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Marble Floor Polishing

DW Floor Polishing Singapore has extensive experience and knowledge in polishing Marble floors to provide you with the best and affordable floor polishing services.

Marble flooring is a popular choice among Singaporeans. However, it may get prone to stains and scratches because of its porosity. Fortunately, marble floor polishing can help to enhance the floor’s overall appearance and improve its density and durability.

Marble floor polishing involves multiple processes including thorough cleaning, polishing with abrasives, and spot polishing. With the help of experienced professionals, regular marble floor polishing can effectively eliminate dirt buildup, restore the original shine of your marble floor, and make your whole room shine.


Marble Polishing Process


Strong chemicals can ruin marble floors. The cleaning agents our professionals use are pH neutral so that your floors will not be damaged.

Diamond abrasives are used as they bring out the best shine on your floors.

Some scratches and stains are tougher to buff out. At DW Floor Polishing Singapore, our team spot polishes the tougher areas with diamond powder.

Our Completed Marble Floor Polishing Works

Here are some of our past Marble Floor Polishing works completed by our experienced team of technicians.

One-stop Solution for Your Marble Floor Polishing Needs

DW Floor Polishing Singapore has extensive experience and knowledge in Marble Polishing to provide you with the best and most affordable floor polishing services.

Hassle-free Point of Contact

Easily contact us via WhatsApp for your Marble Polishing needs. We will provide you with a direct quote after our customer support team has assessed the situation.

Knowledgeable Customer Support

Our trained Customer Support team will be able to assist you via WhatsApp. We will suggest the best solutions so that you will be able to make the most informed decisions.

Technicians with Extensive Experience

Our team of technicians is trained and has extensive experience in Marble Polishing. You can be sure to have efficient and satisfactory services when you engage us to polish your floors.

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DW Floor Polishing Singapore is a trusted floor care specialist – providing reliable professional floor polishing and floor cleaning services for all types of floors such as marblewoodvinyl, and more. Our services range from marble floor polishingwood floor polishing, and to parquet floor polishing, among others. We also provide floor deep cleaningvinyl floor deep cleaningvinyl floor cleaning, and terrazzo floor cleaning – all at a reasonable priceContact us today!

What Our Customers Say:

