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Just 3 Steps to Whiten Your Marble Floors

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Marble Whitening

DW Floor Polishing Singapore has extensive experience and knowledge in polishing Marble floors to provide you with the best and most affordable Marble Whitening services.

Most homeowners opt for marble flooring for their homes. However, the marble floor tends to lose its shine and scratches may also appear on the surface over time.

In order to regain its shine, it is recommended to opt for professional marble whitening services. Our experienced technicians have the skills and relevant machinery to help achieve the desired shine for your marble floors.


Marble Polishing Process


The marble surface will first be cleaned, before undergoing the grinding process. This removes the surface defections and prepares the marble for the next step.

Industrial grade diamond powder is used to smooth and shine the marble, as well as remove scratches and stains. This helps ensure a uniform appearance on the marble surface.

This step returns the natural shine of your marble floor before it is rinsed and cleaned to remove any additional powder residue.

Our Completed Marble Floor Polishing Works

Here are some of our past Marble Floor Polishing works completed by our experienced team of technicians.

One-stop Solution for Your Marble Whitening Needs

DW Floor Polishing Singapore has extensive experience and knowledge in Marble Whitening to provide you with the best and most affordable marble whitening services.

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Easily contact us via WhatsApp for your Marble Whitening needs. We will provide you with a direct quote after our customer support team has assessed the situation.

Knowledgeable Customer Support

Our trained Customer Support team will be able to assist you via WhatsApp. We will suggest the best solutions so that you will be able to make the most informed decisions.

Technicians with Extensive Experience

Our team of technicians is trained and has extensive experience in Marble Whitening. You can be sure to have efficient and satisfactory services when you engage us to polish your floors.

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DW Floor Polishing Singapore is a trusted floor care specialist – providing reliable professional floor polishing and floor cleaning services for all types of floors such as marblewoodvinyl, and more. Our services range from marble floor polishingwood floor polishing, and to parquet floor polishing, among others. We also provide floor deep cleaningvinyl floor deep cleaningvinyl floor cleaning, and terrazzo floor cleaning – all at a reasonable priceContact us today!

What Our Customers Say:

Harun has been very efficient and professional in attending to our marble floor polishing. It was done flawlessly within schedule and they have all helped with moving our furniture around to make it happen. The Company is very accommodating in terms of working out a schedule that works for us and we greatly appreciate. Highly recommended for those who need this service at a very reasonable rate too!
Dorothy Wong
Dorothy Wong
08:44 31 May 24
Azaz and Arun did an amazing job in repairing my parquet flooring. Before, there was a section of the floor that was badly scratched and there were a few holes here and there. They managed to patch up the holes so nicely that one would not know there were holes there previously. Thanks Azaz and Arun 😊
Dengqi Stephanie
Dengqi Stephanie
04:51 30 Mar 24
Our new house was handed over with stained tiles after rebuild as the builder did a poor job to cover the floor tiles properly after laying them. We engaged a cleaning company previously but result was not good. After a year, we attempt to clean it again and really glad to have come across DW. With the help and assurance from Harun and Das who were both proficient in their task, we are finally able to restore the tiles to a level we are satisfied with. Truly happy with their services and happy to recommend them.
Nelson Chow
Nelson Chow
09:25 20 Mar 24
I was initially apprehensive when deciding who to engage to scrub and polish my tiles, not knowing how to gauge who’s best. I’m glad that I decided to go with DW Floor polishing cos not only do they provide great value for money, but Das (my technician) also went above and beyond to ensure my marble tiles are glossy and shiny! Clear reflection which I hadn’t seen in 20 years! Highly recommended! You won’t regret it! Thank you, Das and DW! 🤗
Audrey Ho
Audrey Ho
11:25 02 Mar 24
Mani and team did a good job in sanding and varnishing my outdoor decks. The refurbished decks looks new and I’m very pleased with the outcome. I strongly recommend this company for timber floor varnishing not only for the quality work and they charge reasonable price.
Seng Cheong Dui
Seng Cheong Dui
04:38 21 Feb 24
Great work done by Harun! Floor soooo shiny and total revival. He even went through the extra mile to share what floor solution i should use, inform me of external leakage, and what type of grouting to use btween my tiles and marble. Thank you thank you!
Cheryl A.
Cheryl A.
12:25 02 Feb 24
I'm glad to have engaged DW Floor Polishing to clean and polish my marble floor. Harun was professional right from the initial site visit and was meticulous in his work. He managed to remove some long-standing dark stains from my floor, and restored its shine! He even came back to remove some marks on my window sill and floor that were left by the cleaning agent. I would definitely recommend DW!
Esther A
Esther A
09:22 28 Dec 23
Happy to have engaged DW Floor Polishing for the parquet polishing. The whole processes, from the enquiry to on-site survey by Harun, and the work carried out by Mani and Azaz were professionally executed. The price was reasonable and no deposit needed. Highly recommended!
Richard Tan
Richard Tan
03:24 20 Dec 23
Dw sent 2 men to polish my marble floors (living and dining room). It had not been polished for 20 years! The two (team leader was Das) men did a superb job of moving my antique furniture to and from. They worked quickly and did an excellent job with the polishing.
Matthew Ong
Matthew Ong
01:05 06 Dec 23
Very satisfied with the outstanding quality of work and the level of service. Harun is very professional, offered great assistance, and kept us well-informed every step of the way. The work area was also kept very clean and Harun also provided after post-service care advice.
Klara Tan
Klara Tan
03:15 19 Oct 23
Bought a home that had "well used" floors. The guys Das and Mani did a Great job polishing marble floors and refinishing parquet. Restored back to almost new condition, at a reasonable price.Harun and Ajaj came for the second set of works and did an amazing job. They were very considerate and helped with some small patchups that I didn't think could be fixed. Thanks guys, I will contact DW again for some additional work.
Albert Wang
Albert Wang
09:56 13 Sep 23
Thanks to DW Floor polishing and in particular Harun and his sidekick Mani, my marble floor has been revived to its former glory and looks great again. And if that wasn't enough, Harun also took the time to give some pointers on cleaning and even gave a sample of the cleaning detergent they use.Thanks again Harun!
Daan Lans
Daan Lans
13:12 19 Aug 23
Harun has been great and professional right from the free inspection. He is honest and helpful and was extremely patient and thorough in his job! I can’t believe he has done a great job all by himself and I will highly recommend this company and Harun to my friends!! Super satisfy!
WingChiu Hung
WingChiu Hung
07:33 03 Aug 23
Das and Harun with their team of 4 did a detailed and complete job on our landed home over 4 days through the weekend to polish our parquet and marble floors comprehensively while ensuring that the furniture are removed before starting work each day. Highly recommended!
check woei foo
check woei foo
08:36 30 Jul 23

