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Marble Floor Polishing

DW Floor Polishing Singapore has extensive experience and knowledge polishing Marble floors to provide you with the best and affordable floor polishing services.

Marble floors can elevate how any room looks because it exudes elegance. Therefore, it is a very popular flooring choice for many homeowners. Besides its appearance, many people opt for marble flooring as it is sturdy and relatively easy to maintain.

Over time however, marble floors are bound to lose their shine even if they are properly maintained. The most common solution to regain shine is through marble polishing. Although this process can be done DIY, it is always best to hire a professional for marble floor polishing. This is because there are many benefits to hiring a professional floor polishing service provider.


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How Often Should I Do Marble Polishing for My Marble Floors?

Marble polishing is a service that tends to be a little more costly than other home services. With this, it is important to know the optimal time to hire such services. If a person is unsure and hires the services excessively, the cost will add up and it will be expensive. Here, we will discuss how often a homeowner should do marble polishing for their marble floors.


Life of Polished Surfaces


Most times, marble flooring will remain in good condition for about 3 to 5 years with proper marble floor maintenance. However, do take note that this number may vary, and it only serves as a guide. Sometimes, if strong chemicals are used to clean marble floors, it will get damaged and the condition of the marble will deteriorate rapidly.


Factors Which Affect Marble Polishing

Some factors that determine the frequency for floor polishing are:


Room Usage

People hire marble polishing services to remove scratches and stains. High traffic rooms are more prone to scratches and stains. This is especially true for large spaces such as malls. However, for rooms with low traffic such as a storeroom in a home, the floor will remain is pristine condition for longer.


Type of Stains on Marble


Any liquids on marble floors should be cleaned immediately. Extended exposure to liquid can cause stains as marble is porous, hence it will absorb the liquid. Some stains that have seeped into the marble for long periods of time will be much harder to remove.


Type of Marble

There are different types of marble. The most significant difference is usually how hard the marble is. Some marble flooring tends to be softer than others and this increases the likelihood of scratches.


It is important to know the frequency of polishing your marble floor as it reduces unnecessary cost while ensuring pristine condition. Many people opt to hire a professional instead of DIY floor polishing as there are benefits when engaging professional floor polishing services.


Steps Professionals Take During Each Marble Polishing

After knowing how often you should hire marble polishing services, you may choose to hire a floor polishing service provider. Although it is not required, it is good to know the steps professionals take during each marble polishing so that you can ensure that they are doing the job as expected.

These are the steps professionals take during each marble polishing:


  1. Cleaning the Dust


The first step is to rid of surface dust with a broom.


  1. Protect the Surrounding Area

Professionals lay protection on walls and surrounding areas to avoid damage.


  1. Peel Off Wax and Adhesive

Marble floors have a protective layer that needs to be removed prior to polishing.


  1. Cleaning with Water

For effective sanding, professionals cover the marble surface with cold, clean water.


  1. Sanding the Marble Surface


Professionals use different polishing pads with varying levels of coarseness to sand the whole surface. This process is repeated with each level of coarseness from the coarsest to the least coarse polishing pad. After every level, the floor should be vacuumed to rid of the dust. This process is repeated until the desired level of shine is achieved.


  1. Clean Dust off the Surface

Thorough cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or dust mop is required to remove any residue.


  1. Polish with Polishing Pads


A clean microfiber pad is attached to the sanding machine, along with polishing powder to bring out further shine.

This is the marble polishing process most professionals take for each marble polishing to ensure the best outcomes. However, homeowners need to ensure that they maintain their marble floors properly to keep the shine.


How to Maintain Marble Floors After Completing Marble Polishing

After marble polishing, the marble floors will shine. For homeowners however, they will need to know how to maintain marble floors after completing marble polishing in order to retain the shine for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to maintain your marble floors after polishing


Clean the Marble Floors


In order to maintain the shine for as long as possible, it is important to take the proper steps to clean the marble floors. Some of these steps are daily cleaning with a broom or dry mop, wiping up spills immediately, and also only occasionally using mild soaps as strong chemicals will damage the marble over time.


Things to Take Note for Marble Floors

  • Avoid using vacuum cleaners with plastic or metal accessories that may damage the surface. Vacuums with rubber wheels can be used as the chances of developing scratches on the surface are much lower.
  • Blot spills instead of wiping them over the floor as this can cause the liquid to spread to other areas and seep through the surface causing long term stains.
  • Opt for marble polishing when the floors begin to look dull to restore the shine and the layer of protection.
  • Avoid using strong chemical cleaners as they will damage the marble floors.


Maintaining marble floors after polishing may seem like a hassle but it is key to having a long-lasting shiny marble floor. This can also lead to more savings as you will not need to hire such services as often in order to get the floors to shine. If you are unsure, contact a professional floor polishing service provider for the best advice to maintain your marble floors.


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