I was initially apprehensive when deciding who to engage to scrub and polish my tiles, not knowing how to gauge who’s best. I’m glad that I decided to go with DW Floor polishing cos not only do they provide great value for money, but Das (my technician) also went above and beyond to ensure my marble tiles are glossy and shiny! Clear reflection which I hadn’t seen in 20 years! Highly recommended! You won’t regret it! Thank you, Das and DW! 🤗
Audrey Ho
Audrey Ho
11:25 02 Mar 24
Mani and team did a good job in sanding and varnishing my outdoor decks. The refurbished decks looks new and I’m very pleased with the outcome. I strongly recommend this company for timber floor varnishing not only for the quality work and they charge reasonable price.
Seng Cheong Dui
Seng Cheong Dui
04:38 21 Feb 24
Great work done by Harun! Floor soooo shiny and total revival. He even went through the extra mile to share what floor solution i should use, inform me of external leakage, and what type of grouting to use btween my tiles and marble. Thank you thank you!
Cheryl A.
Cheryl A.
12:25 02 Feb 24
I'm glad to have engaged DW Floor Polishing to clean and polish my marble floor. Harun was professional right from the initial site visit and was meticulous in his work. He managed to remove some long-standing dark stains from my floor, and restored its shine! He even came back to remove some marks on my window sill and floor that were left by the cleaning agent. I would definitely recommend DW!
Esther A
Esther A
09:22 28 Dec 23
Happy to have engaged DW Floor Polishing for the parquet polishing. The whole processes, from the enquiry to on-site survey by Harun, and the work carried out by Mani and Azaz were professionally executed. The price was reasonable and no deposit needed. Highly recommended!
Richard Tan
Richard Tan
03:24 20 Dec 23
Dw sent 2 men to polish my marble floors (living and dining room). It had not been polished for 20 years! The two (team leader was Das) men did a superb job of moving my antique furniture to and from. They worked quickly and did an excellent job with the polishing.
Matthew Ong
Matthew Ong
01:05 06 Dec 23
Very satisfied with the outstanding quality of work and the level of service. Harun is very professional, offered great assistance, and kept us well-informed every step of the way. The work area was also kept very clean and Harun also provided after post-service care advice.
Klara Tan
Klara Tan
03:15 19 Oct 23
Bought a home that had "well used" floors. The guys Das and Mani did a Great job polishing marble floors and refinishing parquet. Restored back to almost new condition, at a reasonable price.Harun and Ajaj came for the second set of works and did an amazing job. They were very considerate and helped with some small patchups that I didn't think could be fixed. Thanks guys, I will contact DW again for some additional work.
Albert Wang
Albert Wang
09:56 13 Sep 23
Thanks to DW Floor polishing and in particular Harun and his sidekick Mani, my marble floor has been revived to its former glory and looks great again. And if that wasn't enough, Harun also took the time to give some pointers on cleaning and even gave a sample of the cleaning detergent they use.Thanks again Harun!
Daan Lans
Daan Lans
13:12 19 Aug 23
Harun has been great and professional right from the free inspection. He is honest and helpful and was extremely patient and thorough in his job! I can’t believe he has done a great job all by himself and I will highly recommend this company and Harun to my friends!! Super satisfy!
WingChiu Hung
WingChiu Hung
07:33 03 Aug 23
Das and Harun with their team of 4 did a detailed and complete job on our landed home over 4 days through the weekend to polish our parquet and marble floors comprehensively while ensuring that the furniture are removed before starting work each day. Highly recommended!
check woei foo
check woei foo
08:36 30 Jul 23
Fantastic service. I had the pleasure of having Das help me with my marble floor polishing. Previously, I had scuffs and scratches and plenty of unremovable stains on the flooring, but after polishing, the marble floor is so clean it is like a mirror! (Photo as attached, the reflection of the sky can be seen!) Das is professional, friendly and skilled. He has also given me advice on how to maintain my floor to keep it shiny and lustrous! Thank you Das! Highly recommend him to anyone else looking to do marble polishing!
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu
08:45 11 May 23
Very awesome work by DW Floor Polishing Singapore. The team has given my dull looking marble flooring a brand new life! The whole house now looks so good just like a brand new unit (look at that shine and reflections on the attached photo).Would like to thank the customer service team Ms. Lee for always being so responsive on WhatsApp and not forgetting the backend team who does the actual polishing work. Das knows his job well and we can safely leave the whole house in his good hands. Definitely a good choice for me to select DW Floor Polishing Singapore for marble polishing.
Audrey Tey
Audrey Tey
02:59 26 Apr 23
We hired DW floor Polishing on searching on the different companies. Found them to be most reasonable as we're also only polishing our living and dining area, so we decided on them. When Das( the technician) came over, he assured us that our marble will be as new. Both my daughter and I were quite skepital. After the living room was done, we was surprised as our living room's marble looks even better than we first moved to this flat 21 years ago!
CliffSue Nonis
CliffSue Nonis
06:35 26 Nov 22
I came across a post of theirs online and decided to call them so they could polish and varnish my floor. As a result of their excellent work, my floor looks good as new. I should also like to mention that the workers were so attentive and made sure that no spot was left unpolished. Great work!
William Eng
William Eng
09:04 30 Oct 21
I was really impressed with the way this company rendered their services! All the employees were extremely nice and tried their very best to accomodate our very many requests. When the time came to polish our floors, the workers performed the services we needed very speedily and finished everything in less than two hours. I really recommend them!
Theeradon Nakpradith
Theeradon Nakpradith
04:09 16 Sep 21
The floors of our home deteriorated so rapidly that we even wanted to have them overhauled completely. But due to time constraints, we thought we would have somebody polish them instead. After booking an appointment with this company, somebody came after a few days and examined what needed to be done. Although I expected them to do as mediocre a job as previous workers had done, they actually managed to make our parquet floors look beautiful again! I'm just so glad that I didn't decide to take the costly route of having them replaced. We really ar in awe of their work and intend to call them again if circumstances all for it.
Kamut Yuvaves
Kamut Yuvaves
11:18 15 Sep 21
I actually didn't know much about this company. So you can imagine how nervous I was when I decided to avail of their services. When the workers came, I didn't expect them to do much. But in fact they did! They were able to complete the floor polishing work in a very professional manner and did an excellent job in getting my floors cleaned up. Just so you know, they even did some extra work without charging us extra costs! Never have I experienced their level of service. As a result, I really recommend them to those in need of similar services!
Sandy Lee
Sandy Lee
02:26 12 Jun 21

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With so many options available in Singapore, it can be overwhelming to choose the right service provider. Here are some tips when selecting a marble floor polishing service in Singapore, so you can make an informed decision and keep your marble floors looking their best.