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Marble whitening is a specialized process aimed at restoring the natural brightness and shine of marble surfaces that have become dull, stained, or discolored over time. This treatment involves using professional-grade products and techniques to remove surface stains, etchings, and impurities, revealing the original beauty of the marble.

While DIY marble cleaning guides and products are available, professional marble whitening is highly recommended for optimal results and to avoid potential damage to the marble surface. DIY methods may not effectively address deep stains or etchings, and improper use of chemical cleaners can cause further harm. On the other hand, professional marble whitening services utilize trained technicians and specialized equipment to achieve safe and consistent results.

Over time, marble floors can lose their luster and suffer from stains and discolorations. A professional marble whitening service offers numerous advantages in restoring the natural beauty and prolonging the lifespan of your marble. Here are some key benefits:

  • Restoring Original Brilliance
  • Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal
  • Extending Marble Lifespan
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Tailored Solutions for Unique Cases
  • Enhance Property Value
  • Eco-Friendly

As long as it is done by professionals, marble whitening is effective due to the utilization of specialized equipment and powerful cleaning agents to target tough stains and discolorations. Moreover, skilled technicians apply expert techniques, restoring the marble’s natural luster and elegance without causing any damage.

4 Reasons Why Marble Whitening Is Important

Over time, marble floors can become dull, stained, or discoloured, losing their original lustre. This is where marble whitening comes into play. The following are reasons why whitening marble floors is important.

It Can Restore The Original Color and Vibrancy of the Marble Floor


Marble floors inevitably lose their natural colour and become dull and lifeless. Marble whitening is a process that can bring back the original colour and vibrancy of these floors. By using professional techniques and products, expert technicians can remove the accumulated dirt, grime, and stains from the surface of the marble, revealing its true beauty. 

It Can Remove Stains, Discoloration, and Blemishes

Marble whitening involves the use of specialized cleaning agents and equipment that can penetrate the pores of the marble and lift the deep-rooted stains. Whether it’s a red wine spill or an oil stain, marble whitening can restore the pristine condition of your floors, leaving them spotless and gleaming. 

