Marble Floors

Marble floors look very elegant and it can elevate the appearance of any room. Over time however, Marble will lose its shine and will start to appear dull. On top of that, scratches could also appear on the surface. This can make the space you took the time and effort to look less desirable.

One process many homeowners opt for is marble polishing in order to restore their marble floors.  This is a complicated process where specific machinery, tools and technique are needed but you can be sure that your marble floor will shine after the polishing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Generally, marble floors can still look good even after 3 to 5 years with proper maintenance. It is recommended to polish marble floors every 3 years. Though, it still depends on the overall condition of your marble floor. You can also contact a professional to inspect your floor to get an expert opinion.

Marble is a natural stone so it can get damaged by strong chemicals. It is always recommended to clean marble floors with just water. Though if that is not enough, you can choose to use neutral pH cleaning agents. You also need to ensure that spills are cleaned immediately as if left unattended, the chances of your marble staining are very high making it much harder to clean even through marble polishing.

Marble is porous. This means that there is a very high possibility of liquids spilled to seep into the marble if it is not cleaned immediately. Even when marble is sealed, it is not guaranteed to prevent spills as over time when marble floors wear, the layer of sealant may no longer completely cover the marble surface.

6 Steps to DIY Marble Floor Polishing

Marble floors are made from metamorphic rock that reaches a high degree of crystallization due to high temperatures and pressures. To make these floors achieve a natural shine, they will need to undergo regular marble polishing. Be sure to follow the steps to DIY marble floor polishing:

1. Clean Your Marble Floors 


The first step in polishing marble floors is to rid the floor of any forms of dirt. Failing to do this will make it difficult for you to polish your floors in the future.

2. Mop Your Marble Floors


After cleaning your marble floors, you can proceed to mop them to remove any dirt or grime. One helpful marble polishing tip you should remember is to clean your marble floors with hot distilled water. This will better eliminate any impurities and bacteria than using cold water.

3. Eliminate All Stains


If your marble flooring has stains left by food or other household uses, you will need to eliminate them as part of the marble restoration process. For this step, you can create homemade poultice by mixing hydrogen peroxide, four tablespoons of water, and a bit of baking soda. No matter how often you do marble polishing for marble floors, always completely spread the poultice over any stained areas using a clean brush.

4. Rinse and Dry To Prevent Etching


Marble floors can incur minor etching due to acidic foods and cleaners. Make sure to properly rinse off the poultice applied to your marble floors. Next, wipe off any remaining poultice with a damp cloth and dry it using a soft unused cloth.

5. Seal Your Marble Floors 


Sealing is a step that professionals may take when polishing marble floors. Although this does not entirely prevent stains, it can help your marble floor resist major stains and appear shinier. Leaving your floors unsealed can make them less robust and more prone to damage and staining.

6. Maintaining Your Marble Floors Shine

Just because you’ve finished polishing your marble floors doesn’t mean they no longer require maintenance. If you want to maintain your marble floors’ shine, there are several tips you can follow:

  • Regular Dry Cleaning: One way of maintaining marble floors after completing marble polishing is to dry clean it regularly using a soft cloth or dust mop.
  • Clean Any Spills Immediately: Whenever there are accidental spills on your marble floors, you should remove them right away, so they don’t get deeply embedded in the floors’ openings.
  • Blot The Floors Instead of Scrubbing: If you need to remove stains on your marble floors, always make sure to blot them and to never scrub them.
  • Use Carpets and Rugs: In case there is a lot of foot traffic in your home, it’s recommended that you buy carpets or rugs. Doing so will help protect your marble floors from sand, dirt, and other particles.

After knowing the steps to DIY marble polishing, be familiar with some helpful marble polishing tips.


5 Helpful Marble Polishing Tips

Marble polishing is a very simple way to give your floors and your home a fresh new look. While most individuals prefer to hire floor polishing services however, you can also opt to perform this task yourself provided you have the right tools. Just make sure to take note of five helpful marble polishing tips below:

1. Use A Protective Sealer


In order to make any stains or spills on your marble floors easy to clean, it is best that you make use of a protective sealer when performing DIY floor polishing. Be sure to apply this sealer thoroughly so that you can keep your floor well-protected against difficult stains.

2. Avoid Using An Acidic Cleaner

Some cleaners contain acid which can damage your flooring in a major way. Examples include products made with lime juice, lemon, or vinegar. It is best that you purchase a non-acidic cleaner so you can polish your marble floors seamlessly.

3. Use A Marble Polishing Powder


Hard water minerals like magnesium and calcium may leave behind spots once they dry. In that case, using a marble polishing powder is highly recommended. This kind of product is specifically made for marble floors and is thus safe to use.

4. Clean Up Spills On The Spot 


As long as your floors are not heavily damaged, polishing your marble floors should be an easy task. In order to ensure that the cleaning process remains smooth however, be sure to immediately clean up any spills that are made.

5. Hire A Professional


At times, performing marble floor polishing by yourself may not provide the results that professionals floor polishing services would. In fact, most of them have all the necessary solutions and tools to ensure that your floors are polished thoroughly and look spotless.

Now that you know some helpful marble polishing tips, be aware of some reasons why DIY marble polishing may not be effective.


