor Polishing Singapore if you want your marble floors to look the best. Instead of doing a DIY marble floor polishing.

You can indeed polish your marble floors by yourself, especially if you watch DIY marble polishing videos, although you will never get the same results as a professional can give. Instead of spending a good amount on polishing supplies, it is ideal to let us handle the polishing. Therefore, if you choose our floor polishing services, you will always contact us for future needs.


Marble floors are quite difficult to maintain, and there is a great risk that you might cause damage to your marble floors if you are not careful enough in handling them. It is ideal to have regular floor polishing services with the aim to maintain your marble floors. Therefore, if you need marble polishing services, do not hesitate to give us a call at DW Floor Polishing Singapore. We can guarantee that you will receive the best results from our well-trained professionals.


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