  • Do Your Research
  • Check The Company’s Experience 
  • Check The Company’s Online Reviews
  • Consider Your Budget 


In addition to this, it is important to make sure that the marble floor polishing you’re going to choose is reputable. Here are a few indicators you can look for:

  • Well-Trained Staff
  • Usage of The Proper Polishing Tools 
  • Customer-Oriented
  • Attention to Detail 
  • Marble Polishing Process

It’s important to be aware of certain things to ensure that you receive the best possible service. Here are some key factors to consider when engaging a marble floor polishing service. By keeping these things in mind, you can make an informed decision and ensure that your marble floors are properly maintained.

  • They Will Avoid Using Cleaning Agents That Are Too Strong
  • Some Noise Will Be Produced During The Marble Polishing Process 
  • They Won’t Seal Your Marble Floors Unless Necessary
  • They Cannot Prevent Stains Permanently 
  • It Will Take Some Time For Them To Finish Marble Polishing
  • They May Help To Make Your Marble Floors Shiny

The frequency of the service depends on several factors. By understanding these factors, you can determine the right frequency of marble floor polishing services to ensure that your floors are always looking their best.

  • Elimination of Scratches, Stains, and Marks
  • Restore Old Shine
  • Foot Traffic
  • Longer Lasting Floors
  • Present Condition of Marble Floors
  • Upon Inspection and Professional Advice

DIY Marble Polishing vs Professional Marble Floor Polishing Service – Which One Should I Choose?

Many homeowners wonder if it’s more practical to follow the steps to DIY marble polishing themselves or to hire a professional floor polishing service. To help you decide upon choosing between DIY marble polishing and professional marble floor polishing service, here are some important considerations you should make:

Size Of The Floor


The size of the marble floor to be polished is another factor to consider. A homeowner of a big house with marble floors may find it challenging to maintain the floors by himself while on the other hand, doing marble floor polishing by yourself might be more appealing in smaller houses because there is less surface area to clean.



Many people believe that it is more cost-effective to clean their own floors because professional floor polishing services are more expensive than usual. However, considering the advantages of hiring professional marble floor polishing could help you save more money in the long run.


A common mistake to avoid when doing DIY marble polishing is excessive polishing, which shortens the floor’s lifespan. Since floor polishing is such a difficult job, it is recommended to let professionals do it.


The marble floor polishing process is a multi-step process that can take a long time to complete. To avoid the hassle, one benefit of engaging in professional floor polishing services is convenience.

Why Should You Hire Professional Marble Floor Polishing?

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire professional floor polishing services to polish your marble floors:


The experts have polished the floors of several homes and businesses – giving them extensive knowledge and experience in the field. As an additional precaution, make sure not to contract with a fake business as this is just some of the common mistakes that may be avoided when hiring a floor polishing company.

Well-Equipped With The Right Tools


Professional marble floor polishers have access to high-quality polishing equipment and other tools necessary for the job making them work quickly. Additionally, before deciding on a marble floor polishing company, you can do some research by checking out their floor polishing projects and customer reviews.

Polishing Floors Efficiently In The Right Way

Hiring floor polishing services is beneficial because they will apply the proper methods for marble floor polishing. Marble floor polishing service providers are experts in the field and may offer useful information, such as how often to do marble floor polishing for marble floors and how to maintain marble floors after completing marble polishing.

If you are decided to take professional services, here are some things you should know about engaging a marble floor polishing service.