4 Reasons Why DIY Marble Polishing May Not Be Effective

Just like with parquet polishing, many people know about the importance of regular marble polishing and prefer to handle the work by themselves. Although performing DIY marble floor polishing is an option, there can be times when it proves to be ineffective. Here are some reasons why DIY marble polishing may not be effective:

Your Floors Require Initial Restoration

Restoration is a process wherein diamond discs are used to deal with severe wear and tear, something that you cannot do on your own. Thus, instead of experimenting and causing damage to your marble floor, it is much more ideal to hire a professional to assist you.

Your Machine Does Not Have The Right Speed And Weight


The machine you might use for DIY marble polishing may not have the right speed and weight that is needed to achieve the best results for your floors. By hiring a professional floor polishing service like DW Floor Polishing Singapore, you can ensure that your marble floors are properly polished.

Your Floors Require A Different Polishing Cleaner


If you are considering performing DIY floor polishing on your marble floors, you might end up purchasing a normal polishing cleaner that is commonly sold in the market. No matter how frequently or how gentle you use such a cleaner, you may not get the best results for your marble floors.

Your Floors Need to Be Polished by A Professional

Most floor polishing professionals undergo rigorous training before being allowed to perform marble polishing jobs. For this reason, it is much better to seek assistance from them instead of polishing your marble floors yourself.

Besides the reasons why DIY marble polishing may not be effective, it’s important to know the signs that you need a professional marble restoration service.


4 Signs That You Need Professional Marble Restoration Service

Marble restoration can make a marble floor with lots of scratches and stains shine and look brand new once again. However, this will require lots of time, money and skills if you were to do it yourself. Fortunately, you can hire a professional to assist in restoring your marble floors for you. Here are signs that you need a professional marble restoration service:

Marble Floor Scratches


Since marble is not a very hard material, it will develop scratches when heavy items accidentally fall on it or are dragged over it. Although these scratches may not be noticeable at first, they will make the floor look dirty after some time. This is why you should often do marble polishing for your marble floors.

Discolored Marble Floors


Spills from various liquids like lime juice, wine, and vinegar are major reasons why marble floors require regular polishing. These liquids may chemically react with the limestone and cause discoloration especially if they are not cleaned right away.

Loss of Shine on Marble Floors Due to Lack of Regular Marble Polishing 

Normally, a sealant is applied to marble floors after the marble polishing process is done so that they can become shiny again. However, wear and tear and friction can cause the sealant layer to lose its shine eventually. This in turn can make your marble floors look rather dull.

Marble Floor Stains 

Certain materials like paint and food coloring can penetrate the marble or become embedded in scratches or holes especially if they’re not cleaned up immediately. For any stubborn stains to be removed, it’s best to call a professional.

Having learned about the signs that you need a professional marble restoration service, find out about the advantages of hiring professional marble floor polishing services.


Advantages of Hiring Professional Marble Floor Polishing Services

There are many advantages of hiring professional marble floor polishing services. Once you go through them, you will understand why hiring floor polishing professionals is one of the best decisions you can ever make.

1. Usage Of The Right Tools


Many people who decide to do marble polishing on their own think that they can just use any cleaner or polishing solution that they come across. It is advisable to hire a floor polishing service provider since they have the latest tools to ensure that your marble floors are free from any form of damage.

2. Increased Floor Density


Hiring a professional to provide you with marble polishing services ensures that your marble floors have a higher density. This is because floor surfaces increase in hardness and compression strength when polished correctly.

3. Convenience


When you seek assistance from a floor polishing service, you save both time and effort. This means that you are able to attend to other important tasks whilst ensuring that your marble floors look as good as new.

4. Cleaning Of Etch Marks


Cleaning etch marks is not an easy job for those who have no training and experience in floor polishing. Fortunately, many floor polishing companies such as DW Floor Polishing Singapore can ensure that the etch marks on your marble floors are properly cleaned so they don’t affect your floors’ appearance.

5. Usage Of The Right Polish

Once you hire a marble polishing professional, you will have nothing to worry about. They will know which polish to use right for your marble floors as well as the proper way of applying them.

6. Improved Appearance Of Floors


Marble floors that have been polished by professionals end up looking totally brand new. Besides that, professionally polished floors also ensure that your home looks shinier, livelier, and lovelier than before just like they would after undergoing parquet polishing.



Besides understanding the reasons why your marble floors require regular polishing, you should remember that there are six steps to DIY marble polishing: cleaning the marble floors, mopping them, removing all stains, rinsing and drying to prevent etching, sealing, and maintenance. When doing DIY marble polishing be sure to follow some helpful tips. This includes using a protective sealer and marble polishing powder as well as calling a professional if you need help. If DIY marble polishing isn’t effective, it could be because your floors require initial restoration or a different polishing cleaner.

In case you’re unsure whether your marble floors need to be restored by a professional, make sure to check for marble floor scratches, marble floor discoloration, loss of shine, and marble floor stains. Should you have doubts about hiring professional marble floor polishing services, take note that they’ll make use of the right tools, are highly convenient, and can improve the appearance of your marble floors.

For quality marble polishing services, be sure to call DW Floor Polishing. Our team of professionals can polish your marble floors efficiently so that they look shinier than ever.


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