It Can Enhance The Overall Aesthetic Appeal of the Marble Floor


Marble floors add elegance and a touch of class to any space. Nevertheless, when these floors lose their shine and develop stains or blemishes, they can significantly detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. Marble whitening plays a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of the marble floor and elevating the ambience of the space. 

It Can Preserve The Value and Longevity of Marble Surfaces

Whitening the marble floor not only removes stains and blemishes but also helps to protect the surface from future damage. The cleaning and sealing process involved in marble whitening creates a protective barrier that shields the floor from spills, scratches, and other forms of wear and tear. 

Besides the importance of marble whitening, it’s crucial to learn DIY marble whitening tips and techniques to carry them out successfully.


DIY Marble Whitening Tips and Techniques for Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner looking to restore the lustre of your marble surfaces, this article will guide you through the process of DIY marble whitening. Thus, here are tips and techniques for DIY marble whitening that will ensure your marble floor is restored to its former appearance.

DIY Marble Whitening Techniques

Identifying Different Types of Stains and Discoloration


One reason why marble whitening is important is that it removes marble stains. Before you begin the process of whitening the marble, it’s crucial to identify the type of stain or discolouration you’re dealing with. Different stains require different treatment methods, and using the wrong technique can potentially damage the marble surface. 

Applying Poultices and Stain Removers

Poultices are a popular method for marble stain removal. A poultice is a paste-like substance that is applied to the stained area and left to sit for a specific period. This paste draws out the stain from the marble, leaving it clean and restored. There are several commercially available poultices, or you can make your own using ingredients like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or talc. 

Sanding and Polishing Techniques


Marble polishing involves using progressively finer grits of sandpaper to gently remove the damaged layer of marble and reveal a fresh, unblemished surface. Polishing can be done using a handheld polishing machine or by hand with polishing compounds and a soft cloth. It’s important to proceed with caution and avoid excessive sanding or polishing, as this can result in irreversible damage to the marble.

Sealing and Protecting the Marble Surface

Sealing the marble creates a protective barrier that prevents liquids and spills from penetrating the stone and causing stains. There are various sealers available on the market, including penetrating sealers and topical sealers. Choosing the right sealer depends on the type of marble and the level of protection required. 

Maintenance and Prevention

Establishing a Regular Cleaning and Maintenance Routine


To keep your marble surfaces looking pristine and prevent future staining, establishing a regular cleaning and maintenance routine is essential. One common myth and misconception about marble whitening to avoid is the belief that harsh, abrasive cleaners can effectively clean marble. Instead, use gentle, pH-neutral cleaners specifically formulated for marble. 

Protecting Marble Surfaces from Future Staining and Damage

Using coasters, trivets, and placemats can prevent direct contact between hot or wet items and the marble, minimizing the risk of staining or damage. Avoid placing acidic or abrasive materials on the marble, as these can etch or scratch the surface. It is also advisable to avoid using vinegar or lemon juice as cleaning agents to remove stains from marble, as their acidic nature can harm the surface. 

Recommended Products and Techniques for Ongoing Care

To ensure the long-term care and preservation of your marble surfaces, it’s important to use the right products and techniques especially when you are polishing the floors.  For routine maintenance, a simple mixture of warm water and a mild, pH-neutral cleaner is usually sufficient. 

DIY marble whitening tips and techniques can only work to an extent. You also need to heed the signs that indicate the need for professional marble whitening.


4 Signs that Indicate You Need Professional Marble Whitening

Marble floors are highly favoured by homeowners and businesses alike due to their elegant appearance and long-lasting quality. However, it can still gradually lose its natural lustre after initial polishing by marble floor services. In such cases, professional marble whitening services offer a solution. Thus, be sure to recognize the signs that indicate the need for professional marble whitening.

Faded or Dull Appearance of the Marble Floor


Over time, continuous foot traffic and weather conditions can contribute to marble discolouration, which causes the marble to lose its natural colour shine. Professionals can perform deep cleaning that eliminates dirt, grime, and surface stains. 

Deep-seated Stains


The presence of deep-seated stains is a clear indication that your marble floor requires professional whitening. Common marble floor stain causes include wine, coffee, oils, and acidic substances, which prove challenging to remove using regular cleaning methods. 

Scratches and Other Surface Damage

Marble floors are susceptible to scratches and other forms of surface damage, particularly in high-traffic areas. As a result, these imperfections can accumulate, resulting in a worn-out and neglected appearance. Professional marble whitening employs diamond abrasives and polishing compounds to effectively remove scratches and restore the floor’s smoothness. 