6 Things You Should Know About Engaging A Marble Floor Polishing Service

Marble floors are more prone to scratches and stains which is why property owners need marble polishing services. Here are some things to know when engaging a marble floor polishing service:

They Will Avoid Using Cleaning Agents That Are Too Strong

Failing to do a background check is a mistake you should avoid when choosing a marble polishing service. This may result in more damage because their professionals may not be knowledgeable enough to know which product they can use for your marble floor.  

Some Noise Will Be Produced During The Marble Polishing Process

Marble is typically polished with high-speed floor polishers which due to friction, some noises are produced during polishing. In addition, marble polishing is frequently done in a matter of hours so most of the family members are away from the house to prevent disruption.

They Won’t Seal Your Marble Floors Unless Necessary

One of the most useful marble polishing tips is using a protective sealant but in some cases, this may not be required. This is the advantage of hiring professional marble floor polishing services, they can determine whether sealing the marble floors are necessary or not.

They Cannot Prevent Stains Permanently


Putting a protective coating will significantly help to avoid stains. However, professionals cannot completely prevent all stains which is why it is important to know how to maintain marble floors after completing marble polishing to ward off stains and keep the marble flooring in good condition. 

It Will Take Some Time For Them To Finish Marble Polishing

There are different steps professionals take during each marble polishing process. Hence, if the floor has not been polished for several years, it may take longer to do the entire marble polishing process

They May Help To Make Your Marble Floors Shiny


A fact about marble polishing is as much as it initially helps restore the luster and shine of the floor, there are certain exceptions to it. If the marble floor has deep stains, has been used for several decades, and a large number of people are walking on it daily, then marble polishing may not fully restore its original shine. 

Now that you’re aware of these things, it’s time to know the importance of hiring a professional marble polishing service in Singapore.


Importance of Hiring A Professional Marble Floor Polishing Service in Singapore

Many property owners opt for marble floors because of its luxurious finish. With this, you should consider engaging a professional to ensure getting the best quality of service for your marble floor. Here is a list of how important hiring professional marble floor polishing service is

Why Do Marble Floors Require Polishing?

Marble is more porous and softer than other natural stones, making it more prone to scratches and scuffs. When this happens, it is often a sign that you require marble polishing.

Why Is Hiring A Marble Floor Polishing Service Important?

Not many homeowners are knowledgeable about the steps professionals take during each marble polishing. Therefore, it is preferable to contact marble polishing professionals since they can do the marble polishing quickly at a reasonable cost. 

Marble Floors Need To Be Maintained

If the marble flooring is not preserved for a while, it will get dusty and filled with marks and scratches. As the property owner, you should be aware of how to maintain marble floors after completing marble polishing to keep your floor in top condition. 

They Can Enhance The Look of Your Marble Floors


One of the advantages of hiring professional marble floor polishing services is the usage of the latest tools and materials on the market. Contrarily, most individuals lack the necessary tools and resources, which is one of the reasons why DIY marble polishing may not be effective

You’ll Have More Savings


The cost of polishing a poorly-maintained marble floor will be much higher than well-maintained ones. Hence, the benefits of regularly engaging in marble floor polishing services will ultimately save you more money because of cheaper maintenance costs. 

After knowing the importance, here’s how should you choose the best marble floor polishing service in Singapore. 


How To Choose The Best Marble Floor Polishing Service in Singapore

Marble floors become dusty and scratched over time which makes it necessary for them to have it professionally polished. Below are some suggestions on how you can choose the best marble floor polishing service in Singapore:

Tips For Choosing A Marble Floor Polishing Service

There are certain things to look out for when choosing a floor polishing service. Therefore, it is important to analyze the various service providers in light of the following factors:

Do Your Research


A reputable marble polisher will have a website where you may learn more about the business, its customers, employees, range of services, and warranty policies. Additionally, they also showcase the different methods of marble floor polishing which they utilize for their work.

Check The Company’s Experience

Hiring a reputable company with experienced workers is usually ideal because they are likely to be more effective and have better skills to perform marble polishing. This makes them less likely to make errors.

Check The Company’s Online Reviews


The property owner should look into the reviews of the service providers they have shortlisted before hiring them. High-quality service providers often get a lot of positive feedback from clients who are pleased with their work.

Consider Your Budget

The fee is determined by the floor area, the state of the marble floor, and other variables. You may be wondering how much marble polishing costs, consider requesting a price estimate from the company and plan your budget for marble floor polishing accordingly.

