Marble Floors

Marble floors look very elegant and it can elevate the appearance of any room. Over time however, Marble will lose its shine and will start to appear dull. On top of that, scratches could also appear on the surface. This can make the space you took the time and effort to look less desirable.

One process many homeowners opt for is marble polishing in order to restore their marble floors.  This is a complicated process where specific machinery, tools and technique are needed but you can be sure that your marble floor will shine after the polishing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Generally, marble floors can still look good even after 3 to 5 years with proper maintenance. It is recommended to polish marble floors every 3 years. Though, it still depends on the overall condition of your marble floor. You can also contact a professional to inspect your floor to get an expert opinion.

Marble is a natural stone so it can get damaged by strong chemicals. It is always recommended to clean marble floors with just water. Though if that is not enough, you can choose to use neutral pH cleaning agents. You also need to ensure that spills are cleaned immediately as if left unattended, the chances of your marble staining are very high making it much harder to clean even through marble polishing.

Marble is porous. This means that there is a very high possibility of liquids spilled to seep into the marble if it is not cleaned immediately. Even when marble is sealed, it is not guaranteed to prevent spills as over time when marble floors wear, the layer of sealant may no longer completely cover the marble surface.


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