Discolouration Patches

Discolouration patches serve as yet another common indicator that you need marble floor whitening services. These patches can occur due to various factors, including exposure to sunlight, water damage, or the use of wrong cleaning products.

Now that you know the signs that show the need for marble whitening, it’s important to take note of the advantages and disadvantages of this service.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Engaging Professional Marble Whitening Services

Marble floors can lose their shine and develop stains, making them look unattractive. Fortunately, by engaging the services of experts, you can restore the natural beauty of your marble floors.  To make an informed decision, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of engaging a professional marble whitening service.

Advantages of Engaging Professional Marble Whitening Services

Expertise and Experience


One of the primary advantages of hiring professional marble whitening services is similar to that of professional marble restoration services. Their team has expertise and experience in doing many marble whitening works over the year. These professionals have extensive knowledge of different types of marble and the most effective techniques to restore their shine. 

Access to Specialized Equipment and Products


Another significant advantage is these professionals are equipped with high-quality tools and machinery specifically designed for marble stain removal and cleaning. From floor polishing pads to powerful cleaning agents, they have everything needed to achieve optimal results. 

Time and Convenience

Engaging professional marble services can save you valuable time and effort. These experts have honed their skills over time as seen in their marble floor polishing projects, allowing them to work efficiently and complete the task in a timely manner. 

Enhanced Safety and Minimized Risk

Marble whitening involves the use of chemicals and machinery, which can pose safety risks if not handled properly. Professional marble whitening services prioritize safety and take all necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of your property and its occupants. By entrusting the job to professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing that the process is being carried out safely and efficiently.

Consistent and Quality Results


Professional marble whitening services are committed to delivering consistent and quality results. They have a deep understanding of the techniques and products required for different types of marble and varying levels of damage. With their expertise, they can achieve a uniform and flawless finish across your entire marble flooring. 

Disadvantages of Engaging Professional Marble Whitening Services



One of the main disadvantages of marble whitening services is the cost associated with them. Hiring professionals can be more expensive than attempting the process yourself. However, regardless of the price, it is important to consider the long-term benefits and the value that professional services bring. 

Dependence on External Service Providers


There are numerous advantages to hiring professional marble floor polishing or whitening services, and convenience is one of them. Engaging professional services means relying on external service providers to maintain the whiteness and beauty of your marble floors. This dependence may lead to scheduling conflicts or delays if the service provider has a busy schedule. 

Potential for Inconsistent Workmanship

Choosing marble whitening services that prioritize consistency still has slight potential for inconsistent workmanship. This can occur if the service provider does not pay attention to detail or lacks the necessary skills. To mitigate this risk, it is essential to choose a reputable and experienced professional. Read reviews, ask for referrals, and inquire about their previous work.

Personal Preference and Involvement

Engaging professional services to whiten your marble means relinquishing some control over the process. Therefore, if you want to have more personal involvement during marble whitening you can do so by doing DIY instead. 

After weighing the pros and cons of a marble whitening service, it’s equally important to be aware of the process it entails.


What Happens During a Professional Marble Whitening Service in Singapore

If you’re looking to restore the natural beauty of your marble floor, a professional marble whitening service in Singapore can be the perfect solution. In this article, we will explore what happens during professional marble whitening services and how it can transform your marble floor.

1. Inspection of Marble Floor Condition

The professional will thoroughly inspect the condition of your marble floor. During the inspection, the technician will examine the overall integrity of the marble floor, check for any cracks or chips, and assess the depth of scratches or stains. Additionally, it allows the technician to tailor the whitening procedure to address the unique needs of your marble floor.

2. Preparation of Marble Floor


Once the inspection is complete, the next step in the professional marble polishing or whitening service is the preparation of the marble floor. The technician will start by thoroughly cleaning the surface to remove any stains, dirt, dust, or debris that may interfere with the whitening process. They will use specialized cleaning solutions and equipment to ensure that the marble floor is free from any contaminants.

3. Polishing with Diamond Abrasives

The actual marble whitening process begins with the use of diamond abrasives. Diamond abrasives are highly effective in removing the worn-out layer of the marble floor and revealing the fresh and vibrant layer underneath. The technician will use a floor polishing machine equipped with diamond-encrusted pads to gently grind away the dull surface of the marble.

4. Spot Polishing The Marble Floor with Marble Powder


After the initial marble floor polishing with diamond abrasives, the technician may perform spot polishing using marble powder. This step is particularly useful for addressing deeper scratches or stubborn stains that may not have been fully removed during the previous stages. The technician will carefully apply the marble powder to the specific areas and use specialized tools to gently polish and blend the surface.