How To Know If A Marble Floor Polishing Service Is Reputable

Here are a few indicators that show that the marble floor company is reliable:

Well-Trained Staff

A fact about marble polishing is that some products can harm the marble floor if they are not applied correctly. Therefore, it is crucial to guarantee that the professionals you will employ are qualified and knowledgeable about the appropriate chemicals and equipment to use to polish the floor effectively without causing damage.

Usage of The Proper Polishing Tools 


Various tools, such as floor polishers and floor buffers, should be employed depending on the state of the marble floor. One of the advantages of hiring professional marble floor polishing services is having the newest marble polishing tools and supplies to polish the marble effectively.


One of the mistakes to avoid when hiring a floor polishing service provider is untimely replies. A service provider that offers excellent customer support, is adaptable and is eager to inform clients on how to properly maintain marble floors after completing marble polishing.

Attention to Detail 

The professionals should be able to pay close attention to detail to ensure that the entire floor is polished properly. It is also necessary for them to check for stains, unpolished sections, or dirty spots that should not be left uncleaned.

Marble Polishing Process

The service provider must use the proper marble polishing process to prevent damage. To know more about the process, you should look into the steps professionals take during each marble polishing.

After knowing how to choose the best marble floor polishing service, it would also be helpful to know how often should you engage them.


Marble Floor Polishing Services: How Often Should You Engage Them?

Regularly polishing your marble floors is a way to maintain your marble floor’s appearance. By reading this section, you should be able to learn about how often you should engage marble floor polishing services.

Elimination of Scratches, Stains, and Marks


Among the steps professionals take during marble polishing is the removal of the topmost layer of the floors to eliminate visible stains and scratches. After that, the floors will be cleaned using a clear transparent layer so that they don’t become damaged easily.

Restore Old Shine


Over time, marble floors’ shine can be lost due to factors such as friction and accumulation of dirt, dust, and other debris. Thus, if your marble floors look dull and dirty, it’s a sign that you require marble polishing.

Foot Traffic

Normally, polishing of marble floors is done every 3 to 5 years. However, you may want to engage a professional much more often if your marble floors are stepped on frequently.

Longer Lasting Floors

Some homeowners don’t have their floors polished thinking that any method of marble floor polishing won’t be effective. One benefit of regularly engaging in marble floor polishing services is they will last much longer.

Present Condition of Marble Floors


One reason why your marble floors require regular polishing is their condition can hurt the appearance of your home. Marble floors that look extremely unsightly or dull can make the home highly unattractive as well.

Upon Inspection and Professional Advice

If you remain unsure about when your marble floors should be polished, you should still contact a professional. They can carefully inspect your marble floors and advise you on when you should hire professional floor polishing services.



When deciding between DIY marble polishing and hiring a professional marble floor polishing service, several factors need to be considered, such as floor size, cost, difficulty, and time. It is generally recommended to hire a professional marble floor polishing service to ensure getting the highest quality of service without accidental damage. Should you decide to engage a professional, you might want to look into their reviews, experiences, and fees if you want to choose the best marble floor polishing service in Singapore.

In relation to this, it is also important to note that professionals cannot prevent stains permanently after marble stain removal, and it may take some time for them to finish marble polishing. Finally, one of the best ways to know when to have your marble floors polished is to simply call a professional to do a thorough inspection of your marble floor and give you professional advice. Overall, hiring a professional marble floor polishing service is beneficial for enhancing the look of your marble floors and ensuring they are maintained correctly.

If you would like to avail marble floor polishing services, you may call us any time at DW Floor Polishing Singapore. Our professionals have the right tools and experience to complete the marble floor polishing job.


Case Study

Marble Floor Polishing in Singapore – HDB, Yishun

marble-floor-polishing-services-dw-floor-polishing-singapore-hdb-yishun-2   marble-floor-polishing-services-dw-floor-polishing-singapore-hdb-yishun-3

Marble Floor Polishing in Singapore – Landed, Bukit Merah

marble-floor-polishing-services-dw-floor-polishing-singapore-landed-bukit-merah-2   marble-floor-polishing-services-dw-floor-polishing-singapore-landed-bukit-merah-3