5. Final Inspection of Marble Floor

Once the marble whitening process is complete, the technician will conduct a final inspection of the marble floor. They will carefully examine the surface to ensure that all stains, scratches, and imperfections have been successfully treated. 

By understanding the marble whitening process, you can now determine the optimal frequency for engaging in a professional marble whitening service.


How Often Should I Engage A Marble Whitening Service In Singapore?

There are many factors that come into play when determining how often to engage a marble whitening service. Apart from there being different types of marble floors, their usage, and condition aren’t always the same. Thus, it is crucial to explore the various elements and factors that influence the frequency of marble whitening services.

Factors Affecting Marble Discoloration


Marble discolouration can occur due to various factors. Understanding these factors is crucial in determining the frequency of marble whitening services. Let’s take a closer look at the primary culprits:

1. Natural Wear and Tear


Marble surfaces are subjected to daily wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas. Over time, this can lead to the loss of the marble’s natural shine and luster. Regular foot traffic, friction from furniture, and other activities can gradually wear down the protective layer of the marble, making it more prone to discoloration. 

2. Exposure to Sunlight

Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause the marble to fade and lose its original color. UV rays can penetrate the surface of the marble, leading to discoloration over time. This is particularly evident in areas near windows or skylights where the marble is constantly exposed to direct sunlight. 

3. Chemical Spills and Stains


Accidental spills of acidic or staining substances can leave permanent marks on marble surfaces. Common culprits include coffee, wine, citrus juices, and cleaning agents that are not specifically formulated for marble. If not promptly cleaned, these spills can penetrate the marble’s porous surface, causing deep stains that are difficult to remove.

4. Improper Cleaning Methods

There are factors that you can consider when choosing the right marble whitening products; one of which is compatibility. Using the wrong cleaning techniques or products can also contribute to marble discoloration. Harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or rough scrubbing can damage the marble surface, leading to dullness and loss of color.

What Influences Frequency of Marble Whitening Services?

Several factors influence the frequency of marble whitening services. By considering these factors, you can determine how often to engage professionals to maintain the beauty and integrity of your marble surfaces.

1. Traffic and Usage of the Marble Surface


The amount of foot traffic and usage a marble surface experiences play a significant role in determining the frequency of marble whitening services. High-traffic areas, such as entrance halls or commercial spaces, are more prone to wear and tear, requiring more frequent maintenance to keep the marble surfaces looking their best. 

2. Environmental Factors

Environmental factors, such as humidity and air quality, can impact the appearance of your marble surfaces. In humid environments, moisture can seep into the porous marble, leading to discoloration and the growth of mold or mildew. Similarly, poor air quality, such as exposure to pollutants or cigarette smoke, can cause the marble to lose its shine and become discolored.

3. Maintenance Routine and Preventive Measures

Establishing a regular maintenance routine and implementing preventive measures can significantly extend the time between professional services. Simple steps, such as using coasters under glasses, promptly cleaning spills, and regularly dusting and mopping the marble, can help prevent discolouration and damage. Additionally, applying a high-quality marble sealant can provide an extra layer of protection. 



Marble whitening is crucial for restoring the original colour and vibrancy of marble floors, removing stains, and enhancing their overall aesthetic appeal. This process preserves the value and longevity of the marble surface by creating a protective barrier against future damage. While homeowners can use DIY tips, recognizing signs for professional marble whitening is vital. Compared to DIY marble whitening, engaging professional services offer better expertise, access to specialized equipment, and consistent, quality results. This is because, during a professional marble whitening service, experts meticulously inspect the floor, prepare the surface for the service, and use diamond abrasives and marble powder for polishing. Therefore, the result will be much better and the service is more efficient. It is also important to note that the frequency of marble whitening depends on wear and tear, exposure to sunlight, chemical spills, and improper cleaning methods. Moreover, implementing a proper maintenance routine can extend the intervals between professional whitening services, ensuring marble floors retain their elegance for years to come.


Case Study

Marble Whitening in Singapore – Condo, Thomson

marble-whitening-long-form-project-dw-floor-polishing-singapore-condo-thomson-2 marble-whitening-long-form-project-dw-floor-polishing-singapore-condo-thomson-1

Marble Whitening in Singapore – HDB, Sembawang

marble-whitening-long-form-project-dw-floor-polishing-singapore-hdb-sembawang-1 marble-whitening-long-form-project-dw-floor-polishing-singapore-hdb-sembawang-2